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Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 10, 2011

Dear writers of letters to the editor of the West Australian,

Before you point this out yourselves, I know that you are very tolerant and not racist and do have foreign friends, some even with darker skin than your own. All you were doing with your letters of course was only pointing out the obvious. Obvious to you was that there was clearly a racist, Muslim, migrant, and coloured element that started the London riots, and that shows that multiculturalism just does not work and is dangerous. This of course should then be a warning for Australia and we should stop all those foreigners from coming here. Our policies are too humane and those boat people only cost us a lot of money.

Like you, dear letter writers, I too watched the news, read newspapers and listened to radio reports, but unlike you I noticed that the majority of people rioting were Anglo-Saxon, and God forbid might even have been Christians. I also noticed many were just schoolkids, obviously bored with school holidays, so a riot seemed a brilliant idea to have some fun. Police picked up kids who were just around ten years of age.

On ABC radio this morning they played an interview with two young women with very broad London accents, who told the reporter it was all just quite fun and they wanted to show the police that they could do whatever they wanted. It was also great to have free drinks, after they had looted a bottle shop.

So dear non racist letter writers, before you point the finger at minority groups, you might like to check your facts first next time and take your coloured glasses off, so you can see the TV pictures more clearly.

Roel Loopers

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 30, 2011

The ITALIANS IN FREMANTLE exhibition of historic photographs is well worth a visit. I did not know much about that part of our history; the racism, the Kalgoorlie riots, the internment of Italians during the World War, etc. It is in the beautiful atrium of the Town Hall and is part of the very good 2011 HERITAGE FESTIVAL.

Also part of the festival is tomorrow’s Q&A at Victoria Hall the home of Deckchair Theatre. It starts at 7 and is free. Come and ask some provocative questions to make it a lively debate!

It promises to be a good evening with panelists ex Premier Carmen Lawrence, town planner Greg Smith, Mayor Brad Pettitt, History Society’s Anne Brake and others, while gorgeous ABC personality Robyn Johnston will be in charge. The evening is organised by the ever active Fremantle Society.

Roel Loopers


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