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The eclectic and cluttered upstairs gallery at sculptor Greg James’ studio in J Shed at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach is always worth a visit, but even more so now with the Peaceful Moments exhibitions.

There are only five large photos by Amerigo Carello and they alone should be seen by anyone interested in outstanding landscape photography. The three landscapes where the rising sun creates dappled light in the undulated scenery are exquisitely painterly. They are sublime and should be bought for a corporate collection or boardroom! There are also two images of Fremantle. One of the Maritime Museum just before sunrise and a night shot of historic High Street.

There are also very creative collages by Ivan Zuvela, sweet beach landscape paintings by David Moran and of course a variety of smaller sculptures from the Greg James stable by him Lesley Barrett and others.

J Shed is an enigma. It frustrates Fremantle Council because in its desperation of activating the area it appears to overlook the significance of it as a venue where great art has been created for more than twenty years.

On Saturday Arthur’s Head looked like an ant hill with hundreds and hundreds of people, including passengers from the Sea Princess, climbing the stairs to the Roundhouse. The West End of Freo was buzzing.

The Bathers Beach Art Precinct is on the radar of our Councillors and City officers and it is likely it will be an agenda item for the Ordinary Council meeting in April. Will they come up with new creative solutions, such as a sculpture park on the A Class Reserve at J Shed, or change tune totally and abandon the arts precinct idea? It is anyone’s guess at present.

Go and have a look at the J Shed show. You won’t regret it!

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Artist Andrew Truscott will hold an exhibition of his woodwork at the Stable Hands cafe in Bannister Street, Fremantle from Saturday December 9 to 17.

WHISPERING WOOD is an exhibition of hand crafted West Australian Jarrah and  hard wood sculptures.

Truscott worked for five years on this show that will be a rare display of hardwood sculpture.

Hard woods are generally not used for sculpting as they are extremely difficult to work with and countless hours of hand sanding goes into ever piece of art.

Andrew is a self taught sculptor and his skillfull talent has developed over time to create these beautiful unique one off pieces, which all started from gnarly old burnt out bush wood.


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I rarely post photos of exhibition openings but will make an exception for the Stone Dreaming show by Jina Lee at the Greg James Sculpture Gallery in J Shed at Bathers Beach because this is a very special location and Jina is a very special person and outstanding artist.

Last night showed what a perfect space this is for art exhibitions and other art related events and that a small cafe on the side could well attract a lot of people.

Let’s hope the City of Fremantle and Sunset Events see the light and realise this is not an appropriate location for a tavern and outdoor music venue, as the WAPC has already ruled.

An art related community space is perfect and Greg James announced he has just secured an exhibition in November with the women who won this year’s Australian Photography Portrait Prize.

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If you love outstanding art don’t miss the opening today-Saturday-of Jina Lee’s DREAMING STONE exhibition of superb stone sculptures at J Shed at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach at 5 pm.

Jina’s artwork is so beautiful that I always want to hug them, so give yourselves a treat today and an early Christmas present and buy one of her delightful works.

The show is on at the Fleet Street Greg James Sculpture Gallery till November 12.

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rainbow painting


I appreciate that artists are creative individuals but why they need to put up their easels under the new Fremantle Rainbow sculpture when painting portraits is something I don’t understand.

It’s not exactly ‘en plein air’ painting as it does not reference the street and landscape and has nothing to do with the Rainbow sculpture.

Parking a car there is also pretty inconsiderate as it spoils photos anyone might like to take of the colourful sculpture.

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The 25 under 25 Art Award is on show at the Fremantle Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in Henry Street, so go and have a look at some young non-pretentious art.

There is $ 2,000 worth of prize money up for grabs and a four week artist residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre. The winners will be announced this evening from 6.30 pm.

There is a very well done 3D piece Toilets by Elizabeth Bills, a realist painting of the New Edition bookshop by Megan Bouwer, while Lizzy Joyce takes the piss out of Coles with her Down Down Bilbys are Down 3D work of a bilby pushing a shopping trolley.

Open/Closed of grass growing out of bed sheets by Sophie Nixon is very tranquil, while cricketer Adam Gilchrist was painted in a huge colourful acrylic by Jaidip Singh.

And there is a very impressive oil painting on a metal lid by Lara Sawyer.

It is important to show support for young, fresh emerging artists, so go and say hello tonight!

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Exciting news from the great Fremantle SCULPTURE@BATHERS art exhibition! The show will be held for the third time next year from February 25 till March 12, 2017 at Bathers Beach. 85 of the very best and renowned Western Australian 3D artists have already confirmed their participation in this brilliant show case of WA art.

But there is a whole new aspect to the show with the international World Match Racing Championships being held off Bathers Beach during the second week of S@B! This will give the Western Australian artists international live coverage all over the planet. Last year’s WSC was seen in over 100 countries, so that will be great exposure for the exhibition.

One of Perth’s best designers will design a new logo for Sculpture@Bathers and one of the participating artists is working on a design for T-shirts. Make sure to be early and buy one of these collectors’ items when they are on sale early next year!




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The biannual SCULPTURE@BATHERS  art show will be on again in early 2017 and the new committee is working very hard to get sponsorship and has been contacting artists to participate. The City of Fremantle has already committed to $ 40,000 of funding and there is a list of over 70 artists who have agreed to create some stunning artworks for the beach exhibition at Bathers Beach in early March 2017.

Artists such as Trevor Richards, Theo Koning, Susan Flavell, Stuart Elliott, Simon Gilby, Russell Sheridan, Richie Kuhaupt, Ric Vermey, Peter Dailey, Olga Cironis, Patrizia Tonello, Merrick Belyea, Lorenna Grant, Kevin Draper, Tony Jones, Jon Tarry, Janis Nedela, Hans Arkeveld, Harry Hummerston, Claire Bayley, Anne Neil, and many more are already on our list and there are many more.

S@B 2017 will be bigger and better and we hope to organise more evening events.

Sculpture @ Bathers is a showcase for Western Australian artists only and that differentiates it from the big brother at Cottesloe Beach where international artists are also showing, so these two shows go very well hand in hand and are a huge promotion of outstanding sculpture and installation.

I’ll keep you up to date as we progress and if your company would like to sponsor this great event please do contact me!

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Even the fisherman sculptures by Greg James in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour are celebrating International Women’s Day. They put skirts on.




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J Shed


While this Friday the first big 1,000 patrons Missy Higgins concert was held at J Shed, it is time for the City of Fremantle to revisit the concept of the Bathers Beach Art Precinct as it is inadequately managed by the Community Development Department and is a disaster in waiting.

Sunset Events has so far not helped to revitalise the area and the number 1 studio at J Shed is a junk yard for most of the week. The Sunday BBQ sessions lack atmosphere and there are no food vans, as was promised, but just a single food operator. It has not attracted many people at all because of that.

The promised art theme for the project also has not eventuated, so who at the COF is responsible for checking that operators actually implement what they promise to do after they sign a contract with the City?

What we now have is a vacant shed for 5-6 days a week, pretty bland and uninspiring Sunday afternoon sessions, and the occasional Friday night concert. That is not enough to help activate that part of Fremantle.

Getting new tenants for the number 4 studio has become a farce with the preferred tenants only being offered a 1+1 year license by the City of Fremantle. That is ridiculous and shows the Department does not know much about running a business. A new small business needs a long time to establish and will unlikely make a profit in the first two years, so why would the artists put their hard-earned money into a business when the licence is just two years? And why discriminate against them when other tenants at the BBAP have 3+3 year licenses with the City?

BBAP does not work because of inconsistent decisions and it has done little to activate the area. Imagine the Roundhouse volunteers being told they had to activate a tiny room in their offices while they are the only ones actually activating Arthur Head with over 110,000 visitors a year, but it is o.k. for an artist just metres away to only open her studio to the public for a few hours on Sunday afternoon.

The Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre has also done little to attract larger crowds and does not even offer an indigenous music/dance experience for the thousands of cruise ship passengers. Instead they now share the centre with an Aborginal health service that is unlikely to attract large numbers to the cottage. When I suggested to a City manager last year to do music/dance events he told me the artists had to be paid without COF knowing how many people would attend. Welcome to the real world of running a business where one has to take financial risks to grow!

To top it all off Sunset Events has appropriated the J Shed name for its own events business without considering that J Shed was already a well-established arts venue with artists such as Greg James and Jenny Dawson operating from it for twenty years. That’s pretty inconsiderate.

Last but not least I would like to know if the organisers were allowed by Fremantle Ports to fence off part of Fleet Street for the food vans and portaloos last night, and if City of Fremantle Councillors and staff received free tickets for the Missy Higgings concert.

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