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For all the great Fremantle women who would like to get involved, but don’t know how, the State Government has set up OnBoard WA.

It is a register where you can express your interest to be appointed on a government board, committee, or advisory body, so check it out!

Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk published an article in the West Australian about it today, so contact her office if you want to know more about it.

I am one of the lucky blokes who was raised in a family with three strong sisters and an amazing mother, and throughout my life have had the pleasure, and the challenge ; >) , of being in love and living with strong, independent women.

It is not acceptable that commercial boards are stacked with men, and only a minute number of women are appointed to them. Even our governments don’t do very well in appointing women to senior positions. It’s time the macho Aussie image changed!


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Here some info from the newsletter of Fremantle state member Simone McGurk, Minister for Child Protection, Women’s Interest, Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence, and Community Services.

In March, the people of WA elected a McGowan Labor Government, and we have gotten straight to work delivering better and fairer management of our state. Since taking office, the Government has:
Stopped the Perth Freight Link;
Kept Western Power in public hands;
Frozen TAFE fees;
Put education assistants back into classrooms;
Reduced the number of State Government Departments from 41 to 25;
Introduced domestic violence leave for WA public sector workers
Heritage listed Fremantle’s iconic West End.

Fremantle has lots to look forward to: the relocation of a Government Department to our CBD, the opening of Fremantle College in 2018, the construction of WA’s first MediHotel at Fiona Stanley Hospital, the establishment of an Urgent Care Clinic in Fremantle, much needed upgrades to local roads, and planning for the second port at Kwinana.

As always, I am keen to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with my office on 9336 7000 if there are any issues you’d like to raise with me.


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The disgraceful neglect of the beautiful historic Royal George Hotel in East Fremantle continues, which is unacceptable.

Every now and then we get to hear that a developer is taking over the building, but then nothing happens and the graffiti and neglect goes on.

Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk was very outspoken when she was in opposition, so now that she is a Cabinet Minister she has to talk to her colleagues and do something about the unacceptable eyesore urgently.

Next to the old hotel the former Lauder&Howard building is being developed respectfully, so it’s time to walk the talk Labor government!

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Simone McGurk the Labor member for Fremantle has been appointed by Premier Mark McGowan to become the Minister for Child Protection, Women’s Interests, Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence and Community Services.

That’s a lot of portfolios, so good luck Simone!

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Two ‘locals’ have been appointed by Labor leader Mark McGowan into the new Western Australian cabinet.

Simone McGurk and Peter Tinley will be told on Thursday by the new Premier which portfolios they will be responsible for.

Well done Simone and Peter. Now the hard yakka starts!

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The political career of Fremantle Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson appears all but over after he was beaten by the might of the unions for the second time. The WA Labor party yesterday endorsed Maritime Union of Australia candidate Chris Brown, who is not well known in Fremantle, to be the candidate for Freo for the federal election.

Wilson was also the victim of union power within the Labor party at the W.A. state election when they preferred Unions WA secretary Simone McGurk instead of him.

This must be a devastating blow for Josh Wilson as it is likely he will also lose his job at the Fremantle MP office where he has been the right hand of retiring Melissa Parke.

I am personally extremely dismayed about this and will now make this blog a Labor free zone till after the Federal election. I will not let Labor use Freo’s most popular blog to help improve largely unknown Chris Brown’s public profile. The same applies to my Facebook page. The Fremantle Labor candidate will not be mentioned here on Freo’s View and support comments for him will not be published.

I am sick and tired of the factions crap within the Labor party, the unwarranted power of the unions, and the pissweak leadership of the party. Labor has lost my support and my vote because they keep parachuting people in who have contributed very little to the Freo community.

Hopefully the Liberal party will put up a very strong candidate and Labor will receive a kick in the arse for taking Fremantle for granted, in the belief this is a safe Labor seat. There is no doubt for me that excellent Greens candidate Kate Davis will poll very well, so the election for the Fremantle seat will probably be decided by preferences.

Don’t misunderstand me though, this is not against unionism! I am all for unions protecting and fighting for the rights of workers, and they have been doing a very good job at it, but I want the Fremantle MP to represent the people of Fremantle and not be a spokesperson for the unions mainly. Chris Brown had little to no participation with the Fremantle community for all the years he has lived here, so where was he and why is he now so suddenly supposedly a strong Freo community member?

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The State Government is correct to finally start focusing on family and domestic violence says Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk, but it will fail if it doesn’t follow words with action. WA Labor’s Shadow Community Services, Women’s and Children’s Interests  says more resources are needed if the government is really serious about tackling the problem.

Western Australia currently faced unacceptable levels of family violence but under the current Liberal Government existing services already struggled to cope, McGurk said. Without ensuring there are additional resources for shelters, specialist services and education, the government’s strategy is unlikely to reduce family violence.

WA Labor welcomes the government’s adoption of the Labor’s 2013 election policy, which proposed the use of electronic monitoring of violence restraining order (VRO) respondents.

Simone McGurk’s response comes after an article in today’s West Australian by Helen Morton, the WA Minister for Child Protection. Morton wrote that a staggering 40,000 calls about domestic violence were made in WA last year and that in 65 per cent of the cases children were the victims of domestic violence or witnessed it.

Disturbingly the biggest night of the year for domestic violence in Western Australia is on AFL grand final day according to Minister Morton, so maybe the AFL should invest in an advertising campaign against domestic violence during footy TV telecast.

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Several hundred people turned up this Sunday morning near Stock Road to express their opposition against the proposed Perth Freight Link Roe 8 highway extension, that would severely impact on communities along the route and the Beeliar wetlands. It would also create traffic chaos in North Fremantle and split communities in half with up to nine-metre-high noise protection walls.

Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk, Member for Willagee Peter Tinley, Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett and the opposition spokesman for the environment, together with members of the public, and a very brave and cute young lady, all spoke out against the proposed road development.

Logan Howlett urged the State Government to implement the Latitude 32 option, as proposed by the City of Cockburn Council, so we need to demand that Premier Colin Barnett changes his attitude and consider Latitude!

Communities all along the route should be very concerned, but so should Mosman Park, Claremont, Swanbourne, etc. as the new road will have a huge impact on their lifestyle as well.

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Congratulations to Simone McGurk, the Member for Fremantle and Peter Tinley, Member for Willagee for having been appointed by Labor leader Mark McGowan to the front bench of the shadow ministry of the Western Australian Parliament.

I have great respect for both members who work very hard for their electorate and our state.

Simone McGurk has been in parliament since 2013. She was the secretary of Unions WA before that and also a radio producer and consultant to the Yamatji Land and Sea Council.

Peter Tinley has been in Parliament since 2010 and is a decorated former SAS soldier, who had a distinguished 25 tear military career.

It is pretty impressive for the southern suburbs to have two members in the shadow ministry, so well done Simone and Peter! Drinks are on you! ; >)

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I had a long talk this morning with a very upset Matthew McNeilley, the general manager of Sirona Capital, and after having listened to Matthew I believe he is right that I should correct yesterday’s blog post on the Channel Nine Morning ‘news’ story on future development in Fremantle.

Matthew McNeilley assured me that the Channel Nine story was not initiated by Sirona Capital and that he received a phone call from the TV reporter to ask him for the interview he did. I take his word for that. Also interviewed were the Freo Mayor, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk.

I know parts of the Fremantle community are very concerned about the business plan the City signed with Sirona and many have become very skeptical about the process, but unlike certain groups I am not interested in just Council bashing that almost inevitably also involves Sirona as one of the biggest investors in Freo.

For the record, I am very much in favour of inner city development, change and real progress, because Fremantle cannot continue on the no change path it followed for over ten years. But I ask for restraint, common sense and consistency, and really great architecture, and I ask for transparency because that is what the Freo community wants to see.

The business plan financial details do worry people in our community and this has now created a very negative us and them attitude that some people are using to boost their own political future on council.

I will criticise the COF and anyone if needed, but I also am a strong believer in balance and fairness, and I believe Sirona’s Matthew McNeilley deserves this clarification, which by the way was not written under threat of legal action. Matthew and I had a good conversation and agreed to communicate better in the future.

Question remains why Channel Nine rehashed the old development story that is a year old, but maybe there was just nothing new to report on Tuesday morning.

Now let’s get that Kings Square development going!

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