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Posted in australia, fascism, fremantle, racism by freoview on August 28, 2015

Australian Border Force (ABF) officers will check people’s visas on the streets of Melbourne this weekend as part of a police operation in the city’s CBD, the Federal Government has revealed.

The agency says people will not be targeted on the basis of race or religion
Part of a broader operation including Victoria Police and other agencies

Officers will be positioned at various locations around the city and will speak with any individual they cross paths with.

No, Australia this is not a belated April’s Fool joke, this is the reality in Australia in 2015 where the Abbott Government introduces racist and fascist actions! What is next, maybe something like foreigners wearing the Star of David as the Jews were forced to do under Hitler’s regime, or another form of immediate visual indentification?

This is a disgraceful and unacceptable action by the federal government that will affect tourism to Australia!

How are we going to prove on what sort of visa were are, or that we are Australian citizens? No doubt the majority of people who will be stopped and questioned by the Australian Border Force will non-white people. OMG all those broun people who are already subjected to racism in this country often, now will have officials in uniform frighten the living daylight out of them. How many will have poor English skills. Ooooh FUCK Australia. What are you doing!!!!!!

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Posted in australia, fremantle, politics by freoview on July 26, 2015

Is it time for an independent political party in Australia, a truly balanced party that has values and morals and where elected members always have a conscious vote instead of having to vote along party lines?

Many Australians are very disappointed with the major parties. Cynicism about politicians and their egos, arrogance and power lust is increasing daily.

The lack of balance and only wanting to rubbish whatever the opposition parties are proposing is a mind-blowing show of narrow-mindedness and lack of intelligence.

Politicians are not interested what is best for our country, or state, they only want to get into or remain in power at all cost. Any values they or their party might have had in the past have all but disappeared in the greedy grab for power.

The gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger and those who need society’s support most are being ignored more and more because our politicians look for the lowest denominator when it comes to increasing their popularity. It is much easier to dismiss those irrelevant minority groups, the narcissistic disabled, the always complaining aged and those nasty lazy dole bludgers, than to actually get millionaires pay tax.

Racism is yet again increasing in Australia because of a severe lack of leadership by those who take more and more freedom away from us under the guise of wanting to protect us from all those foreign nasties. Our Christian politicians are happy to implement inhumane laws and policies because they don’t care about people and compassion.

Our leaders are building monuments to show their greatness instead of shelters for the homeless and the poor. There is always money in the budget for impressive projects but less and less for education, health, social services and science.

There are millions of dollars available for a pedestrian bridge to a new and expensive football stadium but not to replace the dodgy Fremantle railway bridge.

I have long given up believing in what the leaders of the Labor or Liberal party promise because all they do is try to win votes at the next election so their hunger for power gets satisfied. I no longer believe that Bill Shorten would be a better leader than the disgraceful Tony Abbott is or that Mark McGowan would to a better job than the arrogant Colin Barnett, and it pisses me off that there are no alternatives and that my vote will be wasted again at one of the next elections, because there are no true leaders with true values who actually care. That is so frustrating and disappointing!

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Posted in city of fremantle, fremantle ports, perth freight link by freoview on June 24, 2015

fremantle port

There are optimists who believe Fremantle and the other affected southern suburbs can win the fight against the proposed Perth Freight Link, but I believe we should not just concentrate on that. As regular comment writer on this blog Diana Ryan suggested to me we should also push our State Government to set Carbon Emission Standards for trucks, as other port cities in Australia are doing. It is also big on the agenda of US President Obama to reduce residue from trucks and make them more fuel efficient.

There are so many opinions on the PFL and if it will be road or tunnel or both, and if it will be for trucks only or for general traffic as well, that it is quite confusing, even more so because some people want to get political mileage from it while others push their ideology.

For me the City of Fremantle commissioned $ 20,000 report on the PFL was a bit disappointing as I read it that the authors want freight to go on rail and hence found reasons why the PFL can’t work. I would have preferred a report by engineers pointing out alternative solutions instead of an ideology driven one.

Tell the people along the western corridor of Fremantle that we should drastically increase container transport to Fremantle Port by rail and double stack and they tell you to stick the idea somewhere, because they like the noise and inconvenience as much as those in the east of the city like the noise and fumes of trucks.

Even if we achieved to get 30 per cent of container transport on rail we would still have to cope with and find solutions for the 70 per cent that will continue to come on trucks by road. Setting carbon emission standards and reducing pollution would be a start. We then have to start pushing our state and federal governments to stop the idiocy of spending billions on roads when freight rail and public transport needs to be prioritised. Didn’t Bill Shorten announce yesterday that Labor have colluded with the Abbot governments so that many many billions of dollars can be spend on country roads? What about spending a lot of that money on rail instead, so that products from the country to the cities don’t have to go on trucks and roads!

Yesterday a truck full of grain flipped on its side in suburban Perth and that shows we are increasing the likelihood of road carnage with more and more trucks on their way to and from the port. Common sense needs to prevail and that is more likely to happen if we don’t politicise the issue and not make it an anti Liberal, anti Barnett, and anti Abbott campaign.

Will Labor’s Mark McCowan scrap the Perth Freight Link and the sale of Fremantle Port should he win the next election?

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Posted in city of fremantle, local government, state government, western australia by freoview on February 18, 2015

Colin's company

Dear Premier Colin Barnett,

I heard you say on ABC radio yesterday that you are not going to compensate Councils involved in the amalgamation reform process you initiated because they had run expensive NO campaigns against the proposals. We here in Fremantle did not oppose amalgamation but embraced it, with the condition that we would get the best possible boundaries for Fremantle and that we would amalgamate with East Fremantle instead of being swallowed up by Melville.

The City of Fremantle and the community-lead Fremantle Forever campaign were not against your reform but supported it. All we asked for were best outcome changes to our City’s boundaries.

Your government, dear Premier, messed up the process because of lack of community consultation prior to trying to implement the reform. To now blame Councils for its demise is childish to the extreme.

You expect the City of Fremantle-the ratepayers-to pay for the shambles you created and that shows how far remote you are from reality and facts. Like your Federal mate Tony Abbott and other so-called political leaders your arrogance is disproportionate to your governance.

What has your government ever done for Fremantle, Mister Barnett? When was the last time you visited our city? When will you stick to your promise of relocation a substantial government department to our city? When will you replace the old railway bridge and create modern, fast and safe container transport to the port instead of the ridiculous Roe Highway extension that will see huge traffic chaos and diesel pollution in North Fremantle?

Your Liberal party insulted the intelligence of Fremantle voters, and embarrassed your own party members, at the State, Federal and Mayoral elections by putting an ignorant and uninformed candidate, who has not even read Politics for Dummies, up against Melissa Parke, Simone McGurk and Brad Pettitt.

Your lack of care for Western Australia’s second city and major port and tourist destination is unbelievable and unacceptable!

Where is the State’s investment in Freo’s future, Premier? When will your government repair the neglected eyesore heritage-listed Warders Cottages in the centre of our city instead of building more monuments elsewhere to celebrate Your Emperor’s greatness?

The people of Fremantle deserve and demand State Government support. We do not deserve the contempt your treat our City with!

 You created the Local Government Reform mess. Now pay for it!!

 Roel Loopers


Posted in aboriginal, colin barnett, fremantle, politicians by freoview on February 2, 2015


The word arrogant is one of the most (over)used words when the public is asked for an opinion about politicians, be that local, state, or federal.

John Howard and Kevin Rudd were considered to be arrogant, as was WA formerPremier Alan Carpenter and present Premier Colin Barnett.

In Fremantle the entire Council gets accused of being arrogant because residents believe Elected Members no longer listen to them and run their own agendas.

I have met many local, state and federal members and have yet to meet one whom I would classify as arrogant. Aloof, self-righteous, blinkered, one-eyed, out of touch, yes, but arrogant they are not.

Lessons need to be learned though from what happened in Queensland on Saturday and Tony Abbott’s lack of consultation with backbenchers and the community. When voters believe elected members have stopped listening to them they get very irate and abandon even the parties they prefer.

P.S. Interesting to read State Government is investing some $ 40 million on a new Mandurah Bridge when all the Fremantle railway bridge is getting is a few venders to stop ships from bumping into it. Not happy, Colin!

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Posted in fremantle, health by freoview on January 15, 2015

I am slowly getting to the opinion that many government decisions are there to make sane people go mad. An article in today’s West Australian newspaper makes the decision to close the Emergency Ward at Fremantle Hospital even more flabbergasting, with the West reporting that Emergency Departments are getting more crowded because of the increase in population. Fremantle is following State Government directive to increase residential density and is also trying to encourage more office accommodation and retail for the CBD, so the Freo Emergency Department will be even more needed in the near future.

On top of that comes the Medicare decision by the Abbott government where patients might have to pay up to $ 20,00 more to see their GP. This is supposedly done to keep Medicare viable, but viable for whom? There are many low income earners, unemployed, pensioners, etc. who have to budget to go and see a GP and for many the $ 20.00 extra might just have been the money they need to spend on buying medication-or food. This could well mean that more people will go to emergency departments instead of a GP because that is free and a GP will now cost a lot more money, which many can’t afford.

There is an incredible wastage at every level of government with far too many public servants, duplication of services, millions of dollars for propaganda departments they call media departments, etc. Fremantle for example just wasted $ 100,000.00 on a useless Visioning 2029 project.

If people don’t go to a GP as often as needed their health will deteriorate at a greater cost to the community, so let’s put some reality into governance and start saving money where it does not affect those who need support most.

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Posted in australia, fremantle, social services, welfare by freoview on December 23, 2014

Welfare and social services for those who need and deserve government support will no doubt be slashed by new Social Services minister Scott Morrison, who showed little empathy for asylum seekers when he was in charge of the Immigration and Border Protection portfolio. As he did with his migration portfolio Morrison will try to stop welfare and turn back the boats of social despair.

Morrison will have little respect for all those bludgers who need government handouts, support and housing, as they can only blame themselves.

People should no longer receive pension once they reach their use-by date of 70 years of age and age-care facilities should be closed.

Those narcissists who claim to have mental health problems and live with the paranoid fantasy that a black dog is responsible for it should embrace the Dr Philip Nitschke solution and take a pill or two instead of expecting expensive government care.

Disabled people should just get on with it and not behave like soccer players who act as if they are badly hurt when nothing is wrong with them.

People who don’t earn enough to rent or buy a house simply have to accept that it is survival of the fittest. They can’t expect governments to supply them with accommodation as that is unfair to those who have worked hard to buy their own home.

Single parent benefits will also be scrapped because relationship break-ups can only be blamed on those involved and should not become a burden to society. Stick with your partners and look after your kids instead of being sooks who feel sorry for themselves.

Aboriginal people had 200 years to assimilate and adapt to our western lifestyle and should just get on with it, get a job, have fewer children, learn English and stop whingeing, because Scott Morrison will have nothing off it.

If you can’t find a job when you leave school you obviously did not study hard enough and did not try hard enough, so why should the community look after you. Centrelink will be closed and that will save society millions.

Caring for the community will no longer be a government responsibility. We are on our own and those not strong enough to make it in our competitive and selfish society will just have to go away and die. Imagine how much money can be saved by cutting social services and how fast the Abbott government can get the budget back in the black that way.

Scotty wishes all us bludgers a happy welfareless new year.

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Posted in fremantle, politics, visonnary by freoview on October 24, 2014

The death of iconic Australian politician Gough Whitlam made me wonder what leadership is and if visionary politicians still exist in Australia. Vision in modern politics appears to be dependent on opinion polls and that has created boring sameness in the political landscape, to the point where we almost have a political desert where no new trees are being planted for the future. People are leaving political parties in droves and it is hard to engage younger people in the political process because they are disillusioned with what is going on.

We have become very cynical about our federal, state and local governments and there is little trust. We do not see politicians as an extension of our communities, because there is an us and them attitude on both sides. Do politicians still represent their electorate and do they really speak for us and want the best for Australia, Western Australia, or Fremantle, or is it about feeding their own egos?

As an older person who is quite engaged in local politics I often feel my views are no longer being taken into account, but I am even more concerned that younger people don’t engage in the process, because they should let us know what kind of Freo and society they want in the future.

When I hear the many ‘visions’ of Fremantle Council I wonder if they lack the reality to deal with the fact that we have a rapidly growing ageing population in Australia. That seems to be ignored because we have a Council hell bend on telling people to hop on their bikes, get out of their cars, and don’t expect parking bays if you want to live in Freo’s CBD. That to me is discriminatory against older people because they often don’t have the fitness or courage to ride bikes or even use public transport after certain hours of the day. No car bay dwellings also ignore the needs of families who have to get their children to sporting and social events, and public transport just does not stack up to provide that sufficiently on weekends especially.

The two major visions for Fremantle in recent times were Council being pro-active on the council amalgamations and the, in my opinion slightly flawed, Economic Development Strategy.

Good vision to me is about inclusiveness. It is not about alienating some groups in our society and it is not about narrow-minded and one-eyed philosophy. Visionaries don’t create an us versus them political environment but inspire people to come on the journey with them. Leaders should inspire us to take ownership and be part of the solution, but sadly that rarely happens. People like Gough Whitlam, Paul Keating and Bob Hawke all were very controversial, but they had something Kim Beazley, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard never had, and I don’t believe John Howard and Tony Abbott had it either. Charisma, inspiration and vision are lacking in modern day politics.

In local politics visions needs to be created through real community engagement and it has to be a broad and integrated vision with many outcome targets. The implementation has to be done realistically, providing for new needs before getting rid of old ones, e.g. we should not reduce CBD parking bays before we have provide new periphery parking spaces, and while providing Youth Plaza and things to do for younger people, it is essential to also plan for a very fast ageing population. To tell us all to hop on our bikes and leave the car at home is naïve and inconsiderate to those who don’t have the fitness or courage to do so.

Vision is about looking after the entire community, not just a select small part of it. The amalgamation outcome has shown that if we do have a vision and argue our points strongly we can achieve better outcomes for all. We need to learn from that and collaborate more intensely and intently.

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The remark by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott that he would “shirtfront” Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Brisbane made me think about how disappointing the Federal and Western Australian state parliaments are. The bullying and grandstanding, the pushing and shoving and daring, and politicians behaving like immature schoolboys, is embarrassing. Parliaments are like a board of directors, but the way our politicians behave would make shareholders call for their resignation and the Australian Stock Exchange would investigate them.

There must be a shortage of rocks in Australia as most rocks are in the heads of those who voted for the morons who are supposed to represent their electorates. Who on earth voted for the silly Clive Palmer and his moronic uninformed puppets? Jaqui Lambie is living proof that it does not require brains to be dangerous, with her insulting and ignorant ranting.

Political parties no longer have conviction and principles, the only principle that applies is to oppose the policies the opposing party is proposing. Just say no when it comes from the other side of parliament and the public think you are doing your job. It’s highly unproductive time wasting.

Where are the charismatic characters of the past, the great orators, the people who stood by what they believed in? Oh, the good old times.

What we have instead is boring bland bi-partisan Bill Shorten, so afraid of being seen as different from the Liberal leader that all he does is a bit of pretending by shouting in parliament. Bill is the beige suit no one notices, he blends in well with the surroundings. He is the wallflower of parliament, but comparing him to a flower is far too colourful for his persona, he is more like a wall weed really. Australia might see the world’s first ever bi-partisan election, where boring Bill will wait till the Liberal advertising slogans are out and he’ll just copy them so the voters won’t walk away from Labor. So we’ll see posters and billboards next to each other with one reading FOR A BETTER AUSTRALIA VOTE LIBERAL and next to it FOR A BETTER AUSTRALIA VOTE LABOR. We could even see Labor volunteers at polling booths with Abbott facemasks. To paraphrase a TV commercial, Bill will say I’ll do whatever they are doing.

In W.A. parliament things are not much different from Canberra. There is a lot of shouting, yelling and finger pointing but very little constructive dialogue. While Premier Colin Barnett might be a bit arrogant at times at least he has some charisma and that can’t be said about Labor leader Mark McGowan who always looks as if he just got out of bed and did not have the time for a shower and to put clean clothes on. Mark has a bad hair day every day and should accept he is balding and get the St George’s Terrace corporate look of a Number Two haircut and buy some nice good fitting suits. There is so much immaturity in insisting to oppose whatever the other parties want to do that it astounds me it keeps going on in our parliaments.

It is refreshing to see that local governments are not party-political in that sense. In Fremantle there is almost too much goodwill between the Elected Members and while there is good informed debate, it can hardly been called robust and no one ever raises their voice. While I’d hate to see local government copying the silly immaturity of state and federal parliaments I’d love to see a bit more controversy and heated debate and disagreement at local level. That said however, local government is the greatest form of democracy and I am always delighted when members of the community take advantage of the fact that they can address Councillors face to face at Council and Committee meetings. We need to safeguard that State Government will not erode that important aspect of our democracy and slowly invades local government like Vladimir Putin is doing in the Ukraine.

No wonder the Australian people are disillusioned with our politicians. I no longer feel represented by any party as I hate the gutlessness of Labor but am also not in favour of Liberal policies, while the Greens don’t do it for me either.

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aboriginal girl, tiff

There is a very important forum at Fremantle Notre Dame University this evening at 7pm. The honourable Fred Chaney will discuss the planned recognition of Australia’s indigenous people in our constitution.

It is something I believe is long overdue and it has bipartisan support in Federal Parliament from the major parties.

The referendum on it, and the implementation off it, are still a long way away with Prime Minister Tony Abbott hinting it might happen in four years.

There are critics of the recognition in the Aboriginal and Wadjela communities, with some saying it would only be tokenism and would distract from doing the really hard yards and making the difficult decisions and changes required to finally get indigenous people an equal lifestyle and life expectancy as the non indigenous ones.

Come along this eve at 7 o’clock to Tannock Hall on the corner of Cliff Street and Croke Lane, opposite the Fremantle Herald building. It is a free event!

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