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South Metropolitan TAFE is replacing all the rusted corrugated iron sheets at the buildings along Fleet and Slip streets in Fremantle Ports.

I hope they will restore the old wooden window frames and not swap them for metal ones.

Especially in Slip Street the old buildings are a favourite backdrop for wedding and portrait photography.

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Fremantle Ports is replacing the corrugated iron at the Fleet Street buildings that are leased by TAFE, so they should look nice and shiny soon again.

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While Challenger TAFE has not even given me the courtesy of a reply to the questions I sent them last week about this, the word is out that the South Metropolitan TAFE branch in Fremantle Port will expand in the near future to accommodate hundreds more students.

This is very good news for the West End cafes and will help the activation of the area.

I can’t tell you more because it’s all very secret apparently.


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This is Fremantle so of course negative comments have been made on social media about the City of Fremantle wanting to create a Masterplan for Beaconsfield and a Scheme Amendment for the Davis Park Precinct.

I do not understand the negativity over long-term strategic planning for the precinct as Fremantle Council is trying to make a positive out of the departure of TAFE and the Department of Housing wanting to make changes to the Davis Park Precinct properties, of which they own 90%.

This create great opportunities  near the new Fremantle College that will be the result of merging the South Fremantle and Hamilton Hill senior high schools.

The City of Fremantle has been conducting The Heart of Beaconsfield community consultation sessions, that will result in a masterplan for the precinct. In my books that is good sensitive planning ahead of the inevitable changes.



The Housing Authority requested a scheme amendment(No 72) for Davis Park, so that they can renew properties and build higher density.

I understand that it stresses some people who live at Davis Park that they might have to be relocated, but it is all due to Housing wanting to improve the living conditions.

The Active Foundation also wants to update its facilities in the area, and the CoF is also looking at implementing a structure plan for the former Lefroy Road quarry.

The departure of TAFE from Beacy and essential changes Housing want to make have forced the City’s hand, but it could be the start of the major revitalisation of the precinct.

Fremantle Council has been active in making  positives out of what were negatives. The departure of MYER from Kings Square resulted in the Kings Square Project development concept, and the departure of the Dockers resulted in the Fremantle Oval/Stan Reilley Project.

Some historic details:

Colonial settlement of the area dates from the 1860s. The land bounded by South Street, Caesear Street, Lefroy Road and Fifth Avenue was developed by Henry Maxwell Lefroy as a vineyard and orchard, know as ‘Mulberry Farm’. The western portion of the estate was used for dairying purposes by identities such as Lane, Fletcher, Wade and Caesar.

During the 1940s Mulberry Farm was resumed by the State Housing Commission and 145 weatherboard and iron houses were built with timber imported form Denmark to house migrant building tradesman who were brought to the state to boost the Perth workforce.

Between 1978 and 1981 the old houses were demolished and the estate was redeveloped by the State Housing Commission to construct the houses that are there today.


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While Fremantle is anticipating the announcement of the Department of Housing moving to Kings Square, it appears Freo will be losing another government agency. A source connected to the Education Department tells me that Maritime TAFE at Fleet Street in Fremantle Port will be moving once their lease runs out next year.

Maritime TAFE will be split up with one section going to Geraldton while the other part will go to Bentley to the newly created hub there.

It would be a shame to lose TAFE and the student activity in the far west end of Fremantle, but one can assume the reason for the move has to do with the planned sale/50-year lease of Fremantle Ports by the State Government to a private operator.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt told me he had heard only rumours about the TAFE move but had not been officially informed about it, so time will tell. Freo Councillor Dave Hume lectures at Maritime TAFE so maybe he can shed a light on it.

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This will come as a huge surprise to many in Fremantle, but according to a Facebook message by Councillor Andrew Sullivan the pub proposal for J Shed is the City’s next stepping stone in the long term strategy to re-link South Bay to the Swan Estuary, or in modern terms, to link Bathers Beach with Victoria Quay.

I am no expert at long-term strategies or city planning, but would have thought that those involved would consider each and every aspect carefully, plan for the future, and make as certain as possible that what is implemented will not become obsolete fast and will still be relevant in years to come.

Where then is the long-term J Shed pub parking plan once Fremantle Ports has developed Victoria Quay and the TAFE site? There is none, so it will mean that the pub will get a 21 year long lease, and future councils and residents will have to deal with lack of parking in the area for patrons of the venue. Great long-term planning, Councillors!

Where was the long-term activation plan by evicting residents from Arthur Head and replacing them with part-time art businesses? Instead of having people living 24 hours a day at Captain’s Lane, we now have three Pilot’s Cottages that are empty and dark each night and the studios/galleries only open two or three days a week for about 5-6 hours a day. This has resulted in homeless people sleeping in the backyards, and the outdoor toilet at no 10 had to be blocked shut so it would not be used by them. An Aboriginal elder expressed grave concerns to me last eve that the soon to open Aboriginal Culture Centre will attract relatives of the artists, who will want to sleep at the premises because they are homeless. Great long-term activation, Councillors!

Where is the long-term noise issue strategy, when Sunset Events will be forced soon after they open to change they way they have outdoor concerts, because the statements made that there won’t be noise issues for nearby residents are plainly wrong. I know, because I lived at Arthur Head for over two years and when the J Shed artists played music inside the shed I could hear it in my home. I also checked noise when the BB Sunset Food Markets had live music outside of J Shed and it was clearly to hear in High Street. Base sounds vibrate and travel far as the Laneway Festival has shown, so the claim of no noise issues for residents is as much nonsense as claiming the J Shed proposal by Sunset Events is for an arts venue with a bar or two. Great long-term planning based on spin, Councillors!

Long-term planning for the pub proposal is now all going to be put in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). We all know how effective non-binding and non-legal MOU’s are, as the City of Fremantle has signed one every two years for ten years with Notre Dame University and very little has been achieved. We are still waiting for street-level activation of UNDA occupied buildings. MOUs are not worth the paper they are written on, and the Sunset one will be as ineffective as most others. Great long-term thinking, Councillors!

What the J Shed proposal really is, is Fremantle Council handing a problem they don’t want to deal with to a private operator. The City neglected the area for so long that it became a mess, where the long-term artists water the lawn and clean up. Instead of spending good money to upgrade the area and make it a great tourist precinct, the City let it rot and then comes back to claim it is under used and needs to be re-activated, with an out of scale pub and live music venue. Great long-term strategic planning, Councillors!

Councillor Sullivan claims the City does not have the money to make the J Shed precinct attractive and that a private operator is needed to inject millions of dollars, but why? The City has just earned millions of dollars from the sale of the Point Street carpark, Queensgate and Spicer sites, the Pakenham Street carpark and the Quarry Street youth centre building. We are talking HEAPS here! So why can’t the City spend two or three million dollars on upgrading the J Shed precinct so that it would be commercially viable to have a smaller hospitality venue there, and public toilets, and a playground, BBQs, etc.  Why not make the area a real historic tourist attraction instead of relying on a pub that will create serious discomfort for inner city residents.

Long-term and strategic planning at the City of Fremantle appears to be more of a chain of thought bubbles than deeply considered and weighted considerations.

And on a last note; why does the City need to make the Sunset proposal financially viable for the proponents, when they let the new art businesses at Arthur Head rot and go broke? Where is the support for these much smaller businesses, who don’t have millions to impress Council, who still don’t have proper signage or marketing promotion alerting tourists to the arts precinct? Why are there double standards in dealing with businesses?

Roel Loopers

P.S. I am no longer an inner city resident and live in White Gum Valley, so not a NIMBY.




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 Fremantle Challenger Institute of Technology has opened Australia’s first simulator training suite, worth $ 1,7 million dollars. This puts Challenger well ahead of others in the maritime training sector in the country.

The simulator allows future harbour pilots, harbour masters, engineers, etc. to train in how to navigate in different environments and ports of the world.

Pretty good for Freo to have a first in Australia. Well done Challenger! It’s at Fleet Street in Fremantle, just before the South Mole.

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WINE ART BEAUTY is a fund raiser for breast cancer research and will be at QUINLAN Cafe in Hight Street, Fremantle on Wednesday, September 21 from 6.30-8.30.

It is only $ 10.00 for wine tasting, an art exhibition, and a fashion show.

Quinlan is the cafe where TAFE students do all the cooking and serving, so a function like this will be a good test for them, as they will be making the nibbles on the night.

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This morning I went on a location search for a photo shoot I have to do in Perth, and while walking around for three hours in the heat, I decided to take some photos of the new CENTRAL TAFE buildings in Northbridge.

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