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Posted in fremantle, perth, state government, tourism, western australia by freoview on May 29, 2016

The Sunday Times reports today that WA Premier Colin Barnett, who is also the new Minister for Tourism, has indicated the promotions for WA should be focussing on Perth and not on the natural beauty of our state.

The Premier told the ST that Brand Perth should be our selling point focus, not beaches and the rugged Kimberley. The Premier believes that is what Asian tourists want.

Strange then that the national tourist body only recently said that Chinese tourists want a country/outback experience, and 95 per cent of visitors to the Fremantle Roundhouse I talk to have expressed that they find Perth dull and much like other big cities but that they love the heritage of Fremantle, Ningaloo Reef, the outback, Margaret River, Albany and the rugged coastline.

On that note I wonder if/what the City of Fremantle is doing in regard to offering package deals for the Street Art Festival to attract interstate and overseas visitors. This is a great free three day festival that deserves package deals with tourism operators and airlines. We could for example have a night performance in the Fremantle Arts Centre only for those who arrive here on a package deal for the SAF.

Reading the number of visitors the VIVID light festival in Sydney attracts, I believe Freo could step up a little in that regard as well and not just rely on large numbers of visitors from the suburbs on the long Easter weekend.

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Posted in Uncategorized by freoview on April 17, 2016

An exclusive report by Joe Spagnolo in the Sunday Times today says a yet to be released report by the Perth and Peel Economic Development Strategy sees the development of the outer harbour as essential for the WA economy and that it would create a significant number of jobs in the region of up to 48,000.

The outer harbour is seen by the expert committee as game-changing and essential and the top priority for the region.

The PPEDS paper , to be released in June, makes no case for the Perth Freight Link but states that an extension of the inner harbour is not a viable option.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on January 3, 2016

Parke wedding


Fremantle Federal MP Melissa Parke got married to arts patron Warwick Hemsley at the Freshwater Bay Yacht Club on Saturday.

Melissa did not invite this top bloke blogger so unfortunately I did not take any photos I can show you and the article in the Sunday Times today will have to do.

Sunday Times journalist Joe Spagnolo reports the couple left by boat from Point Walter for the wedding event at FWBYC.

Melissa is a gorgeous, genuine and sincere person whom I respect so I wish her and new hubby a great and long life together!

It will be interesting to see where Mrs Hemsley will reside and if she will move away from Fremantle or if Warwick will make the move to Freo.

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Posted in fremantle, perth freight link, west australian by freoview on November 8, 2015


One has to wonder what is going on at the WA Mainroads department and the controversial Perth Freight Link and Roe 8 highway extension. The Sunday Times reports today that although contracts have been signed with a consortium of builders the required land acquisitions for Roe 8 still have not been completed.

ST also reports that the necessary amendments to the Metropolitan Region Scheme still need to be completed and might need to go through parliament for legislation.

Is it a surprise the community is highly sceptical about the PFL and the whole process when this piecemeal governance is going on?

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Posted in fremantle, perth freight link by freoview on November 1, 2015

Interesting articles by Joe Spagnolo in the Sunday Times today with the reporter claiming that WA Premier Colin Barnett stopped Transport Minister Dean Nalder from signing the contracts for Stage Two of the Perth Freight Link.

The Roe 8 highway extension is all but signed off on, but for a legal challenge by the Save Beeliar Wetlands, but the continuation of the freight link all the way into Fremantle port appears too big a challenge for the Barnett government with the Sunday Times claiming a decision will be made on it only after the 2017 State election.

It is a huge problem to find an appropriate route and method for the Perth Freight Link that has received enormous public opposition from affected communities and councils, so it would be interesting to see this ending up as one of the main election campaigns together with light rail and public transport in Western Australia.

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Posted in fremantle, perth freight link by freoview on August 9, 2015

pfl 4

SUNDAY TIMES journalist Joe Spagnolo reports today that Planning Minister John Day is not happy with the PERTH FREIGHT LINK project and has asked Cabinet why it wants to spend $ 650 million on stage two that would see the road stretch from Stock Road to Stirling Highway in Fremantle, when a new port at Kwinana is needed.

According to Spagnolo Premier Colin Barnett believes it might be better to build the PFL after the 2017 State election, which shows what a shambles the whole project has been. Barnett has already indicated he won’t contest the next election, and it is likely that the mismanagement of the State’s finances and controversial projects will see the Liberal/National coalition booted out of government in 2017.

The danger is that Transport Minister Dean Nalder is adamant that contracts to build the PFL will be signed this year, so even if a new Labor government would scrap the PFL plan the government might have to pay out contractors or go through expensive court procedures to cancel the project.

It seems amazingly ad-hoc amateurish piecemeal planning of such a huge $ 2 million project when Cabinet clearly has not debated it in detail and John Day is now starting to question the need for the Perth Freight Link.

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There is an interesting article in the Sunday Times today based on the discussion paper written by City of Fremantle CEO Graeme McKenzie that I published here on Freo’s View on Thursday. In the article Premier Colin Barnett basically tells the City of Fremantle to shut up about the Perth Freight Link or they won’t get support from the State Government.

Barnett is quoted in the Sunday Times “They are wanting things out of the State Government and at the same time they are being critical, so it comes to mind Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

The Premier then mentions that the City of Fremantle is protesting against Roe Highway Stage Eight while at the same time lobbying to get the Department of Housing to move to Freo, as was promised by then Housing Minister Troy Buswell several years ago.

What the Premier implies is that democracy does not exists and that the Elected Members of our Local Government have no right to express an opinion and represent the Fremantle community.

It is outrageous that neither the City of Fremantle, nor the board and management of Fremantle Ports were advised about the sale of the port by State Government prior to the government announcing it. That is an insult to our City and to those who have been managing Fremantle Ports very well for very many years.

Premier Colin Barnett’s arrogance and dictatorial attitude is only dwarfed by his mismanagement of our State’s finances. His remarks to the Sunday Times are inappropriate, disgraceful and disrespectful to the Fremantle community and Council. The ad hoc piecemeal planning of the Perth Freight Link and the panicked fire sale of the port shows Barnett and his government have lost the plot.

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Posted in architecture, city of fremantle, development by freoview on May 24, 2015

It is good to see that experts are calling for better design of buildings in the Perth region. I am pretty disappointed what modern architecture represents in our area, as it is mainly cheap and fast box-like concrete highrise that has little or no visual quality and does not enhance the amenity and streetscape.

W.A. Government Architect Geoff Warn, who is also on the Perth Design Advisory Panel, believes new strategies are needed to improve the architectural quality of projects, the Sunday Times reports today, and I could not agree more.

Heritage Perth CEO Richard Offen told ST that Perth has incredibly boring architecture that leaves a poor heritage legacy for future generations.

I believe that one of the reasons Fremantle Council signs off on mediocre architecture is because the City of Fremantle is so desperate to get new development going in Freo that it compromises too easily and gives in to pressure from developers. It is not helpful either that the State’s Development Assessment Panel often overrules local council decisions and allows inappropriate buildings to be erected which destroy the ambience of place in established older suburbs.

Excellent modern architecture can greatly improve the visual impact of a city, and it does not matter if that is a heritage city like Fremantle. In the right location and with restraint and consideration for the history and existing built environment a great new building will create a new focus point and attraction. Height does not necessarily have to mean that it is unsuitable for our inner city, but for Fremantle to accept extra height only the very best and outstanding architectural design and building quality would have to apply. Mediocre and boring concrete boxes have no place anywhere in the vicinity of our outstanding heritage architecture and we should take heed of what Government Architect Geoff Warn has to say about it.

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Posted in city of fremantle, parking by freoview on February 15, 2015

With all the rubbish around about not enough or too expensive parking in Fremantle, it is nice to read the story in the Sunday Times today about the Australia Day fireworks. The City of Perth and South Perth collected thousands of dollars in fines from hundreds of motorists, while the City of Fremantle did not issues a single parking ticket during the fireworks this year and last year. I reckon that is embracing the spirit of the day and letting everyone have a good time, instead of seeing such a big crowd-pulling event and a revenue raiser. Well done Freo!!

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Posted in city of fremantle, waves by freoview on January 18, 2015

The Sunday Times reports today that Flow House has applied to Fremantle council to install a wave simulator on the former Ampol fuel depot site at Port Beach about fifty-metres north of Salt on the Beach. Flow House already runs wave simulators in countries like the UK and USA. WA has only one wave simulator in Kalgoorlie.

Whilst I have been asking for years for more tourist attractions for Fremantle I am not sure that creating artificial waves at a beach with natural waves is something I would get excited about. Wave simulators are great in cities that are not near an ocean. For me it’s a bit like the gimmick of making a beach at Forrest Place in Perth. That might be a good idea for places like Berlin, that are hundreds of kilometres away from the ocean, but for a city like Perth that is built along the coast it is rather silly to have an artificial beach in the CBD.

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