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A small group of Fremantle people hopped on the train at midday to join the Palm Sunday march in Perth in support of refugees, while others did the same at the Murdoch train station.

A friend in Canberra Tweeted that there was a big crowd for the Palm Sunday rally there. That is a good sign after Minister Peter Dutton was keen to allow South African farmers to immigrate to Australia while the government is doing its utmost to keep desperate refugees out of the country.

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Fremantle people will meet at 11.30am tomorrow at Pioneer Park opposite the train station to join the Perth Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees.

The Perth march starts at 1pm from St George’s Cathedral on St George’s Terrace, so our Freo attendants will hop on a train to march with them.

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If Australia, as the Prime Minister claims, is the most successful multicultural country on the planet then we need to embrace that multiculturalism when accepting new citizens.

Immigrants to Australia have made immense contributions to our country and many did so without ever being able to speak English to native standards. Look at the many very successful Chinese, Vietnamese, Italians and Croats. Go to Chinatown and experience that some of those who serve you in restaurants barely speak English, and there are quite a few old Italians walking around Freo who have lived here for sixty plus years whose English language skills would not be good enough to get Australian citizenship today.

Fact is that holding on to one’s language, culture, food, traditions and religion when one migrates gives a sense of belonging, safety and security in a foreign country, even more so for those who were forced to leave their countries.

But it does not matter because the actual integration starts with the children and grandchildren of the original immigrants, and see how they too are successful with many immigrant children being the top students at high schools and in universities, to the benefit of Australia because they will become our future leaders.

By introducing questions about domestic violence to obtain citizenship the government emphasises difference in culture when it should realise that people change when migrating and most of them will accept the rules and laws of their new country, because most have been brought up to be law-abiding people no matter where they live.

Christians don’t break the law and kill people because the Bible preaches and eye for an eye, so why would Muslim men break Australian laws and beat their wife because the Koran says they can?

Domestic violence is rampant in Australia where drunken men beat up their female partners. Muslims don’t drink alcohol so it is more likely that there is less domestic violence in their culture because of that.

We need to have a bit of a reality check in our country. Politicians always talk about values when often they set the standards very low themselves, and many Australians still believe the urban myth of fair go and that we are the best country in the world.

As someone who was born in the Netherlands, where I lived for 19 years, and who lived in Germany for 13 years, before migrating to Australia 35 years ago, I have often been staggered by the racism, ignorance and lack of tolerance of many Australians. There is no doubt in my mind that Australia is more racist than those two countries.

The difference between the countries is that many Australians only tolerate foreigners and different cultures while the two European countries I lived in actually accept and respect migrants for what they are. That is a big difference we in Australia still need to work on.

The cute thing about it all is that all these bogans who get drunk on Friday night and eat kebabs, curries and fish&chips don’t realise they are eating Hahal food often prepared by Muslims.

Migrants from all over the world generously contribute to Australia. They volunteer in community groups, schools, mosques, churches, sporting clubs, etc. and their respect for their new country and involvement with their community makes up for their lack of English language skills.

My own personal experience travelling the world has been that most people are good, caring, compassionate, hospitable and law-abiding, but that there are morons and criminals in every culture and religion.

Accepting and respecting difference should be one of Australia’s core values because it enriches all of us and we should welcome those who want to commit themselves to become new Australians.

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Many hundreds of people marched through the Fremantle CBD at lunchtime on Saturday during the FREO SAFE HARBOUR rally, demanding the closure of detention centres and an end to off shore processing, and a more humanitarian approach toward refugees by the Australian government.

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clouds 1

clouds 2


It looks like it is going to be the kind of day to cuddle up with a good book, eat hot soup and enjoy a nice glass of mulled wine, as the clouds are pretty dark and a heavy shower just rolled over Beaconsfield.

I took these two photos in Fremantle port around 6.40 am this morning and it was cold with a strong easterly blowing.

If the clouds break up and the rain stops, or if you are truly dedicated, join the Freo Safe Port refugee rally at Pioneer Park. It starts at noon!

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Booyeembara tree planting


It is nice and crisp in winter and it is very inviting weather to walk around town or do some community work, so why not join the tree planting at Booyeembara Park in White Gum Valley tomorrow, Saturday June 25.

Do some physical work, beautify the area and connect with your community and have a bit of fun. The kids and dogs can run around while you are help planting the future green lungs of Fremantle.

It is on from 9 am till noon.

Also on Saturday from 12 to 2.30 is FREO SAFE HAVEN, help the refugees rally and walk, so join in after the tree planting. It is at Pioneer Park opposite the railway station!

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A fund raising photo exhibition, Seeking Asylum in Country: Western Australian Landscapes will be held on Tuesday 14 June from 6 – 9.30pm at PS Arts Space in Pakenham Street, Fremantle.

Thirty landscape photographs  will be ‘floating’ in the 600sqm PSAS warehouse/gallery, allowing the viewer to navigate and explore these Western Australian landscapes.

Fourteen WA photographers have donated their works for the silent auction. Proceeds are to be assigned to urgent asylum seeker and refugee needs in WA by Fremantle Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN).

A forum and Q&A with Dr Neville Ellis, Katie West, Kaliyugan Pathmanathan and Gwen Velge will take place at 6:30pm, preceding the opening of the exhibition and silent auction at 7:30 (bids close at 8:45pm).

For enquiries contact Gwen Velge M 0420 364 161 or Leonie Lundy (Fremantle RRAN) M 0439 475 174

Check out the Facebook page:




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The election campaign launch by the Greens for candidate Kate Davis for the federal seat of Fremantle at Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach this evening was quite impressive, and I am not a traditional Greens voter.

After a plea for support for indigenous people by Noongar elder Rod Collar, the Greens national leader Richard di Natale spoke with sincerity and passion. He is an excellent speaker.

Richard spoke about the fact that a wealthy nation like Australia has 100,ooo homeless people and that some 7,000 will be sleeping rough tonight. One in four of them is under the age of 18. I agree with him that is not acceptable.

Di Natale also mentioned what a disappointment Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has become who does not stand up for his own values but has continued with the old Abbott policies of climate change denial, etc.

He questioned how Australia can cut foreign aid when it has proven to be the most cost effective investment we can make.

The Federal Greens leader said that Freo candidate Kate Davis is well-known for her deep commitment to green values and that his impression after spending the last three days in Fremantle is that there is a real chance the seat could be won by the Greens.

It was rather irrelevant I thought that he mentioned he had met the Labor candidate yesterday and that his impression of him was underwhelming. I don’t think anyone would have expected Richard di Natale to endorse the opposition Labor candidate, so his opinion off him is meaningless. He was nicely complimentary about MP Melissa Parke though.

I really liked the passion, sincerity and lack of spin by candidate Kate Davis who will have a real battle on her hands to snatch the seat from Labor. She was clearly touched by Aboriginal and refugees issues and told us that the other evening at a Night Hoops event from 50 Aboriginal kids there were only three who did not have a relative in prison.

Kate said we need to work better with our regional neighbours to find solutions for the refugee crisis and that we need to “Close the hell hole detention centres!”

Davis also said we need to increase funding for affordable housing and that the waiting list for a family home in Fremantle is eight years. It is time to transition to a new economy, she told the Kidogo crowd.

She said the height of what is wrong with our present economic system is that we even contemplate putting a six lane highway Perth Freight Link through the pristine Beeliar Wetlands. “We should support renewable energy projects rather than the polluting ones.”

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City of Fremantle Councillors, staff and the community will show their support for refugees by marching in the annual Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees this Sunday 20 March.

The group will gather at 11.30 am at Pioneer Park (opposite Fremantle Train Station) and board a train to Perth to join the main event at 1.00 pm outside St George’s Cathedral.

Fremantle councillor and refugee rights advocate Cr Sam Wainwright said the Walk For Justice aimed to shed light on the injustices refugees face when attempting to seek refuge in Australia.

“Overwhelming evidence indicates severe and systemic abuse of asylum seekers’ human rights is occurring within Australia’s immigration processing system,” Cr Wainwright said.

“We’ve seen a recent surge of concern about the conditions in Australia’s offshore detention centres in particular as a result of the impending deportation of 267 asylum seekers. A lot of this attention was focused around the fate of “Baby Asha”, who doctors in Brisbane only agreed to release on the condition she would not be returned to Nauru.

“It’s completely unacceptable to detain people like this and I’m really proud of the actions the Fremantle council has taken recently to help defend the rights and raise the profiles of these innocent people.

“We’re now calling on our famously compassionate local community to stand together to support refugee rights by attending the march with us,” Cr Wainwright said.



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I know my opinion will upset some of my close friends and people I respect in the community, but I believe it would be a mere gimmick for the City of Fremantle to cut ties with Wilson Security and other companies because they are involved with offshore detention centres.

Everyone who knows me and connects with me through this blog and social media knows that I am absolutely and totally against offshore and onshore detention centres. I do not believe that women, men and children deserve to be held behind razor wire for indefinite and very long periods. It is wrong, no matter what spin the Labor and Liberal parties put up about it.

Wilson Security does not make the policies of Australia, they are made by our politicians and government and to ban the company from getting contracts from Fremantle City will not make one iota of a difference to the asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island. Their conditions and lifestyle will not improve one bit because of it and the razor wires won’t come down just because the City of Fremantle makes a feel-good empty gesture that is meaningless.

We need to lobby our political parties and the federal government! To start blaming contractors is a pretty narrow view of what goes on and the bipartisan attitude of the Labor and Liberal leaders. That needs to change, not who runs the facilities!

There are federal and state elections coming up. Tell your politicians what you think about detention centres and how Australia mishandels the refugees crisis. That is where we might be able to make a difference and finally find political leaders who have the guts and backbone to change the inhumane asylum policies!

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