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Should I have an excuse for posting this? It’s Sunday, so many will be going to church. Here is my little sermon then.

What precisely are our values and morals, and are we talking about the same things? Are values for individuals, groups, governments, religions?

We often do things to please others, so they like us, but of course that is then conditional liking/loving. Only if we do what they expect of us are we nice, good, likable. That is as a large part of the problem. Instead of sticking to our own values we adopt the ones others make for us, be that politicians, friends, churches or colleagues.

Society likes sameness but hates individuality. Individuals are judged as being strange, they are loopy, unpredictable, scary even. Once we can be put into certain draws it is fine. That is also why people don’t stand up and speak out about injustices, etc. It would make them stand out from the crowd and the norm. It is much easier to hide in a crowd by being part of the masses of uncaring and ignorant people.

The result is that we all lose, because society needs individuals who are brave enough to be different, and who might be attacked for daring to be different. By not generating difference we create mediocrity. We have a largely complacent, greedy and selfish society where dog eats dog, where not many care about others. Combine that with ignorance and we have a breeding ground for racists and religious zealots. This is where the real danger lies. On top of that we have governments who want to take our liberties away by pretending that it is in our best interest and for our own safety (homeland security).

An American president once said something along the lines of: It is dangerous and possibly counter productive to give away liberties for perceived temporary security. But that is what Howard, Bush and Blair did.  All that to the detriment of thousands of decent, non violent Muslims, who now have to live with racism and rejection.

Moral values and obligations to others don’t seem to exist. We don’t respect religions other than our own. The other religions are the common enemy. They are wrong, not we. And God forbid those who dare to dress differently out of respect for the God they believe in.

Governments love this ‘us and them’ thinking, as it gives them more power to control us, and it enables them to keep taking liberties from us. Politicians like to create a common enemy. Hitler did this very well, as did many before and after him. Don’t worry that it killed millions, that’s just collateral damage.

On what values is this all based? Instead of a WE society we live in a ME society, where most people only care about self.

My dream is that one day we will live in a world where people show more respect for others and their beliefs, and have a desire to care for and share with others, while being an active and positive part of their community and the global village we live in. We could start now by helping out the millions who are starving in the Horn of Africa. Skip a meal today and send $ 20.00 to a charity organisation!

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