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An advanced notice that the Fremantle Annual General Meeting of Electors will be held this coming Wednesday, February 21, at the Fremantle Townhall at 6pm.

It will be followed at 7pm by the Strategy and Project Development Committee.

Have your say!


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Do you or friends live in this area and would be interested in joining the South City precinct group

They will meet this Thursday February 15 from 7pm at the Fremantle Primary School (Science Rooms). There is plenty to discuss!

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During the Fremantle local election campaign I often get asked about parking and Notre Dame University not paying rates, so I want to share my thoughts on that with you.

I have stated for many years that Fremantle has a perceived parking problem, as there is ample parking in the inner city. The one ‘problem’ Freo has is that street parking is not always available close to where one wants to go, and on weekdays that is often due to Notre Dame students occupying the bays in the West End all day.

Especially on weekdays the multi-storey carparks at Point, Collie and Henderson streets have plenty of vacant car bays, and so do the car parks along Mews Road, west of the railway line, and at Victoria Quay and Beach Street.

I do not believe that broadly supplying more free parking would help our traders and visitors, as uni students would just take them.

We also need to consider that parking fees and fines are a major revenue source for the City of Fremantle, so how would we make up for that financial loss? Reducing services would not be welcomed by ratepayers and residents.

Staying with rates. Like all educational institutions in Australia Notre Dame University is not required to pay council rates, and neither do churches and Fremantle Port.

Notre Dame is a great asset to Fremantle and I am a big supporter of the university. It brings over 7,000 people daily to Fremantle, and West End cafes would not be there without them.

Freo City signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Notre Dame every two years and the uni is required to spend an agreed amount of money on activation events.

UNDA is working on installing street activation nodes at the moment, and is also planning a heritage wall at the back of the Santa Maria library in Henry Street.

In an ideal world a small city like Fremantle should receive rates from each and every property owner in our city, but they have no power to enforce that.


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City of Fremantle ratepayers can’t complain much about recent council rate rises. They are on the lower bottom of the scale, when compared to the other 23 local councils which have set the rates for the new financial year.

Fremantle has a rate increase of just 1.9% and that is excellent compared to the 4.95% rise in the City of Bayswater.

There are only six of the 23 councils which have increased rates by less than Fremantle, the lowest being the Town of Claremont with just 1%.

Our neighbour the City of Cockburn has a rate rise of 1.75%

East Fremantle will decide their rates on July 25, so stay tuned for that.


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There is less than a week to go to return your Local Government votes via Australia Post, so please do vote and put your envelope in the mailbox TODAY, because the returns are very low so far.

It is very, very important to have your say who should represent you on Fremantle Council, as last night’s Council Committee showed yet again. Council no longer listens to the residents, ratepayers and retailers but bends over backward instead to accommodate the big money players. Public consultation has become a total farce with the Mayor patronising and belittling those who dare to have an opinion that differs from his own.

Up till yesterday only 15.37% of votes had been returned in Beaconsfield Ward, 14.62% in City Ward, 16.19% in East Ward, 21.05 % in Hilton, 13.95% in North and 18.88% in South, so that is unacceptably low and probably the result of people having lost faith in the local government process.

I understand it is hard not to feel frustrated when Council does not listen and stops representing the electorate, but you can make a difference and create change at Fremantle Council by electing six new Councillors in on October 17. Do it!

Roel Loopers

ROEL FOR FREO! Beaconfield Ward. Truly Independent. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!

Written and authorised by Roel Loopers of 5 Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield 6162


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Fremantle Council never stops surprising me, so the news report on Channel Nine this Sunday with Councillor Rachel Pemberton, who quite clearly is on the election campaign, announcing the City of Fremantle might implement a percentage for lightrail on parking fees as early as next year, was yet another indication of a lack of reality.

I love lightrail but there is something rather green-as in naive-about the idea. One also has to question why a junior Councillor would announce such a huge project on national televison when it has not even yet been to any of the Council committees. I suppose it is a case for Pemberton of just  getting her face in the media, no matter the lack of substance, and people in City Ward might actually vote for her at the October 17 local government elections.

I quite like Rachel and she is a pretty good performer in Council chamber, but she has not explained why people parking in Fremantle, and  hence Freo ratepayers, would want to fund lightrail to Cockburn and Fiona Stanley Hospital.

I suggested on Mayor Brad Pettitt’s blog a few weeks ago that if he believed there is so much support for lightrail he might want to start crowd funding, as least that would mean those Fremantle ratepayers who want to pay for it can elect to do so, and it might attract funding from far and wide and not only tiny Freo.

Lightrail and all public transport is a numbers game and the Fremantle area needs far more residents before any state government or private operator would invest in it. For Freo that is at least 15 to 20 years away still.

Public transport infrastructure is a state government responsibility and for a small council like Fremantle to want to do it on its own is naive to the extreme, even more so when there never appears to be enough money for basic maintenance of COF properties and important parks like the Esplanade.

Roel Loopers

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Cottesloe Councillor Sally Pyvis is going to try to get Cottesloe Council to join the protest against the PERTH FREIGHT LINK by putting a motion up at the next council meeting. The last motion on the PFL was defeated because Mayor Jo Dawkins used her casting vote against it.

Experts have predicted a severe increase in truck and general traffic along Curtin Avenue should the PFL be built.

There have been two public meetings in Cottesloe that were critical of the PFL proposal by State Government and it was the top topic at the Cottesloe Ratepayers and Residents Association meeting earlier this month and a resolution was passed to oppose the project.

The Fremantle Townhall meeting this Tuesday is booked out, but weather permitting, will be broadcast on Kings Square.

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White Gum Valley chef Mark Woodcock has been elected the new President of the FREMANTLE RESIDENTS AND RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION and I believe that is a very good decision by the FRRA members as Mark has been very active and outspoken and attends most Fremantle council and committee meetings.

Mark stood for Fremantle Council City Ward at the last election but Simon Naber won in that ward.

Community groups like FFRA, FICRA and the Fremantle Society, together with active precinct groups are very important to get the voice of the community heard, and they will become even more essential after the amalgamation and when Fremantle doubles in size, so keep up the good work Mark!

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The immense pressure and legal challenges by many local councils seems to have an impact on State Government. There appear to be late changes at the Local Government Advisory Board that could well have significant impact on the preferred new boundaries for Fremantle when the amalgamations are announced in late August. Speculations are that a  change of heart and late submission by the City of Cockburn to merge with the Town of Kwinana has stirred the pot a bit with the board now calling for new submissions about the new boundary proposals from locals in the area.

What interests me most of course is that if the new ideas should have a major impact on Fremantle, why Fremantle community groups, residents and businesses have not been asked to also resubmit their opinion about possible all new boundaries for Fremantle. The City of Melville has also been very active in lobbying, so one can only hope that Fremantle will not be treated like Cinderella in all of this and miss out on significant growth that would be to the detriment of our local economy and traders.

Roel Loopers

Metropolitan Local Government Reform Update

Changes to be open for comment
The Chair of the Local Government Advisory Board today confirmed the Board will advertise amendments to three of the proposals it is intending to recommend for local government reform.

Mr Mel Congerton said he was briefing affected local governments about the changes today. The Board would call for public submissions on the intended recommendations on Wednesday.

Three proposals
The three proposals are:

Proposal E1, submitted by the Cockburn Kwinana Community Steering Committee
Proposal 5, submitted by the City of Armadale
Proposal 10, submitted by the City of Melville.
Maps, an online submission form and other details will be on the Board’s website from Wednesday.


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I was wondering how relevant community consultation is in Fremantle, but also at State level. Is community consultation mainly tokenism that looks as if proper process has been followed because it is required by law, or is it a genuine attempt by elected members and officers to find out what the community wants?

Look at the High Street widening and the effective Road2Rail campaign. Although this group could have been dismissed as a narrow-focus NIMBY group, Fremantle Council decided it was not going to accept the Main Roads proposal. The same applies for the officer tomorrow recommending that the Strategic and Planning Committee will not go ahead with a basketball court on Wilson Park at South Beach. Again the community objection to it comes from a narrow-focus NIMBY group of local residents, but their concerns have been noted and accepted.

Now look at the developments that Fremantle Council accepted although there was a massive opposition to them and one has to wonder if there is any consistency at Fremantle Council at all when it comes to listening to the community.

When it came to Planning Scheme Amendment 49, the Esplanade Youth Plaza and the J Shed micro brewery development, the opposition of residents was ignored and Council signed off on it anyway, despite community consultation and majority submissions against it.

We heard Elected members talking about anti-development, narrow-focus, the demographic of those opposing it, and even the age of the opponents, and the word NIMBY was muttered here and there as well.

So when do Councillors act in the best interest of the community? Does anyone in the west of Freo care much about the widening of High Street and Stirling Highway, does anyone in the CBD get upset about noise and anti social behaviour at South Beach, so when does protest become relevant and why is it more relevant in some cases and locations than in others?

We have heard Councillors say that they make decisions for the whole community and not just for affected locals, so why is that different at South Beach and High Street than it is at the Esplanade, J Shed, etc?

And when the concerns of the Road2Rail group are taken serious by Freo Council, why are the concerns of community groups such as FICRA, the Fremantle Residents and Ratepayers Association and the Fremantle Society dismissed and not acted upon?

I believe it is an interesting issue to contemplate about, and maybe we should even have community debate about it.

Roel Loopers




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