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Here some info from the newsletter of Fremantle state member Simone McGurk, Minister for Child Protection, Women’s Interest, Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence, and Community Services.

In March, the people of WA elected a McGowan Labor Government, and we have gotten straight to work delivering better and fairer management of our state. Since taking office, the Government has:
Stopped the Perth Freight Link;
Kept Western Power in public hands;
Frozen TAFE fees;
Put education assistants back into classrooms;
Reduced the number of State Government Departments from 41 to 25;
Introduced domestic violence leave for WA public sector workers
Heritage listed Fremantle’s iconic West End.

Fremantle has lots to look forward to: the relocation of a Government Department to our CBD, the opening of Fremantle College in 2018, the construction of WA’s first MediHotel at Fiona Stanley Hospital, the establishment of an Urgent Care Clinic in Fremantle, much needed upgrades to local roads, and planning for the second port at Kwinana.

As always, I am keen to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with my office on 9336 7000 if there are any issues you’d like to raise with me.


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One of the first requests the City of Fremantle should make to new WA Premier Mark McGowan is for his government to review the buffer zone boundaries for Fremantle Port, to enable serious and realistic planning for the development of South Quay.

At present the buffer zones do not allow for residential or tourist accommodation at the southern side of the port. In my opinion it is inconsistent that cruise ships with thousands of older people on board can stay within the industrial and dangerous goods buffer zone, but residential and overnight accommodation on land next to it is not permitted.

The emergency evacuation of a low-rise hotel would take considerably less time than evacuating thousands of geriatrics off a cruise liner, and it would take a long time for such a vessel to leave port in an emergency.

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Two ‘locals’ have been appointed by Labor leader Mark McGowan into the new Western Australian cabinet.

Simone McGurk and Peter Tinley will be told on Thursday by the new Premier which portfolios they will be responsible for.

Well done Simone and Peter. Now the hard yakka starts!

Roel Looper


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The West Australian newspaper today published half a page about the Member for Fremantle Adele Carles under the headline “Decision time in Freo melodrama.” The opinion piece by Gary Adshead expresses what most Fremantle people I talk to believe and that is that Adele Carles has no hope in hell(or heaven) to win the seat again and that Labor candidate Simone McGurk will win the seat easily because the Liberal party have put up  Matthew Hanssen who is largely unknown around town and not a great public performer, while Greens candidate Andrew Sullivan is either loved or hated for his work as Fremantle councillor. All four candidates are perfectly likable people, but at the end substance and party strength will prevail and McGurk will represent the people of Fremantle after March 9.

I am with Gary Adshead that Adele Carles is a bit unrealistic to believe she can win the seat if the Greens and Liberals give her their preferences. She is a bit naive to believe the people of Fremantle have forgotten, or even forgiven. Many are still angry that she left the Greens, many more sit in on judgment over her affair with Troy Buswell, while others believe Carles acted more as an unelected Freo councillor than as a member of parliament.

My main concern, as expressed previously, are Carles’ daughters, who could well become the targets and victims of a social media bully campaign should all the old rubbish been brought up again. Adele believes she needs to be a role model to her daughters and don’t give in, but stubbornness is not a good adviser and neither is closing one’s eyes and ears to reality. As a friend I say to Adele; save your money and move on. You are wasting your good energy when you believe you can retain your seat.

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I am pretty disappointed that the member for Fremantle Adele Carles got herself involved in yet another media attack on Minister Troy Buswell. There was absolutely no reason for it and it is very poor judgment by Adele. All she needed to say to the Sunday Times was “No Comment” but instead she lets herself being sucked in to  respond.

I like Adele, and it is well-known Troy Buswell often lacks proper judgment, but why on earth be part of this media rubbish that could only get worse and is a no win for all. It taints Carles and Buswell and it is her word against those of others.

Will we ever know the truth, or more precisely, do we really care? A private party, a disagreement between two lovers, a relationship split up, does he drink too much, etc. It should all have stayed at home and in private as there really is no public interest in this. Only the tabloid media benefits from this sort of rubbish.

Adele should have been wiser and should have consulted with other people before giving a statement to the Sunday Times. To say she did not start it but only responded to a media inquiry is naive. She added the fuel that made the article the front page news it became. Without her statement there was not much else to report on than rumour and innuendo.

Now let’s see some Christmas spirit  and maturity and let all parties stop making public statements about this.

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Listening devices for the media in the UK and  a certain lawyer in Perth have been in the news lately, so Freo’s View obviously needs to keep up with modern technology. We went for the pen and paper listening device of someone attending the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce meeting where Jandakot Liberal MLA Joe Francis spoke.

# Francis was very strong about that he did not want the Fremantle Dockers to move to Cockburn and is talking with the City of Cockburn of not pursuing that.

# Francis was also adamant that Fremantle‘s streetscapes and buildings are unique and should not be destroyed for the sake of development. He was concerned about wrong development and the height of  buildings in important areas of the city.

# The Jandakot MLA also said the City of Fremantle should halve parking fees on Sundays as the City of Perth has done.

# Joe Francis believed the move of the Department of Housing to Fremantle was close enough to call it a done deal.

Thank you to my pen&paper ‘spy’ for taking these notes!

Roel Loopers

buildings in important areas of the city.


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Independent Fremantle MLA Adele Carles used her budget speech in parliament to criticise the lack of funding on many levels for Fremantle. She questioned where the 14 million dollars for the Fremantle Traffic Bridge, that were in the last budget, had gone, as there is no mention of it in the latest budget. She stressed an engineer’s report commissioned by the government warned of a collapse of the bridge should it be hit by a ship.

Adele Carles also asked why no money had been allocated to buy land for a second port at Cockburn Sound while Fremantle Ports is overflowing, with half a million container movement a year. It is predicted this will double by 2022.

The Member for Fremantle also questioned why the Barnett government will spent 428 million dollars on a new Perth museum, 700 million on a new stadium, and 440 million on the Perth foreshore development, while homeless people can’t find accommodation, and the Henderson Street mall Homeswest cottages are vacant.

While not using the word porkbarreling, Carles pointed out the government will spent 80 million dollars on the Willeton school, while it has a masteplan  for the renovations of the Kent Street and John Curtin schools as well. Adele righly suggested the 80 million should be split between the three schools, especially when John Curtin was built earlier than Willeton and in dire need of modernisation..

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Fremantle people will be able to hear fisrt hand what new Western Australian Labor leader Mark McGowan has to say, and hopefully we can question him on Freo issues as well.

Here is the invite from the Chamber of Commerce:


Mark McGowan MLA WA Labor Leader and Members of the Shadow Cabinet
invite you to a meeting with the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce to discuss issues affecting your business and community.

When: Tuesday 31 January 2012
Where: Fremantle Sailing Club
151 Marine Terrace, Fremantle
Time: 7:30am – 9:00am
Cost: $15pp

• Mark McGowan MLA
• Sue Ellery MLC
• Ken Travers MLC
• Peter Tinley MLA

Selection of Muffins & Refreshments supplied.



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Garden guru Josh Byrne, the man favoured to become the next Labor Party candidate for the seat of Fremantle, has announced he will not be running, after there was disquiet at the rank and file level of the party about Byrne being parachuted into the position.

This leaves three possible candidates for the position; MUA’s Adrian Evans, deputy mayor Josh Wilson, and brand new councillor Dave Hume.

One would have to wonder though about Hume’s commitment, and why he stood for council, if he wants to move on to state parliament relatively shortly after having been elected on Fremantle council.

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Just a short note to the West Australian and Fremantle Herald newspapers. We have now known for quite some time that Transport Minister Troy Busewell and Fremantle MLA Adele Carles  are in a relationship, so why do you need to mention it every time you write and article about either of them? I have no idea who the partners of other ministers or members of the Legislative Assembly are, so why do you need to hammer on about the relationship between these two?

Fairness would require that you mention the partners of all politicians, if you don’t, you are discriminating against two people whose private lives are of no concern to any of us. If you believe their relationship results in unlawful behaviour in Parliament, report them to the Corruption and Crime Commission.

Roel Loopers


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