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Interesting to read in the Fremantle Herald today that St John’s church is considering buying the historic Victoria Hall from the City of Fremantle.

According to the Chook St John’s would consider leasing the hall to the Fly by Night club.

I doubt though that the church will be as generous to the musicians club as the City of Fremantle has been. CoF waived over $ 80,000 in outstanding rent the Fly never paid.

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Things are getting a bit more serious at the Fremantle Kings Square Project development, with new permanent hoardings being erected around the former Myer and Queensgate buildings.

Project managers Sirona Capital have promised creative and attractive hoardings, so time will tell what kind of images about the FOMO retail project they will put up.

An inspector of the CFMEU was already on site today to make sure that everything is done by the book and told me power is off at the Queensgate carpark, so I assume that means free parking in the dark.

Also new temporary fences for the archeological dig that will start this week, looking for remnants of the old St John’s church.

Exciting times are ahead for Fremantle!

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The Western Power failure in the carpark has now been repaired I hear. 3.4opm


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An archeological dig will be conducted at Fremantle’s Kings Square in January to find remains and related items of the former St John’s church, which was demolished in 1882.

A team from Archae-aus and Museum of Moving Objects will search at four locations on Kings Square from January 15-21, 2018, so keep an eye out for them.

I am still waiting for the announcement of the start of the demolition of the Queensgate building, that was due to commence in November.

Project managers Sirona Capital have assured me this won’t delay the construction of the Kings Square project and FOMO retail concept.

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re 3


There is not much news around in Fremantle at the moment so I wandered around town for a bit this morning and captured these reflections.

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The City of Fremantle is planning a nationwide competition for the design of a nature playground at Kings Square as part of the Kings Square Project development.

The area allocated would be to the east of the St John’s church, on land owned by the church, and close to the new cafe that will be part of the new Civic Centre and Library at Kings Square.

It is estimated the design and construction of the playground will cost $ 500,000.00.

A jury which would have members of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, CoF  Design Advisory Committee and Fremantle City officers would decide on the winning submission for the project.

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I am intrigued by reflections and am always on the prowl to find new ones I have not discovered yet. This one of St John’s church at Fremantle’s Kings Square in the rear light of a car is a beauty I believe.

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The Fremantle Society is calling another public meeting, this time about the Kings Square project. While this project is very much in limbo and the business case for it questionable, I can’t see any purpose in rehashing what has been debated extensively in the local newspapers, mainstream media and on this blog and social media over the last two years or so.

The invitation to the event claims that the project would bring high-rise to Kings Square and that is incorrect, because the Myer building would be only 5 storeys and the Queensgate building in parts go up to only six storeys. That might be considered ‘high-rise’ in a country town but it is not in a modern developing city.

Fact is the project might never get off the ground unless the State Government relocates a department there. The project partners Sirona Capital and the City of Fremantle have been hoping and waiting for that for three years now.

FS also claims the project would split Kings Square in two triangles, but it has been like that for a long time, as half of the square is owned by the St John’s Church and the other triangle half by the City. Developing the City triangle won’t change that. St John’s might well want to develop their triangle or part of it in the future. The High Street road reserve splits the two triangles.

After having been a Fremantle Society committee member for many years, and president and vice president, I decided to cancel my membership with the organisation this week as I find them too narrow-focus and negative for my liking. They no longer represent my views on the future of Fremantle. Disappointing.

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The announced development of Fremantle‘s Kings Square has started with the installation of a giant new art work, well kind off. It’s just another photo in my Fremantle Reflections series, soon for sale at the Glen Cowans Photography Gallery at the Round House.

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A reflection of St John’s church at Kings Square, Fremantle.


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This is a pretty special exclusive for Freo’s View, so I will indulge a little here.

I heard only a couple of hours ago that Fremantle independent MLA Adele Carles and Minister for Transport, Housing and Emergency Services Troy Buswell will get married in a secret wedding at St John’s Church in Fremantle’s Kings Square at 9.30 tomorrow.

It was by pure accident that I found out. I walked past Little Creatures on my way home from the Wray Avenue lanterns making event, when I noticed Adele’s loyal and lovely office staff Helen and Natacha, and of course went over for a chat.

The normally focused ladies were a little under the weather and tried hard to keep the secret from me, but confessed they were part of a hen’s night party. After a bit of probing and a round of drinks, it finally came out that Adele and Troy will tie the knot in the lovely small church, in front of only their closest friends.

When I wanted to go in and speak to Adele, Natacha and Helen told me that Adele and Troy would deny it was going to happen, to avoid a media scramble at the tiny church. I can understand that.

I admit to feeling a little bit guilty posting this here, but the media don’t read an unimportant small Fremantle blog like this, so I will probably not do any harm by announcing the wedding here exclusively.

This is a big coup for me, so I can’t keep it under wraps. Sorry Adele!!

I hope to post photos of the newly wed on this blog tomorrow morning after the ceremony, so stay tuned.

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The Battle of the Weddings

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