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Businesses on Bannister Street, Collie Street, Packenham Street, Market Street and South Terrace (and surrounding areas) are invited to attend the Water Corporation Open House to learn more about the upcoming work in Fremantle.

Members of the project team will be available to answer any questions you may have about the upcoming work including:

How long will work take on my street and how will it be carried out? i.e. construction methods.
What side of the road will the work take place?
Will there be impacts to traffic and on-street parking?
How loud will the construction noise be and will there be dust?
What financial assistance can the Water Corporation provide?
Representatives from the City of Fremantle, Small Business Development Corporation and an independent financial loss adjuster (Tuesday 6 August only) will also be available to discuss their services and how they can help provide support during the work.

When: Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 August 2019 between 12pm and 2pm.

Where: Pipes for Fremantle Information Centre pop up shop, located at 66 High Street Fremantle.

Residents are also welcome to visit the pop up shop and the open house. The pop up shop is now open every Monday to Thursday between 10am and 4pm.



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We all know that the Australian National Broad Band is slower than Usain Bolt with two broken legs, but the slackness of Telstra leaving this manhole near Fremantle’s Victoria Quay open for over half a year is beyond the pale.

The area is frequented by people using the Rottnest Island ferries and office workers of the Fremantle Ports highrise, so this blight on the streetscape is not on.

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My good mate Bob made me aware of this sign on the Fremantle South Mole.

Not sure what the message is but it looks good.


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It’s busy bee time at the Fremantle Cappuccino Strip with the new red bitumen road surface being put on. It’s a bit inconvenient for traffic but it won’t last long and South Terrace will hopefully look better after the works have been done. I understand the red bitumen line will go down High Street west as well soon.

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Donna Haney, ex councillor by only a few hours, pointed out to me that the major road works in Queen Victoria Street, which costs the City of Fremantle a lot of money, are lacking a major service to wheelchair and gopher riders. There are no declines in the new kerbs for these vehicles. How on earth could this have been forgotten. Is the City going to put the jackhammers in and destroy the expensive new footpaths to make up for this oversight, and how good or bad will this look?

How will wheelchairs drivers get up onto the kerb without assistance, when they cross the road at Parry Street near Princess May Park. Shall they just remain on the road and risk being hit by cars?

CEO Graeme McKenzie can you please get this she’ll be right attitude out of your staff. It is very annoying to see the don’t care attitude some working at the City of Fremantle seem to have. Who on earth are supervising the duds who never do a 100% job. Is anyone?! While you’re at it, Graeme, come have a look at the new path at Captain’s Lane that needed to be dug up just months after being installed. The new patch of limecrete put in is a different colour from the rest of the path. Who cares, it’s only a footpath, hey Freo.

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Work has started on the upgrade of Queen Victoria Street as part of the beautification and redevelopment of the Eastern gateway into Fremantle. Widening of footpaths, creation of bicycles paths and reducing the four lane road into a one lane each way only are on the way.

Traffic leaving the city east bound has been redirected to Beach Street from Parry Street and delays can be anticipated for all traffic in that area, so be aware.

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Work started this morning on resurfacing Captain’s Lane, the path that leads to the Round House and is being used by hundreds of tourists daily. I believe it is a sign the City of Fremantle listens and acts when residents contact them about issues they¬† have.

We up here in the West End and also the Fremantle Society had asked for necessary upgrades, even more so when one of the committee members broke a leg due to the unevenness of the pathway. The existing surface is being removed and Limecrete poured during the next days, which will create better access to weddings near the Round House for wheelchairs and women wearing high heels.

I’d rather report on positive things like this than pointing out what is amiss around town, so well done Freo!

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