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Freo sign


Great new sign at the Fremantle Traffic Bridge next to the former Naval Stores and good to see it acknowledges that this is Whadjuk Noongar country.

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The WA Joint Development Assessment Panel has refused the application for a large video advertising sign at 116 Wray Avenue, corner Hampton Road in Fremantle with a 3-2 vote.

The City of Fremantle had already refused the application because it does not comply with the discretionary height provisions under the planning scheme, does not meet Fremantle’s planning policy for advertising, and the location of the sign is deemed to be a risk to road safety.

I personally am very annoyed about visual pollution and signs all over the place. There are A-signs everywhere in the CBD, and the election campaign signs are making Fremantle look like a cheap car yard.

Motorists get constantly distracted by signage and flashing video screens have no place along busy roads, I believe.

It is a worry though the JDAP vote was so close, so we can only hope that the applicants won’t try to force it through at the State Administrative Tribunal.


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We just love our signs in Western Australia. It will just be a matter of time until the government will demand we put a sign at the exit to our homes that warns that we might get run over by a roadtrain, trip over pavement, get sun burnt, or that a tiger might escape from Perth zoo. Don’t leave home. It’s bloody dangerous out there!

So now we know that there is no lifeguard on duty at the Fishing Boat Harbour, and just in case of diving after one’s fish&chips that was blown into the drink by the Fremantle Doctor, there also have been a buoy installed.

WA is so over-regulated that it baffles overseas tourists and the visual pollution is getting worse by the day.

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One of my true pet hates is visual pollution. There are signs just about everywhere and they look bloody awful.

There are signs making us aware of other signs ahead of us, and signs for retailers in such abundance that no one notices them any more, so they become useless, a bit like high-visibility clothing in mining towns. Everyone wears them, so they are no longer noticed.

There are eleven signs at the Cappuccino Strip to promote businesses in the Piazza for example, all next to each other.

Does this little support to cross the road near the Heirloom apartments really need two signs stating Refuge Island? I don’t think so!

If motorists don’t notice the pedestrian island they should not be allowed to drive a car.

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The bicycle event this sign on the corner of High and Cliff streets refers to was held in Fremantle eight days ago on Sunday so why has nobody bothered to remove it?

It is a recurring nuisance that events organisers or traffic management companies forget to pick up all the signs around the city after events and they are just left there, or stuck on posts, etc.

Maybe the contract event organisers sign with the City of Fremantle should stipulate that all signs need to be removed on the day of the event.

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Local knowledge makes a big difference as I discovered this morning when looking at this new way-finding sign near the public toilets at Arthur Head.

There are steps going down from there to J Shed and Bathers Beach, but it is also a great shortcut for tourists to get to the Maritime Museum. They’ll end up at the submarine when walking through the Challenger TAFE courtyard, so why isn’t there an arrow pointing down to the right for the museum?

It might well be because those in charge of the new signs were not aware of it because of lack of local knowledge.

Opportunity lost, but it’s a small sign so maybe it can be replaced with a new one that also got the Maritime Museum on it?

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The fences around the new Fremantle tourist signs are coming down, so I finally had a chance to have a good look at them.

The $ 600,000 project is no doubt high impact and a huge improvement but a few things bother me. The Aboriginal art work by Peter Farmer on the bottom of the signs is barely recognisable as it is too dark and that is a real shame. The angle I photographed the sign from is the best way of seeing the art just a bit, but from a standing position there is not much to see.

I also fear the lettering might be a bit too small, for older tourists especially, and that is not good service to the cruise ship passengers.

While the signs are easy to spot I wonder if some simple finger signs will be added around town, as that often is the easiest way of discovering a city.

Overall though I believe the signs will significantly improve the Freo experience for our visitors.

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sign 2


I think it is very clear that I am delighted that the City of Fremantle is putting up brand spanking new wayfinding signs throughout the CBD, and they look very good. It is something long overdue and I have been advocating for them for years, but does a project worth around $ 1 million really have to be done by an easter states design company when local businesses are struggling?

The City has a pool of designers who are supposed to get the design jobs that need to be done, but it looks now as if they are only getting the crumbs like festival brochures, etc. and the big prestigious new tourist sign job gets done somewhere over east, no doubt adding additional costs for staff to fly over here. Are they produced over east as well or were local companies used to make the signs?

Even if this specialist design job was considered to be outside the expertise of the City of Fremantle design pool members, there are very many outstanding designers in Perth who could have done the job. Think global, buy local, I think is the slogan, so a local government should look after its local businesses first!

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More and more wayfinding signs are going up in the Fremantle CBD and I think they look pretty good and impressive. What do you think?

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way finding


The first of the brand spanking new way finding signs is up in Fremantle near Little Creatures and many more are to follow all over the CBD next week, if the weather is kind.

The first look I had through the fence was of a very large and impressive sign, but will need to se more of them and in more detail to have an opinion on them.

The one thing I like a lot is that there is Wadjuk Nyoongar language on the sign, so that is proper recognition of our indigenous people.

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