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What a coincidence to just see an article on Facebook about a rooftop garden on a Melbourne shopping centre, when I only yesterday talked with North Fremantle architect Murray Slavin about the opportunity lost to do something similar with the proposed Woolstores shopping centre development in Fremantle.

Besides the poor design qualities of the proposed development, Murray and I both lamented that a rooftop garden for residents and hotel guests on top of the four-storey carpark had not been included in the development, as that would lift it to another level.

I also sugested that to indicate the bulk of a woolstores the two towers of the development could be linked at the top with massive steel beams, so that there is an impression of bulk, but it does not fill up the space above the carpark.

Unfortunately we are getting very conservative and rather boring new development in Fremantle and that is partly to blame on a council that is so keen on economic recovery that it is willing to compromise far too easily on the beauty and aesthetics of new buildings.

Fremantle is unique and that unique character needs to be acknowledged with creative and outstanding design!

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It has taken years and bloody hard and dedicated work by Fremantle Councillors and officers and members of the North Fremantle community, but Freo Council finally signed off tonight on the Mc Cabe Street/Stirling Highway Local Planning Policy 3.11 and agreed to cap height at 33 metres.

Can I just say from my own observation that COF officer Paul Garbut deserves a medal for being such a down to earth and outstanding community liaison person. His matter of fact approach took a whole lot of negativity and aggression out of the process, so well done, Paul! (When the pay rise comes you can buy me a beer. ; >)

A few community speakers were still critical of the process, and that irked Councillor Andrew Sullivan who had put a lot of thought and work into it, and he lamented that in Fremantle “It is always about height!” This will not be the perfect and the best solution, Sullivan said, and he was disappointed that Councillors and the public did not get to view better 3D modelling. (It is something I have been critical about for years!)

Councillor Sam Wainwright rightly asked why Council wanted to relax the 15% affordable housing policy and said Council needed to be consistent with it, but Councillor Bill Massie said it was an impediment to developers.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton said Council could learn from the intense community consulation process and that it should be implemented more often, and I totally agree with that!

At the end I believe this is a good compromise that will please some and irate others. Everyone involved tried their best and the North Freo community can be proud that they kept fighting.

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