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City of Fremantle ratepayers can’t complain much about recent council rate rises. They are on the lower bottom of the scale, when compared to the other 23 local councils which have set the rates for the new financial year.

Fremantle has a rate increase of just 1.9% and that is excellent compared to the 4.95% rise in the City of Bayswater.

There are only six of the 23 councils which have increased rates by less than Fremantle, the lowest being the Town of Claremont with just 1%.

Our neighbour the City of Cockburn has a rate rise of 1.75%

East Fremantle will decide their rates on July 25, so stay tuned for that.


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The West Australian today compares, in an ‘exclusive’, council rates in the Perth metro area, and the good news is that Fremantle is only at number 13 of the 29 councils.

The average residential rates in 2015-2016 in Fremantle were $ 1,647.78 and in East Fremantle, that is number 10 on the list $ 1,810.65.

Melville is 17th with $ 1,599.16 and Cockburn comes in as 25th with just $ 1,460.07.

As West reporter Kate Emery rightly points out rates are affected by house prices and it is difficult to compare council rates because councils use different ways of calculating rates.

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The WA State Government has a new My Council website where we can compare and see how our councils are doing. Nice to see the City of Fremantle page has one of my photos of Bathers Beach on it.

So I now know that the Fremantle area is 19 square kilometres small, that we have a population of 30,883 and 19,777 electors.

Fremantle’s revenue is $ 71,426,672 and its operating expenditure $ 71,070,614.

The total value of assets of the City of Fremantle is $ 486,608,885.

Rates are always a discussion point so I compared rates in the area and the recent rate increases were:

Fremantle 6%, Cockburn 11%, Mosman Park 5%, Cottesloe 5%, East Fremantle 6%, Melville 40%(is that a typo?), Mandurah 7%, Rockingham 10%.

The website is:

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One has to wonder about W.A. Premier Colin Barnett’s expressed desire to “Just fix local governments up” and get more involved with them, as State interference could mean a serious erosion of democracy at local council level.

Is there a need for it or is Barnett just having a fit of sour grapes because of community and councils opposition to the DAP(Development Assessment Panel) that simply rubber stamps over 90% of development applications, many against the will of Local Governments and communities?

Maybe the Premier is still irate about the failed Local Government Reform and council amalgamations, which he and Minister Tony Simpson so disgracefully messed up.

Some Council reform and amalgamations might be needed, as is a control on rate rises, and I quite agree that a CEO running a small Council administration should not be earning as much as a Minister, but does that warrant strong, democracy threatening, action by the State?

Local Government is the closest form of democracy. It is hands on and the community has the opportunity for easy access to its elected members, so any form of interference from State Government should be viewed with suspicion about the real reasons.

Maybe the Premier does not like it that, as he called it, we bite the hand that feeds us, and pipe up against the inadequately  and amateurishly planned Perth Freight Link that will be a disaster for some southern suburbs including Fremantle. Maybe Colin Barnett believes democracy is simply a waste of time and we should allow him to squander taxpayers’s money. Maybe the Emperor even believes there is nothing wrong with building a new train station that will only operate on match days near the new football stadium. Maybe we should all just shut up because our divine leader knows what’s good for us.

Democracy, dear Premier, is listening to what the people want, not dictate to them what you want. If you no longer want to represent the community it might be best to step down or have an early election, so we can show you what we think of the shambles you have made of democracy in this state.

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The controversial pub proposal for J Shed was not the only one which passed at Fremantle full council on Wednesday, there was also another important item that passed to support retail in the city. Here is the crux of it:

1.   The City may provide a one–off rate discount of up to 33% of annual rates to property owners who lease property at ground level to eligible businesses that add value (and diversity) to the overall Fremantle offering. Rate discounts must be passed onto the new tenant in a direct financial manner such as (but not limited to) a rent–free period, reduced rent or reduced outgoings.

2.   The City may provide a one–off cash incentive of up to a maximum of $10,000 to eligible businesses which meet this policy’s criteria and are committed by a signed commercial lease agreement within a property in the City’s local government area.

3.   Vacant council–owned properties may be offered to eligible businesses at a discounted lease of up to $10,000 below market rates for one year.

Eligible businesses cannot receive more than one of the items. Eligible businesses are defined as those that add value to the Fremantle’s overall offering by bringing something unique to the city that will attract more people to Fremantle.

I think this is a good idea if the implementation of it id done correctly. How one values a business as being of the diversity Fremantle needs, I don’t know. Bread in Common on paper would probably just have been judged as a bar/cafe/restaurant not eligible for such discouncts, but it is in reality much more than that and a real asset to Freo. There is no mention of location, so I assume this only applies to the CBD as for exa,ple a few more cafes in White Gum Valley, Hilton, etc. could be seen as adding value and diversity. But we have to start somewhere, so this is not a bad start.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 5, 2012

A short article in the Sunday Times today reveals that retailers all over Perth are struggling, not just our shops in Fremantle, who are supposedly doing it tougher than in other suburbs, if one believes the Chamber of Commerce and Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt.

Shops in Mount Lawley, Perth, and in shopping centres, are closing because of high rents and high electricity prices, according to the shop operators. The clothing company Rivers for example closed its shops in Fremantle and Garden City. So it are not just the global financial crisis and bad sales, but also the greed of property owners, and the W.A. state government’s relentless rate increases for gas, water and power, that are to blame for the closure of so many retail shops.

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