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Posted in art, city of fremantle, fremantle by freoview on January 23, 2016

Don’t forget it is Open Day all weekend at the Fremantle BATHERS BEACH ART PRECINCT at historic Arthur Head.

The art studios will be open and there will be entertainment and live music at J Shed and special midday events at the Roundhouse.

Come along and support our local artists!

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Posted in events by freoview on November 25, 2015

The Western Australian Planning Commission yesterday approved the application for a temporary two-year licence by Sunset Events to hold 12 concerts a year for up to 1.000 people and other smaller events for up to 400 people, despite strong opposition from the Fremantle community and heritage groups like the Fremantle Society, Fremantle History Society and the Round House Volunteer Heritage Guides.

Mayor Brad Pettitt is quoted in the media that this reinforces Fremantle as an arts hub, but to me it is yet another example of Fremantle Council’s inconsistent decision-making and policy implementation, and that our Elected Members don’t give a rat’s arse about community opinion because they claim to have a secret line of communication with the so-called silent majority in our city.

Sunset Events is put on notice that the community will closely monitor what will happen at historic Arthur Head and Bathers Beach and that their responsible service of alcohol will be scrutinised to the extreme. Any form of anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

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Posted in fremantle, perth freight link by freoview on November 2, 2015


Federal Minister Jamie Briggs believes the Perth Freight Link should go ahead in full, but WA Premier Colin Barnett only wants to do Roe 8 and wait with the next stages of the PFL, but he forgot to mention that to Jamie Briggs and his own Transport Minister Dean Nalder, and while all that is going on a lot of money is being spent on consultants and public servants who are planning a road that appears highly unlikely to ever being built.

I thought the way the State Government handled the Local Government Reform was a disaster, but the PFL shambles is beating it by a country mile. Was the State pushed by Canberra to go for it and now realises it is an almost impossible problem to solve, or does the Premier have cold feet because according to him it will be much more expensive than initially anticipated to built the freight link all the way to Fremantle port?

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Posted in city of fremantle, heritage, local government, roundhouse by freoview on May 21, 2015

rh 1 rh 2



What an amazingly fast and very welcome response by the City of Fremantle to the complaints about the planter boxes with the  large trees obscuring the views to the Round House and Whalers Tunnel. Early this morning the trees were removed from the boxes and by late morning the planters were also carted off.

One has to wonder though why they were put there in the first place, but it has been a very good and positive reaction by the City’s officers, so well done and thank you!

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Posted in city of fremantle, local government, roundhouse by freoview on May 20, 2015

Round House

Some officers at the City of Fremantle really need a big kick in the arse for doing utterly stupid things. Who on earth gave the go ahead to putting these four trees in front of the Round House where they obscure the views to one of our city’s most photographed buildings? They will grow bigger with more leaves and it makes absolutely no sense putting them there, when they would have beautified the little far west end of High Street where there is an ugly carpark and blank walls just metres away.

This kind of decision-making by the COF administration is what the community gets irate about. It is unacceptable and lacks common sense and care for detail. Shift them 50 metres down the road where they will enhance that part of High Street and leave a clear view to the Round House and Whalers Tunnel.

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Posted in fremantle, history, whales by freoview on March 17, 2015


Whales have returned to Fremantle’s Bathers Beach but this time as artworks and not to be slaughtered. In the 1800s the beach housed a Whaling Station and the still open Whalers Tunnel underneath the Roundhouse reminds us of that.

W.A. artist Sarah Wilkinson installed her Flukes artwork on the rocks near the South Mole as part of the Sculpture@Bathers show that will run till Sunday March 29.

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Posted in city of fremantle, rubbish by freoview on January 2, 2015

Fremantle has been full with people enjoying the festive season holidays and a very long weekend and Bathers Beach has become popular again, so why has the place been looking like a mess since New Year’s eve when there was a DJ dance event on the northern side of the beach?

We had nearly 600 visitors in the Round House yesterday, and the J Shed area is a short cut for many tourists to get to and from the Maritime Museum, but this is what they have to put up with because the City of Fremantle once again has not cleaned up the rubbish left there.

Once or twice a week cleaning of prime tourist destinations is not enough and not good enough. This has to be a daily routine, even-or even more so-during the festive season when more people come to Fremantle.

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Posted in city of fremantle, fremantle by freoview on December 11, 2014

After a day in the heat and on my feet at the Roundhouse I needed to take a few photos, so went to Fremantle’s hidden treasure, our gorgeous inner city Bathers Beach.

The new Bathers Beach House is already pretty popular and the boardwalk and beach furniture are also a great feature. This beach has got huge potential if the little Kelp Bar at Kidogo Arthouse also gets off the ground.

It was very disappointing though to see that the gates to the Whalers Tunnel were already closed just after seven, especially since the Arthur Head cliff face is now lit up at night and people should be able to get there from High Street and experience the tunnel as well. The tunnel could do with some small lights all along the ground to make it a real feature that can be seen better when walking down High Street west.

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Posted in christmas, fremantle by freoview on December 3, 2014

christmas at cowans

Fantastic Fremantle underwater photographer Glen Cowans has embraced the Christmas mood and put a snorkling Father Christmas at his studio gallery next to the Round House, so take the kids for a photo or do a selfie!

Glen sells superb photos small and big so great Christmas presents for every purse!

The Glen Cowans Studio Santa is already very popular with overseas visitors.

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Posted in fremantle, photography by freoview on November 20, 2014

Maritime Museum

After a long day tourguiding at the Round House it was nice to finish the day taking photos. I like this long shot of the Fremantle Maritime Museum. Tomorrow I’ll post photos of something ugly and something beautiful. One is a building site, the other a heritage precinct, so stay tuned.

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