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Imagine Arthur Head


We all have them, those Eureka moments in life, when one wakes up and one has found the solution for a major problem, as I did this morning knowing I had found the perfect activation concept for Fremantle’s historic West End and Arthur Head.

Not even Jay Dee the Pres. of Ef Es could have anything against something that is older than heritage, and it is something most port cities of the world have.

My award-winning placemaking brilliance will see Arthur Head transformed into a red light district, mirrored on the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg and the Walletjes in Amsterdam. It will guarantee 24/7 activation of the dormant West End and substantially add to Fremantle’s port city reputation.

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world, so very heritage, and a port city without a red light district is like a ship without the ocean.

The area has been struggling since all the pubs in High Street were closed and Fremantle Council decided to make the heritage precinct into an arts precinct, and when our elected members thought that a 1,500 patron live outdoor music venue and 800 patron booze barn was exactly what they wanted when they asked in the Expressions of Interest for an art related cafe. They kinda got the wording of the EOI wrong, one has to assume. But no worries, Loopy comes to the rescue!

Imagine the cottages alongs Captain’s and Mrs Trivett lanes, and the Roundhouse all lit up in red at night, and girls offering their beauty behind the windows. Imagine what a fantastic and popular tourist attraction it would be!

I fondly remember the days when my mum insisted dad should take me with him when he delivered cigarettes to the aunties of the redlight district in the Hague. Especially during the Christmas period it was a sight to behold when the aunties lit up their bodies with flashing Christmas lights that wound around their substantial and well-exposed boobs, and to my bewilderment also in a V-shape between their equally well-exposed thighs. It took me many years of growing up to found out what was so special about that V-spot.

I also propose a Swingers Swap Market in the Roundhouse on Friday nights, where couples can exchange partners, or hook up for foursomes, and Sexpos in the old goal once a month there.

If the posts of the Curfew Bell were changed from square ones to round we could also have pole-dancing nights in the historic setting.

Instead of the proposed tavern train wreck at J Shed Sun Sex Erects could transform the Number One unit into a live sex venue with peep shows, striptease and simulated sex acts on stage, and a bar that sells cheap ‘champagne’ for exorbitant prices.

The rhythmic sound of many one hands clapping would go well with the industrial sounds of grinders and power tools coming from the Greg James sculpture studio next door.

I truly believe that this is an award-winning idea and that I have just written the perfect job application to replace the City of Fremantle’s director of economic development and marketing. Sorry Tom!

Someone more famous than I ever will be once said “Let there be Light!” so I’ll steal it from him and say Let there be Redlight Freo!

Roel Loopers


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It is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY today, so here a small tribute to all women around the world, especially those who still have to fight for basic rights and equality. It is also a tribute to my very strong mother Annie and my equally strong sisters Marja, Bep and Anita.

I was amazed to learn last night on Q&A on ABC TV that women and girls in Australia still earn substantially less than men, even at executive levels where men on average receive $ 100,000 a year more than women in similar positions. It was also a surprised to learn that often girls receive less pocket money from their parents than their brothers do.

It’s time to let go off gender discrimination as it is ridiculous. Women rock!


Roel Loopers



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There is an interesting article on Photoshop manipulation in regard to eating disorders of women, by Fremantle Notre Dame University School of Law lecturer Marilyn Krawitz in In Principo, the University’s magazine.

Ms Krawitz reports on the Photoshop Law in Israel that requires female models to have a minimum BMI of 18.5, and when photographers or magazines manipulate photos to make models look thinner, they have to include a warning that covers at least seven percent of the photo.

I quite agree that excessive photo manipulation needs to be recorded  somehow, as many photos are drastically changed in PS and other software, and that alters the reality of photos that will be seen as historic documentation by future generations.  The Photoshop ‘reality’ is in fact fake reality because things that were in the original photos might have been taken out, or things could have been added.

There is another issue for me. While eating disorder in young women is serious, the manipulation of innocent children under 15 in fashion photography is equally disturbing to me. Girls are made up and dressed up to look sexy,and are photographed in seductive poses and plastered on magazine covers as some kind of sex bombs, and that is absolutely unacceptable.

Every photo we take is the recording of our history and we need to be aware of that at all times. The overuse of Photoshop and other similar software often is a tool to hide bad and mediocre photography.

Roel Loopers



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It is very good news that the renovations of the heritage listed Married Quarters cottages at Fremantle Cantonment Hill will start in August. The Department of Defence had announced work would start in early 2015, so having it start earlier is great for the badly neglected and long vacant cottages, which are an eyesore at the entry to Fremantle. Once the renovations are done, defence personnel will move in.

The Fremantle Society and MP Melissa Parke were very active in urging Defence to make a decision on the cottages, so it is fantastic to see the result of that now.

To stay with Cantonment Hill, I am not sure where the City is at with the development of the area. Workshops were done and plans drafted by CODA architects, but not much has happened since, but for the City of Fremantle asking for Expressions of Interest to start a café at the old Signal Station, and that is very premature in my opinion.

Cafes need a lot of patrons to successfully run a business and without the necessary landscaping and other infrastructure, a café up there won’t survive long. I know little about the sex life of public servants, but to want a café now before anything else is done, is like having and orgasm in anticipation of the sex one will have in three years from now.

Having said that, I believe Cantonment Hill has great potential for weddings and functions, so any café there should cater for that.

Roel Loopers



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There is a good small photo exhibition at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach, Fremantle, by Afghan photographer Barat Ali Batoor.

The show is titled The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan and is about the disgusting old-age practise of older men preying on young boys in that country.

Batoor won the 2013 Walkley Photo Award and was also a finalist in the photo essay category of the journalism award.

Roel Loopers



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Love has nothing at all to do with gender but only with two people wanting to commit themselves to each other, so why do we let religion dictate what society wants. What difference does it make to let people of the same sex marry if they desire to do so. Who are we to judge and reject them this ultimate commitment. Will marriages of gay and lesbian people do society any harm? Of course not! Marriage equality should be a very Australian way of life and tolerance, so all you Fremantle people who support marriage equality, hop on the train to Perth on May 11..

Roel Loopers




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It’s INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY today, so have a great and happy day all you gorgeous, lovely women. This Fremantle blogger in Western Australia adores you all!

Roel Loopers



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Rumours that Fremantle Society president Roel Loopers could have the image of a highrise on his new Profile Photography business card seem to be unfounded. The proof we stole from Worldwide printing overnight shows a rose, not a building, as the photo below proves.

One has to question Loopers’ reasons for having a feminine business card, and we did ask Fremantle people who know the wandering shooter what the thinking behind this confused message of sexuality might be.

People who like ‘Loopy’ said he has a split personality and that he had got married to himself in a same sex relationship, while those who don’t like the Fremantle photographer claim he has such a big ego that it had to be surgically split into two, hence his confused business card message.

Freo’s View endeavours to find out what the other side of the card looks like. Will it be macho? Stay tuned!

In the meantime check out the PROFILE PHOTOGRAPHY website!



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I am not a big fan of publishing media releases on this blog, although I have made an exception for a few from the City of Fremantle, but this one from Adele Carles is pretty important and needs community support, I believe.

Roel Loopers

Fremantle Independent MP Adele Carles has called on MPs to stop playing politics over the issue of prostitution reform and back her call for a much-needed shelter for women who wish to exit the prostitution industry in WA.

Ms Carles says it appears likely the Prostitution Bill will pass and so she is seeking to amend the legislation to achieve something for women wanting to exit the industry.

“This is an industry that makes money out of the sale of women’s bodies for men’s sexual gratification and often involves violence and long term physical, psychological and emotional harm to women,” Ms Carles said.

Ms Carles’ 3 amendments recognise the harm to women caused by prostitution.  Specifically, her 3 amendments seek to;

(1)  Remove the criminal focus from the women in prostitution.
The amendment removes the imprisonment penalty from clause 10 and replaces it with a fine.  This moves the Bill towards the Swedish model, which places the criminal focus on the buyer and removes it from the seller.

(2)  Ensure brothel owners do not employ under-age girls
This amendment increases the penalty in clause 41(2) from 5 years to 14 years imprisonment for a brothel owner who employs a child.

(3)  Establishment of a women’s shelter and services – Part 10 –Prostitution Account
Ms Carles is seeking genuine exit funding in this legislation, with a commitment of at least $5million for a women’s shelter with running costs of $400,000 per annum to employ support staff, to support women in prostitution exit the industry.  To exit prostitution, women need access to various services, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, psychological counselling, medical treatment, education and re-training.

“These amendments are focused on supporting women who want to exit the industry and they move some way towards the Swedish model,” Ms Carles said.

“There is an opportunity here to help women move out of the sex work industry through a properly funded shelter with support services,” she said.

“I have met with Mission Australia, who already provide outreach services for youth and homeless people in Australia, about a business model that could be developed for this shelter in Perth.”

“I call on all MPs, particularly those who are yet undecided (Janet Woollard, Peter Abetz and Graeme Jacobs) to support my amendments to provide a chance for women to extricate themselves from this harmful environment,” the Fremantle Independent said.


Adele Carles travelled to Scandinavia this year to speak with policy makers and social workers about the Swedish model, implemented in 1999, which criminalised the buyer rather than the seller of sex.  The law was premised on the notion of gender equality and targets men, as the consumers, recognising that prostitution is violence against women.   The Swedish model has been successful in halving street prostitution, reducing trafficking and changing attitudes towards women.  Its success has led to its adoption in neighbouring European countries.

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