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It is too simplistic to engage in political point scoring, as a Labor party official did on TV last night, and question why the Greens could not even get the citizenship check of Senator Scott Ludlam right.

Yes, Ludlam should have checked and so should his party, but I wonder why there are no checks and balances in place at our Federal parliament to make sure even honest mistakes like this one can’t happen.

Q: Are you an Australian citizen?

Q: Are you also a citizen of another country than Australia?

Ludlam did the right thing by resigning immediately once his dual citizenship was confirmed, but surely this should not have happened and the bureaucrats in Canberra need to do better at checking the eligibility of future parliamentarians.

I believe it would be unfair to Ludlam to demand he pays back the salary he received as Senator. He did turn up for work and was very active and made a good contribution to Australia, so why would the community he served well want to force him into financial disaster.


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Here a few artist’s impressions of what the new buildings at Fremantle’s Kings Square might look like. From my experience one never knows because these creative drawings are often not very precise.

I don’t know how much longer I have to ask Fremantle Council to enforce that 3D images will be supplied with planning applications of significant buildings, especially in the CBD, so that we all know what we are getting, instead of the constant guess work of what buildings might look like.

Also congratulations to Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt who received a Honorary Fellowship from the Planning Institute of Australia together with Senator Scott Ludlam and former WA Planning Minister John day.

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The Fremantle GREENS party invited the true believers to the beautiful Victoria Hall on Monday night where Senators Rachel Siewert and Scott Ludlam did the presentation after a nervous introduction by Kate Davis, who is the candidate for the Federal seat of Fremantle.

The smell of fresh Eucalypt leaves and the sound of frogs and crickets welcomed the guests. How very Green.

It wasn’t the usual fat headline shouting political event, but a rather subdued, cool, professional and academic presentation of the GREENS ideas and policies for our future.

We heard about the significant increase of container movement at Fremantle Port from just 53,944 in 1971 to an estimated 700,000 in 2015 and were introduced to the “Budget Principles” such as Diversity the Green Economy, Raise the Revenue We Need, A Lifetime of Learning, Budget Should Reduce Inequality, Right to Social Security, Designing the Future, Clean Energy by 2030, Transit City, Building Urban Forrest, etc.

The speakers said they wanted meaningful conversations with the people during this election and that the GREENS‘ vision is bold, courageous and possible, but for me they did not get that message across.

Scott Ludlam did most of the talking but he did it without his usual passion and was rather subdued. The presentation was so understated that it became underwhelming and uninspiring, and I left undecided and not sure what I would write about.

The GREENS invited all their followers to bring at least four friends to the major event Perth-Wadjuk Country at His Majesty’s on June 2 at 6.30 pm and I suggest they’ll make it less academic and more passionate so people will leave inspired and full of hope.

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It was a packed house at the Fremantle Townhall, that overflowed onto Kings Square, on Tuesday evening for the RETHINK PERTH FREIGHT LINK forum with Federal politicians Allannah MacTiernan and Scott Ludlam and the Mayors of Fremantle, Cockburn, East Fremantle and Melville. The Maritime Union of Australia was represented as was the Residents and Ratepayers Association of Cottesloe.

North Freo comedian and author Ben Elton was the MC and started the night with a powerful speech telling the audience that we might need advise from Bronwyn Bishop on how to cart dead weight around. Container freight by helicopter? He also stressed this was a community issue and not a political one.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the State had assured him the old railway bridge would be replaced in the future but all indications were the Barnett government wanted to duplicate the Stirling traffic bridge to accommodate more trucks to the port. It would cost at least $ 500 million to do that and would have a huge impact on East Fremantle. He said that 92% of vehicles using the proposed freight link would be private cars, not trucks.

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the future is in our hands and there is a better way than the PFL. Don’t trash our heritage, culture and nature for a road to nowhere.

Alannah MacTiernan told the crowd that the PFL proposal came out of the blue as there had been no State Government plans for it and it was not in the budget either. It was pushed by the Federal Government that only wants to support and fund roads. She said plans for an outer harbour had been advanced and going on since 1996 by both the Liberal and Labor governments when in power. This is truly a disgrace! Her request for documentation had been rejected because the release of the documents would cause damage between the State and Federal governments. It is such a flawed process, she said.

Senator Scott Ludlam sprouted optimism saying he believed the forum was the critical mass moment as had happened with the Ningaloo Reef and James Price Point protests that were won by the community. He said this movement could achieve the same as the city of Portland in the USA where the community rejected more freeways and the government listened and built lightrail.

Ludlam made one very important observation we should all think about “What is all this stuff in those containers? It is stuff we might not actually need!” He is right that excessive consumerism is a huge part of the problem.

He said that the Melville people were being sold-out as those along Leach Highway believed the PFL is a solution, while it would create more trucks through Melville. “It is a bullshit waste of taxpayers’ money!”

Senator Ludlam suggested to set up funds to take legal action and slow the process down in the courts and got 50 people to hand over $ 100 each to start it off.

The Mayor of Melville who supports the PFL was brave to attend and said he was talking about people’s life and that the current road network was never designed to cope with the volume of traffic it had now.

Lawyer John Hammond, who is President of the Cottesloe Residents and Ratepayers Association, told the appreciative crowd that “In Cottesloe we are getting pissed off! We don’t want it!”

It was a good forum that could have been better with shorter speeches and a longer Q&A period, but it was positive that it was not a political Barnett government bashing but real concerns about lifestyle, communities, nature and the preservation of culture.

There are other options and the State and Federal governments should explore those before they make the huge mistake of building the Perth Freight Link to Fremantle Port that only has a limited time left until it reaches capacity. A new outer harbour port near Kwinana is essential but even that needs to be handled sensitively so that it has minimal impact on the communities and nature there.

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