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This is the Fremantle High Street/Stirling Highway upgrade concept plan by Mainroads which will now go through a community consultation process.

Already there have been concerns expressed about pedestrian safety, parking for netball, FERN, the golf course, etc. so it is still a work in progress.

I’ll keep you up to date about any future community meetings set up by Mainroads so that you can have your say.

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Media release from the office of W.A. Minister Rita Saffioti:

Options for High Street and Stirling Highway to be developed

  • Upgrade options for Stirling Highway and High Street to be discussed
  • Solution will tackle congestion and improve road safety
  • McGowan Government delivering on election commitment

The McGowan Government is developing a number of options towards addressing traffic concerns along Stirling Highway and High Street.

The State and Commonwealth governments recently reached an agreement on a substantial $2.3 billion road and rail infrastructure package for Western Australia.

As part of the agreement, an amount of $118 million was dedicated to an inherited proposal to upgrade a section of Stirling Highway and High Street, as outlined under the previous government.

The McGowan Government is now keen to work with the City of Fremantle to develop the best solution to address traffic issues in the area.

The investigation of new options is in line with the McGowan Government’s election commitment to deliver a comprehensive alternative to the Perth Freight Link.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti will be meeting with stakeholders in coming weeks to discuss strategies.

Various options for upgrades are being developed and will be presented for discussion with the local council and community in coming months.

Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:

“We understand the community interest in the future of these roads and will be developing options towards relieving congestion and improving safety.

“There will be a range of options considered that will relieve congestion and improve road safety.”

Minister’s office – 6552 5500



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It appears that the attempt by around 200 North Fremantle residents to separate from the City of Fremantle and join the Town of Mosman Park has backfired as the Local Government Advisory Board has recommended to the Minister to support the City of Fremantle counter proposal to extend its boundaries east along McGabe Street, that would see some houses now in Mosman Park becoming part of Fremantle.

It all started with the residents being up in arms against highrise development along McGabe Street and Stirling Highway that they believe would have a negative impact on their lifestyle. They also claim to not be serviced well by Freo City.

However the Town of Mosman Park wants to support a legal fight against the LGAB recommendation claiming the City of Fremantle submission has misrepresentations and  inaccuracies.

If the utterly mismanaged and hence failed local government reform is any indication we will probably see State Government embrace the status quo and not make any changes at all, again wasting everyone’s time.

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It has taken years and bloody hard and dedicated work by Fremantle Councillors and officers and members of the North Fremantle community, but Freo Council finally signed off tonight on the Mc Cabe Street/Stirling Highway Local Planning Policy 3.11 and agreed to cap height at 33 metres.

Can I just say from my own observation that COF officer Paul Garbut deserves a medal for being such a down to earth and outstanding community liaison person. His matter of fact approach took a whole lot of negativity and aggression out of the process, so well done, Paul! (When the pay rise comes you can buy me a beer. ; >)

A few community speakers were still critical of the process, and that irked Councillor Andrew Sullivan who had put a lot of thought and work into it, and he lamented that in Fremantle “It is always about height!” This will not be the perfect and the best solution, Sullivan said, and he was disappointed that Councillors and the public did not get to view better 3D modelling. (It is something I have been critical about for years!)

Councillor Sam Wainwright rightly asked why Council wanted to relax the 15% affordable housing policy and said Council needed to be consistent with it, but Councillor Bill Massie said it was an impediment to developers.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton said Council could learn from the intense community consulation process and that it should be implemented more often, and I totally agree with that!

At the end I believe this is a good compromise that will please some and irate others. Everyone involved tried their best and the North Freo community can be proud that they kept fighting.

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The Fremantle Society, representing 395 members of the wider Fremantle community, strongly objects to the proposed widening of Stirling Highway at North Fremantle. The current plans would involve the demolition of several heritage-listed properties and seriously affect others.

The North Fremantle town centre has a unique appeal that should and can be retained if the proposed plans are modified.

The Fremantle Society supports the broad aims of the Draft MRS Amendment 1210/41 in encouraging greater use of public transport by providing efficient bus lanes, and safe bike lanes on Stirling Highway.

The Draft Amendment however does not comply with the spirit of Directions 2031 which states that “we should grow within the constraints placed on us by the environment in which we live” and that we should “protect our natural and built environments and scarce resources”

QUEEN VICTORIA STREET to ALFRED ROAD – Plan 1.7151 and Plan 1.7221

Town Centre

The parts of North Fremantle that abut Stirling Highway are some of the older and more interesting parts of the Stirling Highway corridor, containing many buildings on the State and Municipal Heritage Lists. New residential developments in Northbank and the renovation of the suburb’s old houses have seen more people living in the area and have contributed to a revitalisation of the Town Centre. Many small businesses have established themselves in Queen Victoria Street and with Council encouragement there are plans for more small bars and restaurants. It has become a much frequented centre.

There is an alternative option for Queen Victoria St. The street could become a pedestrian and bus priority road where only local traffic would be allowed and the speed limit could be reduced to e.g. 40Km/hr. Alternatively this could also only be implemented during peak hour traffic.

Cars could be directed to turn right at Tydeman Rd to continue north up Stirling Highway. Alternatively, it could become one-way, having a single car or bus lane travelling in one direction and one lane for bikes (a single two-way bike lane which was grade-separated for added safety). A Principal Shared Path is planned to follow the railway line to link up with that already existing north of Cottesloe. This, together with a single bike lane on the carriagway, is a realistic option.

Lot 1 Queen Victoria St is an important group of shops on the Fremantle Heritage List. Adopting the above recommendations for Queen Victoria Street will avoid the need for including this site in the road reserve. Alternatively, one of the two lanes at this intersection (Jackson St) could serve as a bus lane, thus avoiding the need for resumption.

Alfred Road Intersection

Similarly, the Alfred Rd intersection (Plan 1.7221) appears excessive, doubling in size, and affecting several heritage properties. Alfred Road feeds traffic from parts of North Fremantle that has seen much development in recent years. There is no vacant land left for development and it is unlikely there are many blocks where infill might occur. Traffic entering or leaving Stirling Highway will thus not increase markedly in years to come. It seems highly unlikely the intersection will need all the planned additionally lanes. A better solution must be found to protect five substantial heritage properties.


The Society supports the City of Fremantle’s suggestion that the road reservation on the eastern side of Stirling Highway be removed by moving the entire reservation westward to occupy some of the railway reserve land.


Although the Fremantle Society supports a plan for increased use of public transport and bike paths, it should not be achieved without due regard to the communities affected and our Heritage places, both on the State Heritage List or the Municipal List. Directions 2031 plans for people to live in communities that provide work, shopping and social opportunities so there is less need to travel. The community of North Fremantle, as with many of the communities along Stirling Highway, has a busy heritage precinct. Having the threat of resumption hanging over the Town Centre and a large number of houses along Stirling Highway will adversely affect the viability of the town centre and the future development of this area.

We also suggest the improvement of the public transport system with more train carriages on the Fremantle-Perth line during peak hours and a future light rail link.

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The action to save the North Fremantle town centre from being amputated began in earnest yesterday when over sixty people cramped into the backroom at Mrs Brown’s wine bar. Good to see Fremantle Councillors Doug Thompson, Robert Fittock and Andrew Sullivan there, as well as many members of the Fremantle Society.

People were urged to send letters to the State Government and local members and it is highly likely  more visual and vocal public protest will happen in the near future. It is important to get wider media coverage than only the local newspapers. There is after all a state election on next March.

Suggestions to allow only buses, bicycles and local traffic through Queen Victoria Street and let all other vehicles use Stirling Highway  is something I support. Of course it is good to have dedicated peak hour  bus lanes on Stirling Highway and a safer median strip, but a reduction in speed in certain spots could also be desirable.

There are better options than the destruction of the endearing North Fremantle town ship and State Government should seriously look for alternative proposals for the widening of Stirling Highway in the area. It should also urgently upgrade the public transport system. With thousands more people living and working in inner city Fremantle in the next years, with all the expected development, it is essential that public transport to and from Fremantle will be improved. Light rail would be a good start, as would be more train carriages during peak hours.

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Cameron urging people to send letters to State Government



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Come and help save North Fremantle! There will be a meeting tomorrow, Saturday July 21 from 3-5 at Mrs Brown’s wine bar at 241 Queen Victoria Street.

For those who can’t get motivated, maybe the lure of a complimentary glass of wine will get you away from the telly and footy.

Several heritage listed buildings would be demolished if Main Roads should go ahead with widening Stirling Highway and it would destroy the character of the North Fremantle town centre. We can’t let that happen and need to start protesting NOW!!

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