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Congratulations to Simon Naber, who started the great Moore&Moore cafe in Fremantle’s Henry Street 11 years ago. Well done!!!

Simon developed the lovely cafe into a wedding and function centre and was also the first to build a parklet for alfresco dining in Fremantle. He also created a children’s playground in the back courtyard which is shared with the Paper Bird children’s book shop.

The M&M is very popular with Notre Dame University students, who manage to make a cup of coffee last for hours so that they can use the free wifi in the building.

Great food, great coffee, great service and often great art in the arts centre, and live music several mornings each week.

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The Fremantle Inner City Residents Association-FICRA has joined the Fremantle Society in their criticism of City Ward Councillor Simon Naber.

The Society last month asked Naber to stand down, which he refused to do, and now FICRA in a letter in the Fremantle Herald says that “His attendance record is patchy and his record of effective advocacy totally non-existent.

As a mate of Simon Naber I too am disappointed with his performance at council where he rarely speaks at public meetings and if he does his opinions are shallow and appear not well-informed. For that reason I asked him last year if he would resign before the October election so I could stand for City Ward where sitting member Rachel Pemberton’s seat was contested, but he decided against doing that.

It is quite clear that Simon Naber, who is a really nice man and operates the very popular Moore&Moore cafe, is not passionate about and involved enough in Council business. At the two Notre Dame University community meetings about the proposed new building in High Street Naber was a noticeable absentee, although this is a huge issue for the inner city and the heritage preservation of the West End.

As a friend I suggest Simon should have a real hard look at himself and seriously question whether he is representing the inner city residents and businesses well enough, because most people in City Ward are very disappointment with his lack of commitment, some to the point where they have told me they also boycott Naber’s cafe.

Local government relies on passionate and well-informed community members to step up. If one does not have the time or passion to do that one is not the right person to be a Councillor.

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This style of bike will be used and has repair and first aid kits aboard.

This style of bike will be used and has repair and first aid kits aboard.


The City of Fremantle’s strong support for our city’s bicycle culture has been taken to the next level with Mayor Brad Pettitt announcing today the creation of BIKEMATE, Australia’s first ever bike support group, that is based on the RAC roadside service model. Together with the BUG cyclist group the City will establish a volunteer organisation that will attend to bicycle breakdowns in Freo. It was the idea of bike-mad City Ward Councillor Simon Naber who also created the seacontainer bike parking facility at Paddy Troy Lane.

From the middle of this month when cyclists in the Fremantle area have a flat tyre or other mechanical problems they no longer have to walk home and push their bike. All they need to do from Monday April 11 is call toll-free number 1300 7388488 for one of the volunteers to attend and repair their bike on the spot for just $ 5.00.

The City will sponsor BIKEMATE and pay for the cargo bikes, tools, uniforms, painting of the bikes and the free phone service. The cargo bikes will be ocean blue with the white BIKEMATE logo on either side.

Only a few weeks ago the Freo Mayor tweeted that thanks to the $ 2,2 million investment the City has made in bike infrastructure since 2013, people on bicycles in the port city have increased by 46%.

I believe that BIKEMATE is a really good initiative. I have not heard that this service is offered in any other country in the world, where bicycles are far more prevalent, so well done City of Fremantle for being a leader in bike innovation!

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I believe it is fair to assume that Fremantle Councillor Rachel Pemberton has already started her election campaign to get a second term in her City Ward seat. Pemberton’s dormant blog has been resurrected and she has also organised a Cappuccino Strip Street Club event this Friday in Market Street. It is the event that probably gave her most community exposure four years ago before Council election.

Many Fremantle inner city residents have not been very complimentary about Pemberton in light of her support for the skatepark on the Esplanade and Sunset Events tavern at J Shed, and even less about what they claim is the under-performing other City Ward Councillor Simon Naber who’s still got two years to run.

It will be interesting to see what happens in that ward at the October election, with rumours around that Naber might step down before October. I doubt that will happen though as Naber has been a big supporter of anything proposed by Mayor Brad Pettitt and Councillor Pemberton, so no doubt he will be pressured to stay on.

I believe it would be very good for Fremantle to see some new fresh faces on Council, so time will tell who in our community will put their hand up. It could even be me. ; >)

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scene 1 tree

I am running out of energy after three sleepless nights, so this will be my last blog post for the day. A couple of nice shots of the Sculpture@Bathers exhibition that I am sure you now all know about thanks to my relentless promotion of it.

Watch that fit guy running on the water’s edge. It’s Councillor and Moore&Moore cafe owner Simon Naber.

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Among a long list of agenda items Fremantle Council last night debated the pros and cons of having a Wards system in place for the first election of the new supersize-withoutf fries- City of Fremantle after the amalgamation with the Town of East Fremantle.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan held a passionate speech in support of the Wards and how important they are for real local government democracy and input from the community in Council’s decision-making process.

Councillor Doug Thompson however warned against waiting for Wards to be implemented as that would mean extending the time a Commissioner will be in charge, saying Commissioners could do a lot of harm and might undo what Council has been trying to achieve for years. He cited Canning and Cockburn as examples.

I am a strong supporter of local government as that it where real grassroots democracy can work if Councillors listen to and respect the opinion of the community, but at the same time I wonder if for example the City Ward electors, especially business owners, feel well represented by Councillors Pemberton and Naber.

It was interesting to hear from CEO Graeme McKenzie that State Government has indicated they might prefer to make the Mayors of the amalgamating councils Commissioners with support from a third party. The many strong opponents of Brad Pettitt could well be up in arms if he was given almost free reign for nine months or so.

Interesting times ahead for Freo!

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art 1 art 2

















The bike shelter in the Fremantle Paddy Troy Mall is receiving a facelift with new art by Ian Mutch. The sea container was a fundraising project named PUSH4MOORE of Moore&Moore cafe owner and Fremantle Councillor Simon Naber(seen in the photo with his son Zeke). He collaborated with Sea Containers W.A, the Fremantle Foundation, the Men’s Shed, Marine&Civil, FORM and the City of Fremantle to see the project finalised.

The bicycle shelter is just behind the Metropolis nightclub, and very close to the Fremantle, Markets and Kings Square, so all you bike lovers take advantage of it!

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I am delighted that so many members of the Fremantle community participate in this blog by sending comments and information. I think it is great to see on-line discussions between members of the public and elected members. There is fair and also bias criticism and all that is o.k. as long as it is respectful. Good communication is essential to create a better community, so if this blog assists in achieving that, I am happy. In the previous seven days the blog had 7761 hits and that shows there is real interest in all things Freo.

While much of the debate has been going on about the Mayoral election, we should not forget that 4 people are trying to become CITY WARD councillor and replace Tim Grey-Smith who will not continue. I know, or know off, some of the candidates, so if you want to send me a photo and what you stand for, I am happy to publish it here.

SIMON NABER, the owner of the Moore&Moore cafe, sent me this about himself:

* Revitalization of the City of Fremantle! Getting things happening!

* Encouraging and supporting business in Fremantle

* Guiding the amalgamation process

* Encourages sustainable development

* Respectful of our heritage

* Positive about Fremantle’s future

Simon is the business owner and developer of M&M, the young business entrepreneur of the year 2013, and received a hospitality excellence award.

I have known Simon since he opened M&M. He is a very likable young man who has a real passion for Fremantle. He would be an asset on council, so VOTE FOR SIMON!

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Simon Naber standing for Fremantle City Ward

Simon Naber standing for Fremantle City Ward



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Congratulations to Fremantle Moore&Moore cafe owner Simon Naber and his gorgeous partner Rebecca Kelly who had their first baby. The yet to be named boy was born at 4.50 pm on February 1.

Staying with the cafe theme; the long-awaited opening of CHALKYS Cafe at number 1 High Street in Freo’s West End will happen tomorrow, Monday February 4. The interior looks fantatstic with great murals and beautiful furniture. Go check it out!

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Push for MoOre is trying to raise money to make Fremantle more bike friendly. The event will be held at the Moores Building Art Centre in Henry Street on Saturday July 7 from 5 pm. It has been organised by the Moore&Moore Cafe.

Come along to win some outstanding raffle prices, e.g. a brand new bicycle, a a great coffee machine with a supply of beans for a year, vouchers, etc.etc.

There will be music and performances and live art drawings. It should be a night full of fun and Freo community spirit. Tickets are only $ 15.00 and that includes a free drink!

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Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, artist Ian de Souza, and Moore&Moore Cafe owner Simon Naber lift their bikes to a successful fundraiser

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