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Committee for Perth WA stats

The Committee for Perth released its latest Fact Sheet with this easy to read graphic.

Interesting to note that the huge state of Western Australia only has 10% of Australia’s population, so over-population is not something we have to greatly worry about here in the west.

While the unemployment rate is 6.3% in WA the forecast for employment growth is 2%, so let’s hope that will be at least the case as the nation’s average is 5%.

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The fantastic FREMANTLE FOUNDATION has published some interesting Vital Signs statistics about Fremantle, and I would like to share some of that with you all.

32,600 people work in the City of Fremantle and 39 per cent of the population were born overseas, but only 23%  speak a language other than English.

Only 9 per cent of Freo people walk or cycle to work, and our gender balance is pretty good with 51 out of 100 people being female.

According to the Fremantle Foundation stats there are 371 restaurants and cafes in the port city, 47 licensed venues, 20 live music venues and we had 149 events and festivals in 2016.

Unemployed in Fremantle has risen to 7.3%, and there are 139 crisis accommodation beds at St Patrick’s. 44% of Fremantle Doctor patients are between the age of 45 and 64 years old.

We are a smart mob in Freo with 64% of the population having a post-secondary education. The Australian average is 56%.

Only 19 per cent of the Freo community volunteered in 2010/11 and voters’ turnout was down to only 30.30% at the last local government election. It was 37.12% in 2013.

Only 26% of the Fremantle population is aged 0-25 years old, while the majority of 57% is aged 25-64, and 17 out of 100 are 65 and older.

Check out all the stats on

Donate to the Fremantle Foundation. They are a great Freo group!

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I don’t often engage in Schadenfreude, but today is the day, when probably most people expected there would be a Census computer crash, but the government assured us they had been working on this for more than 4 years, tested it with even more people than the population of Australia and it was all honky dory.

So let me just give one advise to  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, don’t buy your Census software at Coles because it will be Down, Down, Down!

What a censusless exercise today has been, showing dismal failure by the IT people , bureaucrats and politicians.

And don’t forget for one second that they also promised us our privacy would be protected!

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Fremantle BID has released the footfall figures for the Easter long weekend Street Arts Festival, compiled for them by consultant A Beautiful City,  and they are a down by around 13,000 people compared to last year and  just 1,203 compared to 2014.

The overal visitors’ figure for the three days this year was 111,733, compared to 129,415 in 2015 and 112,936 in 2014.

While the constant rain on the Saturday attracted 6,000 fewer people, it is a surprise that on the brilliant Sunday the figures were also down by around 7,000.

It is even more of a surprise that the figures are down because the trains from Perth were actually running.

I love the SAF and believe it is the best Freo festival, so maybe marketing needs to be tweaked a little to get more visitors next year, because what is on offer is always excellent. For example there were no festival programs at the Roundhouse or any of the West End cafes, so that needs to be improved on.

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Easter foot fall

The success of the Fremantle STREET ARTS FESTIVAL can not only be measured through the feedback of the community and business groups but also with clear tangible footfall evidence provided by the pedestrian counters installed by Fremantle-based ABEAUTIFULCITY.

According to Nicholas Takacs of abeautifulcity there was a 164% increase in foot traffic in the west end of High Street, where the West End Weekender event was held, during the Easter weekend compared to the long-term weekend average for that area. That is pretty significant.

Thanks Nicholas for supplying Freo’s View with these important figures!

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Can it get any worse? I am shocked to hear that a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that suicide has overtaken car accidents as the main cause of death for young Australians. 57 kids under the age of 14 killed themselves last year! That is absolutely horrible.

The National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell told the ABC that suicide is now the leading cause of death in the 15-25 year old age bracket. Sadly Aboriginal and Torrest Straight Islander children are five times more likely to take their own life than the rest of Australia.

When did the world turn upside down and children started losing hope in the future?  When did society abandon them and took away their innocence so early? When did they get so much despair that they believed they had no one to go to and talk to. Who took that trust away from them?

Children are sacred and should be protected at all costs by the whole society. Each and everyone in our communities should feel responsible for the well-being of our children. They deserve the best because they are the only future we have. Figures like the above are unacceptable for a modern and wealthy country like Australia and we should be deeply ashamed that this is happening in our country.

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My request for demographic statistics for the City of Fremantle community consultation workshops has resulted in the four images below; two on the Youth Plaza and two on the Kings Square Urban Design Strategy. No stats are available from the Arthur Head workshops and also none from all the Visioning 2029 community meetings. I believe as a matter of course the City should record the demographics of future community workshops, so that the assumption that only narrow focus groups and people attend them can be checked against facts.

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Youth Plaza 1 Youth Plaza 2

Kings Square 2 Kings Square 1


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