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mural 1

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The effort some morons go through to destroy art they do not politically agree with.

The lovely mural at Steven Reserve in Fremantle has been vandalised again, with idiots painting over the artwork. Get a life!

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I love a good game of cricket, so might spend a bit of time at Fremantle’s Stevens Reserve at Swanbourne Street this weekend. The future stars of Australian cricket will be on display there when the 2019-20 Cricket Australia Under 19 National Championships come to Stevens Reserve.

New South Wales Country will take on the Northern Territory on Sunday 8 December, while the combatants in a second game on Monday 9 December will be determined by results throughout the tournament.

A reserve day on Tuesday 10 December has also been pencilled in case of bad weather.

Players in the current Australian test squad like Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc and Travis Head all used the Under 19 championships as an important stepping stone in their careers.

To help in preparing for the championships and to protect the playing surface during the event dogs at Stevens Reserve will be required to be kept on a lead from 7pm on Friday 6 December until the close of play on Monday 9 December.

In the unlikely event that the reserve day is required due to bad weather dogs will also be required to be on lead on Tuesday 10 December.

For more information about the Under 19 National Championships visit the Nationalchamps website.



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The Fremantle District Cricket Club has issued a plea to dog owners to keep their pets off the wickets at Stevens Reserve.

As well as being home to one of WA’s oldest cricket clubs, Stevens Reserve is also a popular dog exercise area.

Cricket Club President Dave Davenport said they were happy to share the reserve with dogs but needed their owners to keep them off the wickets.

“Our wickets rival the WACA ground as some of the best in WA and our curator puts hours of work into making sure they’re in perfect condition,” Mr Davenport said.

“A lot of people might not realise that to prepare a cricket pitch the clay is actually quite soft, so if a dog runs over the pitch it doesn’t take much to dig it up.

“There was an unfortunate incident at the start of the season where dogs had been running across the covers we put over the wickets to protect them from the rain.

“The dogs’ claws ripped small holes in the covers which let the water through onto the pitch and meant we had to call the game off until we could dry it out.

“We’ve also had situations during breaks on match days where we’ve had to keep someone out on the field to protect the wicket and stop dogs running onto it.

“We recognise people love their dogs and that Stevens Reserve is a great place for them to have a run around, but we’re just asking people to help us out by keeping their dogs off the wickets.”

As a designated dog exercise area dogs are allowed off leash at Stevens Reserve most of the time, however dogs are required to be on a leash whenever there is a game or training taking place.

Dogs are also prohibited from the two centre wickets and the practice nets at all times.

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winter 1

Winter is not my favourite time of the year as I like it hot and sunny, but winter light is very different from summer and creates different images, as this one at the Swan river foreshore in Melville.

The very large grass area is always busy with people walking their dogs with the Perth skyline as backdrop.

The small dog exercise area suggested for Fremantle’s Stevens Reserve at Swanbourne Street is on the Council agenda this Wednesday but the officer does not recommend it because of community opposition to it.

It will be interesting to see if Fremantle Council will not implement something that sensibly protects small dogs and give them a safe area to run around in because other users of the reserve object to it. If council is consistent it ignores the community input, as it has done on far bigger and more controversial issues such as the tavern at J Shed on Bathers Beach.

Talking about Bathers Beach, there are no indications the toilets at Kidogo Arthouse will be built and the Kelp Bar resurrected. I’ve got the feeling that owner Joanna Robinson has realised it is not going to be such a goldmine and that the location, weather and council restrictions might make a bar there  not financially viable and just bloody hard work for little return.

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Dog Petition






There is a petition going around in Fremantle to ask council to create safe dog exercise areas at Stevens Reserve, so dogs can run around off the leash. The idea is to also separate small dogs from larger ones, so that littlies don’t get crushed by over enthusiastic larger canines.

Cities like Adelaide already have fenced off dog exercise areas in parks, so if you also want it you need to sign the petition that Mayor Brad Pettitt will present to council. Contact Shirley Burbidge via email:

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