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Sign is for others


The signs at the Sculpture at Bathers art show, that ask people not to touch and climb on the artwork are not meant for someone else, but for everyone, including YOU!

I cropped this photo so that the faces are not recognisable, as I do not want to embarrass the mother, but the sign was just a metre away and totally ignored, because it is so cute to have kids on artworks.

A few years ago a volunteer at the beach show was told by a “clever father” that his child was too young to read, and hence she was climbing on the art. Yep.

It’s all about respect. Artists work bloody hard and spend a lot of money creating beautiful artworks and an exhibition is not a playground.

Roel Loopers


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There has been quite a bit of argy bargy on social media sites and this blog about the lack of mutual respect between member of the public and Fremantle Councillors. I am sad to observe there is so much real anger in the community toward our elected members by people who feel ignored and taken for granted.

So I want to make a suggestion that is only tiny but I believe very relevant. While the public gallery at Full Council and Council Committee meetings is not often very full with people, it would still be a nice gesture by the Elected Members when they arrive at Chambers to say hello to those in the public gallery. Some Councillors always do, while others never do and ignore the public. It would help to get rid of the perception that some Councillors are arrogant. This is even more important when the gallery is jam packed on the odd occasion.

And when items are debated where the public have made oral submissions on the night it would be nice if those concerns were addressed by the Elected Members, as often they are met with silence as if no one has addressed the Councillors, and those who made the submissions feel ignored. It’s all about courtesy.

From little things big things grow, and that hopefully applies to more mutual respect.

Roel Loopers



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Overcast weather always makes me a bit morose, emotional and contemplative, so I went back to some of my old writing in what once was meant to become a book. 50,000 words later the book has not eventuated, and probably never will, but I want to share these thoughts with you and see what reaction it creates.

What precisely are our values and morals, and do they mean the same for us? Are values for individuals, groups, communities? I believe we often do things to please others so that they like us, but that is then conditional liking/loving. Only if we do what they expect of us are we judged as being nice, good, likeable. I see that as a large part of the problem. Instead of sticking to our own values (if we know what they are) we adopt the ones other people set for us, be that politicians, friends or colleagues .

 Society likes sameness but feels challenged to accept individuality. Individuals are judged as not being normal. They are strange, unpredictable, scary even. Once people can place one into certain drawers it is fine. It makes them feel safe. I believe that is also why people don’t stand up and speak out about social injustices, etc. It would make them stand out from the norm, the crowd. It is much easier to hide in a crowd by being one of them.

 The result is that we all lose, because to move forward and improve society needs individuals who are brave enough to be different, and who might be abused for daring to be different. By not generating difference we create mediocrity and a lazy, complacent, greedy and selfish society where dog eats dog, where not many care about others. Combine that with ignorance and we have a breeding ground for one-eyed, narrow-minded bigots, zealots, extremists, fundamentalists and fascists. This is where the real danger lies. Add to that governments that want to take our liberties away by pretending that it is in our best interest-homeland security- and for our own safety.

 An American presidents once said something along the lines that it is dangerous and possibly counter productive to give away liberties for perceived temporary security. But that is what governments all over the world have been doing. All that on the back of thousands of decent, non violent muslims who now have to live with racism and rejection, often in the western countries where they were born. (Once governments create a common enemy people will live in fear and will embrace radical changes to their liberty).

 Moral values and obligations to others don’t seem to exist. We don’t respect religions other than our own. The other religions are the common enemy. They are wrong, not we, and the God we believe in is better than their God anyway.

 Governments love this us and them thinking as it gives them more power to control all of us and it allows them to keep taking away liberties from us. I keep asking myself on what values this is based.

 Instead of a WE society we live in a ME society. Me, me, me, it’s always only about me. I believe the basic values are respect for other people and their beliefs, and a desire to care for and share with our fellow human beings, and being an active and positive part of the community and the exciting global village we live in. Now that must make me positively mad in the eyes of many. No wonder some call me Loopy. ; > )

Roel Loopers


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The Fremantle ESPLANADE YOUTH PLAZA skatepark is getting rid of some misconceptions and urban myths about modern youth I hope, because it is a fine example of how well a large group of young people can respectfully engage and have fun.

There is no screaming, no four letter words, no alcohol, no vandalism, but there is a lot of consideration, sharing, learning, teaching and supporting going on. It is how the entire community should be, because the kids at the EYP are far more selfless than a large percentage of grown ups in our society are.

There is no queue jumping, no elbows out to get in first, and ahead of others who have been waiting their turn, and it’s all done with appreciating the efforts of others, complimenting them, or giving tips on how to improve. Although they all come as individuals they have amazing skills at team work.

Roel Loopers



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Although I personally am having a good day, I am sad to the core about the madness of our human race. The killing of nearly 300 civilians by shooting a passenger plane down chilled me to the bone, because those who have no respect for human life have little respect for themselves. Russia accuses the Ukraine and vice versa, and Israel kills four kids on a beach and claims that Hamas is to blame. Blame and violence never solve anything and it does not bring back those who were killed. Respect and compromise might create solutions, but I have no confidence any longer that humans are intelligent enough for that.

I was thinking about all this and how blessed we are in Fremantle, where people enjoyed the great weather and school holiday today, like here in the Fishing Boat Harbour. But my thoughts are  with my mate Maz, who in East Fremantle grieves for his three young nephews and niece, who were on the Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down last night. The youngest one was only seven. I hope they were asleep and never noticed the horror.

Will we ever learn or are humans really that stupid?!

Roel Loopers




Posted in australia by freoview on May 26, 2014

Women are very close to my heart, I just adore them, and with three sisters I learned early in life to respect them totally. So I just want to copy a Facebook message I posted about author Tara Moss‘ participation in this evening’s Q&A on ABC TV. What an outstanding woman!

Tara Moss I love you! What a great, eloquent and brave appearance on Q&A this eve. You are a remarkable person and your remarks about misogony and violence against women just need to be heard and heard and heard, until society yells and screams so long and loud that those men who believe they are the alpha males with a right to abuse women will finally get the message!

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on July 9, 2013

Has spin really affected clear thinking at all levels of government and within the wider community? Why is it we create an US and THEM situation out of nearly everything. Do-gooders who support refugees against racists, greedy developers versus anti-development groups, youths against oldies, black against white, skaters who hate haters, those who want to stop progress versus those with a vision, right against left wing, capitalists versus communists, men against women, homophobes against gays, misogynists who hate women, Christians against Muslims, believers versus non-believers, conservatives who don’t want change opposing the modern progressives. You name it, we’ve got a box or a draw for it and we will put you in it, because today’s society modern sentiment is that if you’re not with us you’re against us and you are our enemies.

Tolerance and respect have made way for narrow-mindedness and blinkered judgment. We appear to be living in one-way streets with our personal blinds firmly shut so we don’t have to consider other people’s views or listen to their opinions. We are right because we know best. We live remote from reality in our own cosy sheltered little backyards of ignorance.

We are the NIMBY society, say those whose ‘progress’ we oppose, while the progressive ones are accused of being inconsiderate of our past and heritage and of ignoring community’s needs and wishes.

Governments, and corporate spin doctors love to play the us and them game because as long as we have a divided community it is much easier for them to take away more of our liberties, stop listening to community input, and force change upon us we don’t want or need.

True democracy is based on respect and tolerance. Watching what has been going on in Canberra, Australia might well have lost that incredible privilege less fortunate nations are dreaming about.

We here in Fremantle also need to be wary that we don’t lose the tolerance that makes our city special. The spiteful personal and inappropriate attacks during the Youth Plaza debate were very disappointing. Having a large number of expensive community workshops as tokenism to democracy is not the answer, but deep listening with respect is. We should all try it.

Roel Loopers


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I must live a pretty sheltered life, or maybe I am simply ignorant and naive, because today’s report in the Sunday Times, that one ten year old, and two nine year old students have thrown rocks at their teacher at the South Fremantle Senior High School, shocked me. I accept that different generations do things differently, but surely teaching respect for people and their properties is one of the basic rules of life, and should be a high priority when bringing up children.

No one in my family would have even contemplated to abuse our teachers or give lip to a policeman. It’s not that we were timid or brought up to shut up, but we were taught to treat everyone with respect and courtesy. I have tried to live my life like that. I did not always succeed, and I am pretty disappointed with myself when I judge people harshly or treat them with disrespect.

Respectful dialogue achieves more in my opinion, than confrontation and aggression. It is something I constantly have to remind myself off when my Scorpion passion takes over and I explode in anger. What does the house in New Orleans song say again? ….mothers tell your children not to do what I have done…….

I feel the respect I give is returned to me, as most people treat me with courtesy, and wouldn’t we all rather be liked than hated? It’s a lesson all children should be taught from early age.

Roel Loopers


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Two letter writers in the West Australian today disagree with me about my letter, pasted below, the West published earlier this week.

They claim women/people have to earn respect before one can give it to them, but how does that apply to people we don’t know? Does it mean I should disrespect strangers, because I know nothing about them? Should I have no respect for people who dress, or look, a certain way? That would be an awful judgmental attitude to have.

I am not saying that I don’t feel uncomfortable with drunk people, and yes, I admit, even more so when they are female, but is that reason enough to disrespect them?

Do I know why they got drunk? Did they have a bad day, a funeral, a broken heart?

There can be many reasons why people sometimes drink too much, but there can never be a reason to abuse them because they had a skin full.

Roel Loopers

“Whenever one of the football codes “heroes” is accused of having sexually assaulted a woman, another one of them thinks he needs to defend his mates by blaming the alleged victim.
My message to former AFL player Peter Everitt and all his brothers in arms is simple; a woman who dresses in a mini skirt, a deep cut top, who is drunk or on drugs, is not some kind of slut you can abuse for your own desires.

No matter what state women are in, or how they dress, they deserve respect day and night. No ifs or buts. No excuses. She did not ask for it. Got it?!”


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