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Fremantle architect Kerry Hill has died at the age of 75 in Singapore where he was partly based.

Hill is the architect of the new civic centre at Kings Square that will be built in the next twelve months and is a multi-award winning architect.

The quietly spoken Hill, always dressed in black, won the Australian Institute of Architects’ Gold Medal in 2006 and the Singapore President’s Award in 2010.

He was awarded the Officer of the Order of Australia(AO) in 2012.

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Pettitt talk


Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt is the next speaker at the monthly Fremantle Network event next Tuesday June 19 at the National Hotel at 6pm. He will share his impressions of Singapore with us and what Fremantle can learn from this modern city.

The Freo Mayor went on a study tour to Singapore with representatives from the South West Group, that comprises of six local councils.

On one level Singapore and Fremantle seem very far apart. A high density metropolis of over 5 million that’s at the crossroads of global trade, in contrast with our relatively small and isolated port city.

But there are some important lessons, both good and bad, that Freo can learn from Singapore, be that city greening, density, heritage, affordable housing, tourism, and multi-modal transit investment.

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There are a lot of plastic pipes and a fifteen-metre wall of water at the Fremantle Arts Centre but there is no plumber anywhere to be seen for the intriguing Every Point of View show by Singaporean artist Matthew Ngui.

It is the Australian premiere for this large-scale installation that was commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum to mark the 50 years of state independence.

Ngui wrote ten statements about democracy on the pipes from a cross-section of Singaporeans, but I was unable to even construct a single word out of them, so is Ngui’s observation that democracy is a garbled message?  Or maybe the plastic pipe material he uses means that democracy is a pipe dream.

As one person said democracy is the perception that the people are in power, but we all know that we often feel that is not the case.

There is also the Swimming; at least 8 points of view fifteen-metre-wide projection of Ngui doing laps in a swimming pool.

I really like the show and if you look carefully at the photos you’ll see I even did a selfie of me in the democracy projections.

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Whenever I mention that tourism is important for Fremantle and that we should do more to attract and keep visitors longer, someone will say that Freo can’t just remain that sleepy little cute tourist backwater, but needs strong economic growth, more offices, residents, shops, etc. Yep, all of that but not at the expense of tourism.

Figures released by WA Tourism shows that Western Australia is very popular, with a 7.3 percent increase of visitors, with the top number being from Singapore. But there was a staggering 22.8 percent increase of German tourists to our state, so that will be good for me to practise my German language skills. Guten Tag, wilkommen zu Fremantle!.

Good access to free wi-fi is also important to tourists and most use their mobile phones to access maps, and destination information, while restaurant and event guides are also sought after.

I repeat again and again that the visitors I meet weekly as a tourguide at the Round House unconditionally love Fremantle’s cute and beautiful heritage character and lifestyle, so I believe the City of Fremantle should put even more effort in creating new tourist attractions in our city.

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