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Greening Samson

Come down to Sir Frederick Samson Park (near the playground) for free hands-on activities such as revegetation planting in Samson Park bushland (volunteers welcome please register at 9am) on Saturday May 12.

Buster the Fun Bus and children’s activities.
– Expert advice on greening your property and information on the Greening Samson Project
– Free native plant giveaways to get you started (City of Fremantle residents – please bring proof of ID)
– Samson Primary P&C cake stall and fundraising
– News on the Samson playground renewal
– Bring your household batteries, car batteries, fluorescent lights, mobiles phones and ink cartridges for the City’s Resource Recovery Team to take away.
– ‘Let’s Talk Rubbish!’ – helpful info on the City’s new recycling centre, FOGO and the State Government plastic bag ban



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Recent media reports on the decline of tree canopy in the Perth metropolitan area are a real worry, so it is good that Fremantle is setting out on an increase of our urban forest.

The City of Fremantle is giving Samson residents the chance to choose the type of tree they would like planted on their verge.

The recently adopted Urban Forest Plan sets a target of increasing the number of trees in Fremantle from 13,000 to 23,000 by 2027, while the City’s 2017/18 budget provided additional funding to increase the number of trees planted this year from 500 to 900.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the Greening Samson project was a high priority for the City’s tree planting program and that mapping had identified that Samson has some of the lowest canopy coverage in Fremantle.

The Mayor said that contributes to the urban heat island effect, which means that on average Samson is two degrees hotter than nearby suburbs, and one way to combat this effect is to provide more shade through increased canopy cover.

Samson residents will soon be receiving a letter advising them of the type of tree the City of Fremantle considers to be most suitable for their verge, but also giving the option of a different species.

The City will plant, water and maintain the tree at no cost to residents.

People wishing to choose the alternative species, or opt out of the program entirely, can do so by calling 9432 9999 or completing the online form.

All requests must be received by 21 February, with planting to begin this winter.

For more information on Greening Samson visit the Greening Samson page on the My Say Freo webs



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Fremantle Councillor Sam Wainwright is not happy with the scare campaign his election opponent Catherine Hammond is engaging in.

The Hilton Ward Councillor reported to Fremantle Council yesterday that Hammond had claimed in a flyer she has distributed that Council wants to sell off Frederick Samson Park and the Samson Recreation Centre for development.

Wainwright, who also reported the beat-up, authorised by Fremantle Society president John Dowson, to the Electoral Commission, stated there has never been a suggestion at Fremantle Council to sell of Frederick Samson Park and that it is crown land anyway vested in the City.

Wainwright conceded that the ten-year budget has a suggestion of selling off a part of the land the recreation centre is built on, but that this is unlikely to happen any time soon, and would require State approval as the land title use is for recreational only.


Roel Loopers

Vote Roel for City Ward!


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Jeff McDonald

Jeff McDonald is the first Fremantle candidate to nominate for the October Local Government election for the Hilton/Samson Ward.

Jeff is the Manager Medical Workforce at Fremantle Hospital so the ideal person to put a bandaid around the pain Freo Council sometimes causes in the community.

I have no idea if Jeff is aligned to any of the political parties or if he is a true independent, but we’ll find out more about him in the next three months.

Good on you Jeff for stepping up and caring enough about our community to try to take on such a responsibility!

Roel Loopers


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If all goes ahead as planned with the council mergers, tomorrow might be the last time Samson is part of the Fremantle Festival, so make it an historic trip to Samson Park at McCombe Avenue for the CHILDREN’S FIESTA from 10-3 and the JAZZ IN THE PARK from  5-7 pm. Songwriter and singer Shameem, who is Australian born but has a Chinese-Malaysian mother and Iranian father, will sing tell her heartfelt stories in a fusion of R&B, soul and jazz.

Notre Dame University has an afternoon of CLASSICAL ENCOUNTERS in courtyards and uni buildings from noon to 6 pm, so don’t stay home on Sunday!

Roel Loopers



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Simone McGurk, Labor candidate for the seat of Fremantle at the March 2013 state election has gone the modern way by setting up pop-up or mobile offices around Freo to meet locals and find out what it is they want. It’s probably a better and more efficient way to connect with the community than door knocking.

Peter Tinley, Member for Willagee is also promoting his “mobile office” in newspaper advertisment.

Roel Loopers

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