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Today’s report in the Sunday Times that suppliers to the Southbound concert have been asked to sign a deed of arrangement and waive outstanding fees owed to them by Fremantle based Sunset Events should send worrying signals to the City of Fremantle council and administration. SE director David Chitty told the Sunday Times that settlement had been reached with the suppliers.

Sunset Events has a 20-year lease for the J Shed Number One unit at Bathers Beach where it wants to build a tavern and micro brewery, but if their finances are so precarious will they be able to commit themselves to the long lease and substantial investment?

Sunset Events is already spending millions of dollars on refurbishing the former Drillhall, that was home to the Fly by Night club, so where will all the money for two big new ventures come from when they are unable to pay their concert suppliers one has to wonder.

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It is a worry to read in the Sunday Times this morning that Fremantle Sunset Events director David Chitty has admitted his company does have financial problems and paying suppliers after a less than successful Southbound event.

Several companies claim Sunset Events owes them tens of thousands of dollars with one of them making strong personal attacks on Facebook.

The worry for Fremantle is what this will mean for the Jerome Laneway Festival, but more importantly what it will mean for the 25-year-lease Sunset Events has signed for the No 1 studio in J Shed at Bathers Beach.

Rumours are that the company still wants to go ahead with a scaled-down version of the tavern and music venue, after planning approval for it was refused by Fremantle Council, the WA Planning Commission and the State Administrative Tribunal.

Will Sunset Events be able to commit hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a tavern, toilets, commercial kitchen, etc?

Maybe it is time for City of Fremantle officers to pro-actively engage with the events organisers and find out if it would be better to move on and for them to relinquish the lease and for the City to find a more appropriate use for the historically significant location.

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It is fantastic to see that ticket holders, events organisers Sunset Events, and food stall operators are trying to support the bushfire victims down south after the cancellation of SOUTHBOUND. This message below came through on Facebook and well done to everyone to show your support and empathy and realise that the cancellation of a music festival is nothing compared to the loss of homes, livestock, etc!

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the support shown over the last 11 hours since our announcement that Southbound 2016 has had to be cancelled due to high fire risk within the area. We’ve had a lot of feedback regarding patrons wanting to donate both part or their entire ticket refund to those affected by the fire. We are currently working to set up a system where this can be facilitated. We have excess food on site which we will be offering to those who are both working to fight the fires and affected and currently working with the relevant parties to make this happen. We’ll keep you updated as we work on both of these initiatives. We are gutted but trying to turn our disappointment in not being able to deliver Southbound to you into a positive thing for those affected by the fires.”

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This Facebook message from Sunset Events came just through, so please pass it on. SOUTHBOUND 2016 IS CANCELLED DUE TO THE BUSH FIRES.


It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of Southbound 2016, due to the fire situation in the festivals surrounding areas. After ongoing communications and information provided from the West Australian Police, Main Roads Department and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, we have no option but to cancel this year’s event. We cannot compromise patron safety and proceed knowing people’s lives are at risk getting to the event.

The only alternate route given both main highways are closed is now compromised. The alternative access to the event communicated earlier today is now only open for essential travel. As of news recently to hand festival patrons are now not able to use this road leaving us with no access to the festival site.

First and foremost our thoughts are with our local community of the South West, in what has been a challenging day, with more challenges to come. We give all our love and support to our local family in this intense time of stress.

The fire, which started Wednesday afternoon and reached emergency status during the night and into Thursday morning, has left us with no time to relocate prior to gates opening tomorrow.

“Everyone on site is absolutely devastated as we were working so hard to bring the best Southbound yet. Please understand at this time we will be extremely busy dealing with the cancellation and our thoughts are with those in danger due to the nearby fire.” David Chitty, Director.

Information regarding ticket refunds will be released on Wednesday 13th January. Please rest assured Southbound patrons will receive a full refund on tickets purchased via official channels. Please sit tight at this time until further information is made available on Wednesday.

For a full list of road closures, visit and to keep updated with all alerts and warnings, visit

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