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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 27, 2011

Oh My God it is bloody hot, just so that it rhymes. This is the worst heatwave I have experienced since migrating to Australia in 1982, and I actually normally really like the heat. The humidity is extraordinary!

I drink liters of water and soft drinks, the cold showers are lukewarm and the red wine needs to be chilled because room temperatures are extreme. The noise of the fans in lounge and bedroom starts annoying me, because I love peace and quiet, but without those whirly things life would be worse.

At nine o’clock this morning the parking around Port and Leighton beaches was already full and the same applied to South Beach, where many again parked illegally on the grass, so hopefully council inspectors take the heat into consideration before handing out fines.

But the heat was no issue when I bumped into gorgeous Mel, who used to work at the Moore&Moore cafe. Her stunning smile and unpretentious being made my day. Thanks Mel!

Off to the PIGRAM BROTHERS concert at the park above the Bicton Bath late afternoon, and praying for a bit of a sea breeze to make it bearable. Now back to the fridge for more cold drinks.

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