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The City of Fremantle needs to do something about the intersection of Cliff and Phillimore streets because it is dangerous to drive there, due to motorists ignoring the One Way that leads to Fleet Street and Victoria Quay.

I drive through that intersection on average three times a day and do have a near miss at least twice a week, when a car comes at me against the one way direction. I had one incident yesterday and one on Sunday.

When one turns left out of Cliff Street and has to watch oncoming traffic and traffic from the right one does not look for traffic coming against the one way.

People who park their car near the old Weighbridge often also turn left against the one way when the leave , so the risk of head-on collisions is great.


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Cyclists of all ages will be allowed to ride on footpaths from today and Police Minister Lisa Harvey believes that is just common sense.

I sincerely hope Fremantle cyclists will show common sense because it could create mayhem on busy weekend days when the footpaths are packed full with pedestrians.

There is no speed limit when riding on the footpaths, and who would check that anyway, so give way to pedestrians, parents with prams, etc. and ring your bell!

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There is a long weekend coming up again and no doubt more people will die on Western Australia’s roads, and no doubt politicians will blame police and police the government.

Since I arrived in WA in 1984 I have been aware that very many drivers here are not very good and not very considerate and that far too many have no sense of awareness and anticipation. They would not last half an hour on a German Autobahn.

The problem on our roads is not with the police or government or lack of signage, but with inconsiderate motorists who drink and drive, exceed the speed limits and basically don’t care a bit about other road users. They sit in their little castles on wheels, like kings who care little about those peasants who share the roads with them and are just a nuisance that stop them driving from A to B very fast and in the most reckless way.

When did WA allow people to drive cars without knowing the road rules? When did using indicators go out of fashion and when were speed limits just something that made you go faster instead of slowing down?

I drive my car every day and have near misses at least twice a week with people who ignore road rules. They speed through roundabouts and orange and red traffic lights, they ignore stop signs and have no idea how to merge, or they do but don’t care because it is more important to get one car space ahead in the traffic jam.

On Fremantle social media people complain how unfair it is that they have received speeding fines and lament the 50kmh limit is not signed and that it is all about revenue raising. It should not have to be signed because the road rules are clear, so learn the rules or get off the road and out of your car, because not knowing the rules makes you a danger on our roads and you’ll kill other people!

I know many people who drink and drive at least once a week and who believe there is nothing wrong with it, and I witness the aggression on the road daily with people yelling and screaming in outrage with pumping fists because someone sticks to the speed limit.

In WA it is a sport to make sure one gets ahead of the car in front when lanes merge, and no one gives a XXXX about giving way to pedestrians when they round a corner with their car.

The photo-mad egotistic selfie society turns into a selfish society when people get into their car. It’s all about me and I don’t care if that endangers other motorists, cyclists, bike riders or pedestrians

Why are we in such a mad hurry, why do we need to communicate every second of the day and can’t wait to read text messages till we have reached the end of our road trip? Why do we take unacceptable risks and don’t think about the consequences. What is wrong with us?!

It’s double demerit points, so use your brain and common sense and show some consideration on the roads this Easter weekend!

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I was born and bred in the Netherlands, so I love bicycles and am used to thousands of them on city streets, so the constant complaints of motorists and cyclists, who can’t seem to agree that we need to share the roads, has always made me wonder why we are so intolerant and selfish. This beautiful Saturday morning however I understood why some car drivers can get very irate about the lycra-clad hordes who believe they are riding the Tour de France, and who show no consideration for other road users.

Check out this group riding along Riverside Drive, East Fremantle. Nah, we are real bike riders so we won’t be using that silly narrow little bike path. Those cars behind us will just have to slow down.  They were not just going around the slow point, but rode this way most of the stretch. Not very considerate, gentlemen!

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 3, 2014

Schools are back on today, so slow down please Fremantle drivers and look after our beautiful kids!

When I go for a swim I am not worried about sharks, but when I get in my car I am not at all sure I will get home in one piece, because driving skills and attitude are a great worry in Western Australia.

Last week, doing just 40 on Wray Avenue, a driver pulled out of a site street and I could narrowly avoid a collision, but the woman gestured at me that I should slow down. Just down the road a Transperth bus driver decided he could ignore to give way to me at the roundabout on South Terrace. That’s the second Transperth driver in two days who just drove through that roundabout without looking to his right and give way to me. Welcome to public transport responsible driving attitude!

Yesterday within 30 seconds three cars pulled out at the IGA carpark on Hampton Road without looking and on Saturday night I was lucky to come home alive after a car drove through a red light on the corner of Wray Avenue and Hampton Road.

I reckon my experience sums it up pretty well that many Fremantle drivers are inconsiderate, selfish and dangerous and it needs to stop. And stop using your mobile phones you idiots. You are endangering other people’s lives!

Now look out for the kids this morning and afternoon and obey the speed limit in school zones PLEASE!!!

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