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The ban for single-use plastic shopping bags will come into effect from July 1, so supermarkets and other retailers will no longer be allowed to hand out the free plastic bags we have been using for decades.

The City of Fremantle, one of the country leaders in getting the shopping bags banned, will give away free reusable shopping bags. They can be collected from the Visitor Centre at the Townhall and at the temporary council building at Fremantle Oval.

I do have one suggestion to make and that is to decentralise the hand-out of the free reusable bags, as it is not fair to the people of Samson and other outer suburbs to have to come all the way into the city centre for it.

Why not have some of the bags for collection at the Samson Recreation Centre, the Hilton Community Centre, etc. We have become very CBD-centric in Fremantle and Council needs to improve on that!

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Fremantle Council decided last night to ban the use of plastic shopping bags. This is the third time in five years Council is giving it a try as the previous W.A. Liberal/National government rejected the proposal in 2012 and 2015, but the new Labor government have indicated they would support local councils banning non-degradable plastic shopping bags.

Already other councils have started the same process and Councillor Doug Thompson said that a survey showed that 32 councils support banning the environment-damaging bags.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton pointed out that it was about the material of the bags and that degradable bags could still be supplied to customers.

Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge said Council should campaign for the general reduction of the use of plastic as it was extensively used. She is right. Single pieces of fruit and vegetables are offered on trays wrapped in plastic by supermarkets, which is not only wasteful but also damaging to the environment.

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The Town of East Fremantle is trying to ban the use of plastic shopping bags, what the City of Fremantle unsuccessfully tried twice and was refused to implement by the WA government, so maybe a more achievable compromise would be to demand that retailers charge a fee for plastic bags, as they have done successfully in the United Kingdom according to The Guardian.

I quote a section of The Guardian’s recent article below:

# The number of single-use plastic bags used by shoppers in England has plummeted by more than 85% after the introduction of a 5p charge last October.

# More than 7 billion bags were handed out by seven main supermarkets in the year before the charge, but this figure plummeted to slightly more than 500 million in the first six months after the charge was introduced, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said.

# The data is the government’s first official assessment of the impact of the charge, which was introduced to help reduce litter and protect wildlife.

# The charge has also triggered donations of more than £29m from retailers towards good causes including charities and community groups, according to Defra. England was the last part of the UK to adopt the 5p levy, after successful schemes in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Good to see charging for the plastic bags did not become another profit making exercise but that the money was donated to good causes.

Unlike  retailers such as IGA and Peaches in Fremantle the big supermarkets do not offer cardboard boxes as an alternative to plastic shopping bags, and that also needs to be encouraged as it is a good way to recycle the boxes the goods arrive in at the shops.

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I have up till now never heard of Liberal MP Peter Katsambanis, but it appears the faceless man is standing in the way of the City of Fremantle becoming a plastic shopping bag free council.

Katsambanis will lodge a motion of disallowance in state parliament today for later hearing. He argues that a ban like this should be done by state government and not just by a single council, and that a ban on plastic shopping bags in South Australia had increased the sale of bin liners by 85 per cent, making the ban counter-productive and a bigger environmental problem.

WA Government disallowed the previous local law because of the 10 cent levy per bag, but it might do the same with the amended one.

Acting Mayor Josh Wilson told me last night he was very disappointed and said to WA TODAY “We have done everything by the book. We have consulted local businesses and the wider community and we have a broad consensus to the initiative,” He said the city was progressive by philosophy and was keen to provide leadership on what it saw as a social issue an important contributor to reducing plastic waste.

I use my plastic bags as bin liners and to put the rubbish out and they are very handy for that, but the Fremantle BID group has just got the first FREO 6160 calico bags so retailers can order them from BID and sell them to their customers. I will certainly do that, although I always end up with more and more bags at home because I keep forgetting to put them in my car, and when I stop to do my shopping on the way home I have to get new bags. Can we make bags that whistle when we leave home without them? ; > )

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Fremantle is in the news for all the right reasons, with an ABC TV report last night on the proposed ban on plastic bags in our city. Fremantle Council will next Wednesday vote to adopt a local law banning single-use plastic bags, that is likely to go through council unopposed. There is already a ban on plastic bags in the ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt said there’s a lot of support for the ban from the Fremantle community, and that the idea came from local community groups.

Fremantle Council last year introduced a plastic bag ban but it was rejected on a technicality in State Parliament by National and Liberal MPs. Under the previous law, customers would have been able to purchase environmentally-friendly bags but only if retailers charged 10 cents per bag. That mandatory charge has been deleted from the law that will go to Council next week, because according to legal advice, local government cannot legally impose a mandatory charge for retailers to collect.

If the proposed law gets approved, retailers who ignore it would face a fine of $150, while repeat offenders could be fined up to $2,500.

Brad Pettitt said while the thin non-degradable bags would be prohibited, alternatives such as paper and compostable bags would still be available.


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Fremantle council last night voted in favour of a ban on single-use plastic bags. This is an Australian first as Fremantle is the first city in Australia to ban non-degradable plastic bags at supermarkets, retail stores, markets and fast food outlets. Retailers will have to charge their customers 10 cents for alternative shopping bags, that have to be biodegradable or reusable with a thickness of more than 60 microns.

Retailers who do not comply with the new law could be fined up to $ 5,000 and if they continued to ignore the law a fine of 500 dollar per day would apply.

The no plastic bags law will be implemented over the next six months.

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The proposed ban on plastic shopping bags in Fremantle is a strange one. I recycle my plastic shopping bags to put rubbish in. If I don’t receive them while shopping, I will have to buy plastic rubbish bags instead, so what the advantage of that is I am not sure.

What happens to tourists who drive into Freo to do food shopping. They come unprepared and without bags, so how will they get their shopping to their vehicles? Buying other bags would make the shopping more expensive, so maybe shopping away from Fremantle, just down South in Cockburn, or East in Melville, will become more attractive to the detriment of the already struggling Freo retailers.

I wished Fremantle council would prioritise better and deal with the more important issues first.

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My old mate and photographer Rob Walls wrote an article in the Tasmanian Times about things he does not like. Incidents over the last few weeks have made me think of the things I don’t like in my community, so I thought to follow Rob’s lead. I have written them down at random:

# People who can’t make up their mind what to order at cafes while people are queuing behind them at the counter.

# Selfish, racist, mean, rude and greedy people.

# People who park their car a metre from the kerb so no one can get in or out behind them.

# People who damage your car without leaving a note.

# Women who stand at the supermarket check-out and wait till the final sum comes up before starting to search for their purse in the oversized handbag.

# Fat people who ask me not to make them look fat when I photograph them.

# People who lack courtesy and respect for other people.

# Noisy cafes and restaurants.

# People who believe they are better than others.

# People who believe their religion is the only true one.

# Bigots and homophobes.

# Car drivers who never stop for pedestrians.

# Kids on busses and trains with feet on the seats forcing mature people to stand.

# Bad food and bad service.

# Politician who lie, or don’t keep their promises and policies.

# TV news that starts with a sport item rather than important news.

# Uncaring neighbours who have loud parties, or let their dogs bark day and night.

# Self-important people with egos much larger than any of their abilities.

I am sure there are plenty more things people get annoyed about, so let me know what you don’t like.

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