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Posted in aboriginal, city of fremantle, royalty by freoview on February 26, 2016

What! A royal walkway in Fremantle to celebrate that Queen Elizabeth II occupied the throne for 63 years? A walkway at Arthur Head that only a few years ago became the Manjarree Trail to inform people about the Aboriginal history of the area.

Have people conveniently forgotten that British settlement of Western Australia did not happen at the invitation of the Wadjuk Nyoongar people but was forced upon them? Shall we ignore the atrocities at the Quod indigenous prison on Rottnest Island, the massacres and the Stolen Generations and the abuse handed out to Aboriginal children?

And why would we want to celebrate a selfish monarch not willing to step down and make way for her son Charles, who is now almost getting too old to become king,  because mummy does not care about his royal career.

Australia is well on its way to become a republic in the foreseeable future and we don’t need a path to celebrate the archaic institution of royalty.

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Posted in fremantle, western australia by freoview on August 25, 2014

Former Fremantle Ports CEO Kerry Sanderson has been appointed the new Governor of Western Australia by Premier Colin Barnett on behalf of the Queen of England. She was the CEO of the Ports for 17 years and the Agent General in London after that.

Now bring on the republic so we can get rid of the monarchy in Australia, and these archaic institutions, that cost taxpayers a huge amount of money.

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Posted in Uncategorized by freoview on April 28, 2011

I think it is rather disturbing that the Royal Family has put pressure on the Australian ABC and UK media outlets to prevent THE CHASERS from doing a TV broadcast of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Why are they afraid of a bit of satire, when they have got Prince Philip as an in-house comic?

It’s quite amazing though that they can sensor our national broadcaster and tell them what they can do. It is totally unacceptable, and the ABC and the Australian government should have told Clarence House to get lost. Does Prince William, who might well be the future King of Australia, approve off it?

Yet another reason to go out for a drink tomorrow. What a waste of money watching some spoiled rich kids saying I do. Bring on the republic!!

Roel Loopers

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