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Wray Ave speed limit


It took a year for the City of Fremantle to get the go ahead from Mainroads Department to lower the speed in Wray Avenue to 40 kilometres per hour, but it has finally be improved.

The local community had asked for a reduction in traffic speed as the Wray Ave hub is very popular for its cafes and shopping, and frequented by students and parents of the Fremantle Primary School, and by staff and visitors of Fremantle Hospital.

So next time you drive through Wray Avenue, slow down!


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Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 19, 2014

Fremantle is becoming the city of lights, warning lights that is. New flashing lights to alert motorists to stick to the 40 kph limit in school zones will be installed near the East Fremantle Primary School and John Curtin College of the Arts.

There will also be an upgrade on the train crossings around Freo at Phillimore, Arundel, Rose and Grey streets and Marine Terrace.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 3, 2014

Schools are back on today, so slow down please Fremantle drivers and look after our beautiful kids!

When I go for a swim I am not worried about sharks, but when I get in my car I am not at all sure I will get home in one piece, because driving skills and attitude are a great worry in Western Australia.

Last week, doing just 40 on Wray Avenue, a driver pulled out of a site street and I could narrowly avoid a collision, but the woman gestured at me that I should slow down. Just down the road a Transperth bus driver decided he could ignore to give way to me at the roundabout on South Terrace. That’s the second Transperth driver in two days who just drove through that roundabout without looking to his right and give way to me. Welcome to public transport responsible driving attitude!

Yesterday within 30 seconds three cars pulled out at the IGA carpark on Hampton Road without looking and on Saturday night I was lucky to come home alive after a car drove through a red light on the corner of Wray Avenue and Hampton Road.

I reckon my experience sums it up pretty well that many Fremantle drivers are inconsiderate, selfish and dangerous and it needs to stop. And stop using your mobile phones you idiots. You are endangering other people’s lives!

Now look out for the kids this morning and afternoon and obey the speed limit in school zones PLEASE!!!

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Posted in australia, fremantle, perth by freoview on September 21, 2010

I have been contemplating why everything in life needs to be quicker nowadays. Broadband speeds needs to be faster and faster, clients expect work to be delivered much sooner, and we all rush through life like headless chooks. We don’t walk, but power walk, in London they even offer speed Yoga, so maybe drive through meditation is next.

Having coffee with friends becomes fast forwarded because they have to rush somewhere else, and even while they are with you at a table they need to attend to phone calls and emails, as if the rest of the world could not wait half an hour to hear from them.

Businessmen are having lunch with colleagues while talking on their mobiles to other colleagues, who are presumably having lunch with someone somewhere else. Not only is it rude and disrespectful, but all these fleeting conversations don’t create better communications.

We rush and rush without thinking too much. We don’t live in the moment because what comes next is more important than what is now. We don’t hear the birds sing, feel the wind in our hair, and the sun on our skin, because we are pre-occupied all the time with what happens somewhere else.

Cyber space is full of empty chatter and meaningless exchanges of unimportant things. We rather send 8 text messages than making one simple call and talk to the person we need to communicate with.

We are always busy, and always on the move, and hence much of life, the gorgeous and beautiful things of it, pass us by unnoticed.

As far as I am concerned, no modern gadget can replace an old-fashioned warm embrace, or a long face to face in-depth talk.

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