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Great to hear that Fremantle Ports has supported Fremantle Primary School once again, this time sponsoring the creation of a mural by a local artist within its outdoor classroom area, as well as granting two student scholarships.

The school’s P&C are creating an area within the school grounds which will have an outdoor science lab and kitchen. It’s intended to be a space where children will be able to experiment, explore and discover the earth sciences while learning STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) concepts.

The mural will be based around the school’s values of ‘care’, ‘excellence’ and ‘diversity’.  It’ll be great to see what the mural turns out like and which artist is chosen to create it.

 The port has also given a grant to East Fremantle Community Garden, as a contribution towards a planned native garden at the entrance to the garden.

The East Freo community garden is behind 9 Seeds Café at 121 Marmion Street. The first plantings were in 2011 and, since then, the garden has realised a terrific orchard, multiple communal and private garden beds, worm farms and composing facilities. New members are welcome. The East Fremantle Community Garden can be found on Facebook.

 Fremantle Ports recently reviewed its approach to community investment, now focusing its assistance in four key areas – community enrichment, environmental leadership, arts and culture and education. It accepts applications online at any time, but only makes decisions about what to support once a quarter.

More information about how to apply on:


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It is personally rewarding for me to see that my call for support for the Fremantle Roundhouse has not been just weeing in the wind, but that Fremantle Ports responded generously and are now official sponsors of the One O’Clock Cannon Fire at the Roundhouse.

That the Fremantle Ports sponsors WA’s oldest public building is special to me since I did 14 years of photography for the Ports, so I very much feel like being part of the crew there.

When I complained in a letter to the West Australian and on this Freo’s View blog a few months ago about lack of support for the Roundhouse Fremantle Ports contacted me and asked how they could support the Roundhouse heritage guides.

The gun deck overlooks the site of the first Fremantle port, the long jetty, and also the current port, so it is very much part of our maritime history.

The cannon was fired and the time ball lowered for the early mariners to adjust their clocks, so that the calculation of longitude would be precise. The Roundhouse volunteers fire the cannon 363 days of the year, unless inclement weather prevents it.

People can book the firing of the cannon on and are given a certificate to show they were the honorary gunner of the day. I suggest we reprint the certificates with the Fremantle Ports logo on it.

As part of the Fremantle Ports sponsorship the Roundhouse volunteer guides will participate in this year’s Maritime Day on Victoria Quay. I’ll see you there!

I hope the State and Federal governments will now also financially assist with the Roundhouse maintenance and management and the much needed stabilisation of Arthur’s Head and the Whalers Tunnel.

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To keep sponsoring the more and more successful Fremantle WINTERWORLD Festival we should get some guarantee of exclusivity, Councillor Rachel Pemberton argued at the FPOL Committee on Wednesday evening. There is a Winterworld in Perth and Hillaries at the same time as Fremantle, she said, and we don’t want another one at Bibra Lake or near Fremantle..

Winterworld this year will for the first time coincide with the Fremantle Festival, which has been moved from a summer to a winter festival, so that means more and better promotion for the festival.

The Winterworld organisers have again asked for cash sponsorship of $ 25,000 from the City plus $ 45,000 of in-kind sponsorship for a waiver of car park fees at the Italian Club, so a total of $ 70,000. The proposal is for a three-year sponsorship up to and including 2021.

Councillor Doug Thompson was the only one who does not like the cash sponsorship, but the FPOL members asked for the CEO to renegotiate the contract, because a more successful Winterworld creates more profits and hence should be able to do with less financial sponsorship from the City.

80,000 people attended Winterworld last year and it is estimated 100,000 will visit it this year.

I think it is quite funny that the City officers claim in the agenda that “the event created strong attendance from interstate” but the figures provided with the statement show that only 300 tickets were sold interstate, so that is hardly a strong attendance from the eastern states.

And one more issue I have been raising since Winterworld started. Where are the posters and flyers so that tourist destinations such as the Roundhouse can hand them out and make interstate and overseas visitors aware that the skating festival is on?

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The highly popular Perth FRINGEWORLD wants to come to Fremantle as well next year for a month and is applying for cash sponsorship support from the City of Fremantle to the amount of $ 35,000 plus $ 5,000 in waived fees for the hire of Victoria Hall.

Fringeworld Freo would be in several venues, such as Sail&Anchor, Clancy’s, Mojo’s, PS Art Studios, Victoria Hall, and they are negotiating with the Navy Club and Many 6162.

There would also be a ‘Fringe in Freo Hub’ at Kings Square with a pop up bar for four days.

The event would run from January 23 to February 22 with the estimated number of acts between 50-100 and each venues having 2-3 shows per night.

Organisors Vulture Culture estimate that the ticket sales would be 3,000 per week for a period of four weeks.

Sounds all pretty interesting, so let’s see what the City of Fremantle’s Strategic Planning and Services Committee decides tomorrow evening.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 13, 2010

As a non for profit organisation the FREMANTLE SOCIETY is always looking for sponsors, willing to donate money, goods, or time, for new projects they are planning.

At present they are looking for designers to give them a hand with the design of a Fremantle heritage brochure, the revamp of the website, and printers for bumper stickers, and the above mentioned brochure. Of course they will credit you for your help in publications, on the website, and the Freo Tribe blog.

They are also in negotiations to get a more permanent headquarter for the society and for the storage of their valuable archives, so they might soon need paint and or painters, handymen, etc.

Support Fremantle by supporting the Fremantle Society!

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