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Installation of the artworks for the Sculpture@Bathers show on Fremantle’s Bathers Beach started this morning.

Eighty Western Australian sculptors will showcase their art from Saturday for two weeks all around the beach, on the boardwalk and inside Kidogo Arthouse.

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My brand new and delightful friend Sian made me aware this morning that the Shimmer artwork by Freo artist Susan Flavell had been installed outside the Esplanade Hotel, so here a photo.

The work was first shown at the 2015 Sculpture @Bathers show and was sold to a mining millionaire who sent it to Queensland where two bronze casts were made of the orginal work.

Now one of these bronzes is traveling around the Perth metro area to promote the S&B 2017 show which starts next Friday at Bathers Beach.

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Exciting news from the great Fremantle SCULPTURE@BATHERS art exhibition! The show will be held for the third time next year from February 25 till March 12, 2017 at Bathers Beach. 85 of the very best and renowned Western Australian 3D artists have already confirmed their participation in this brilliant show case of WA art.

But there is a whole new aspect to the show with the international World Match Racing Championships being held off Bathers Beach during the second week of S@B! This will give the Western Australian artists international live coverage all over the planet. Last year’s WSC was seen in over 100 countries, so that will be great exposure for the exhibition.

One of Perth’s best designers will design a new logo for Sculpture@Bathers and one of the participating artists is working on a design for T-shirts. Make sure to be early and buy one of these collectors’ items when they are on sale early next year!




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The biannual SCULPTURE@BATHERS  art show will be on again in early 2017 and the new committee is working very hard to get sponsorship and has been contacting artists to participate. The City of Fremantle has already committed to $ 40,000 of funding and there is a list of over 70 artists who have agreed to create some stunning artworks for the beach exhibition at Bathers Beach in early March 2017.

Artists such as Trevor Richards, Theo Koning, Susan Flavell, Stuart Elliott, Simon Gilby, Russell Sheridan, Richie Kuhaupt, Ric Vermey, Peter Dailey, Olga Cironis, Patrizia Tonello, Merrick Belyea, Lorenna Grant, Kevin Draper, Tony Jones, Jon Tarry, Janis Nedela, Hans Arkeveld, Harry Hummerston, Claire Bayley, Anne Neil, and many more are already on our list and there are many more.

S@B 2017 will be bigger and better and we hope to organise more evening events.

Sculpture @ Bathers is a showcase for Western Australian artists only and that differentiates it from the big brother at Cottesloe Beach where international artists are also showing, so these two shows go very well hand in hand and are a huge promotion of outstanding sculpture and installation.

I’ll keep you up to date as we progress and if your company would like to sponsor this great event please do contact me!

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What’s on this Sunday-tomorrow-at Fremantle?

Start with my favourite market the Growers Green between 8-midday and don’t forget to try the Dutch ‘flavourites’ at Treacle Treat. I’ll be there early for some beef croquettes as I have a 10 am meeting about Sculpture@Bathers.

For those who don’t want to go listen to the great Rudolf Koelman and the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra at the Townhall at 3 pm, the free Fremantle Arts Centre courtyard music by Katie J White might be the go at 2 pm. Her powerful and raw vocals lift rock and roots funk and soul to a different level.

But why have an early night when the Maritime Museum offers another great free music event on the balcony overlooking the port from 5-9pm. Great sunset there last week! Grace Barbe will entertain you with her Afro Kreol music and AJ Wigwams and DL Lady Carla will make sure you won’t get bored.

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art at BB

Fremantle’s Bathers Beach has a new artwork by Tony Jones. It has been placed straight in front of the new(ish) Bathers Beach House and looks stunning.

The area is attracting more people and it needs public toilets, so that should be next on the agenda.

While I love art and strongly support the local art industry I hope the BID group will invest in something practical and help the placement of shade structures there now that the market has been moved to South Beach.

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Jina Lee

Fremantle J Shed artist Jina Lee has just finished several stunning sculptures for Sculptures at the Sea in Sydney. The Korean born artist who works out of the Greg James studio at Bathers Beach was polishing the work this morning before they are going to be transported tomorrow.

Jina’s work is much appreciated. She sold all her sculptures at the Cottesloe Sculptures at the Sea this year and also the one she showed at Sculpture@Bathers in Fremantle.

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Sculptors Nic Compton, Tracks Taylor and Tom de Munk-Kerkmeer all participated in this year’s Fremantle SCULPTURE@BATHERS and now have a group show at Gallows Gallery, 53 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, opening tomorrow, September 3 at 6.30 pm.

Their exhibition Matter Matters will run at the Gallows untill September 20, so hop on the train to Mossie Park and have a look.

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CORRECTION! My apologies to the Gallows crew for writing Gadfly in the original post. I was in such a hurry to do them a favour and publish the post that I made the silly mistake.


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art art arthur

This new artwork was installed at Fremantle’s Arthur Head on the grass next to the historic Roundhouse today. The work was bought from Sculpture@Bathers earlier this year and will be lit up at night.

From memory the artwork was inspired by the ANZAC ships that departed from Fremantle, but I do not have the name of the artist or the title of the work unfortunately.

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Here information I received from curator Liz Cartell about the artwork Ships of Stories-ANZACS by Tony Pankiw and Sue Codee:

On the side of the ship are cut out images relating to the Anzacs and where they have come from within the Western Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Australia. Our research of historical data has uncovered the enormous cargo that the Anzac fleets carried. One archival photograph of an Anzac in Egypt shows him hand feeding a kangaroo. Hence the depictions on the ‘Ship of Stories’ include kangaroos and kiwis, representing the Australian and New Zealand contingents.


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FB Simon Gilby



The gorgeous Simon Gilby sculpture made out of salt for the Sculpture@Bathers exhibition in March has slowly been eroded by waves, wind and rain, and this morning looked rather forlorn in the wild Indian Ocean at Bathers Beach.

I love art that changes because of nature and the environment. Simon Gilby’s work was one of my favourites at the Fremantle sculpture exhibition that showed we have an abundance of amazing creative talent in Western Australia.

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