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The City of Fremantle will not build a charging station for electric cars on the Esplanade, that was going to be part of the RAC Electric Highway from Perth to Margaret River.

It turned out the solar charging station would need Western Power back-up and that would have driven the cost well over the budget council had allocated for it.

The sale of electric cars in Australia is very low and there are only a few in W.A. so it was always a waste of money in my opinion.

The City could also save money by not going ahead with the Esplanade hub near the Tourist Wheel, where it plans to build a food outlet for a burger bar.

I hear senior CoF officers are also not in favour of the hub and there is already the Fishing Boat Harbour hospitality hub just across the railway line with Joe’s Fish Shack, Little Creatures, Cicerello’s, Kailis, Char Char Bull, Bathers Beach House and Sweetlips.

It is just a ten-minute walk down Collie Street to the Grill’d burger bar and the same distance down Essex Street to Hungry Jacks.

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This style of bike will be used and has repair and first aid kits aboard.

This style of bike will be used and has repair and first aid kits aboard.


The City of Fremantle’s strong support for our city’s bicycle culture has been taken to the next level with Mayor Brad Pettitt announcing today the creation of BIKEMATE, Australia’s first ever bike support group, that is based on the RAC roadside service model. Together with the BUG cyclist group the City will establish a volunteer organisation that will attend to bicycle breakdowns in Freo. It was the idea of bike-mad City Ward Councillor Simon Naber who also created the seacontainer bike parking facility at Paddy Troy Lane.

From the middle of this month when cyclists in the Fremantle area have a flat tyre or other mechanical problems they no longer have to walk home and push their bike. All they need to do from Monday April 11 is call toll-free number 1300 7388488 for one of the volunteers to attend and repair their bike on the spot for just $ 5.00.

The City will sponsor BIKEMATE and pay for the cargo bikes, tools, uniforms, painting of the bikes and the free phone service. The cargo bikes will be ocean blue with the white BIKEMATE logo on either side.

Only a few weeks ago the Freo Mayor tweeted that thanks to the $ 2,2 million investment the City has made in bike infrastructure since 2013, people on bicycles in the port city have increased by 46%.

I believe that BIKEMATE is a really good initiative. I have not heard that this service is offered in any other country in the world, where bicycles are far more prevalent, so well done City of Fremantle for being a leader in bike innovation!

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According to a report in today’s Fremantle Herald the City of Fremantle will pay $ 130,000 for a super charging station for electric cars to be installed at the Esplanade Italian Club carpark as part of the RAC Western Australian so-called electric highway.

Freo Mayor Brad Pettitt told the Herald that some people will criticise the City for spending money on it but that it will hopefully attract more people to the city. This is plainly fanciful rubbish by the Freo Mayor as only 2,341 electric cars were registered in Australia between 2010-2014, so even if all of them would visit Fremantle it would hardly increase the visitors’ numbers to our city. When it comes to green issues our Mayor prefers to live in la-la land rather than dealing with facts.

$ 130,000 could pay for a few CCTV cameras that would help keep the actual visitors to Fremantle and its residents safe, instead of a charging station that will only be used a handful of times each month. It is also interesting to note that a Council that wants car parking on the periphery of the CBD and fewer cars in the inner city will install the charging station at the Esplanade instead of on the way to the south where the ‘electric highway’ is supposed to go from Perth to Margaret River.

Many people in Fremantle are seriously concerned about the lack of reality at the City of Fremantle where Council spend a lot of money on non-essential and low-priority issues rather than attacking the real challenges this city faces.

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The Committee for Perth and the RAC have started the first comprehensive year-long traffic study named Get a Move On! and the first survey conducted came up with following findings:

The survey conducted during October and early November of more than 2,000 people found that:
• 71% of people use their car because it’s convenient, 70% because it’s faster
• 64% of drivers are frustrated by congestion
• 65% of train users believe it’s overcrowded, compared to 42% of bus users
• 65% of people use buses because it’s cost efficient, compared to 56% of train users
• Only 48% of bus users found it convenient
• 96% of cyclists and 87% of walkers did it because it provided health benefits
• 59% of cyclists have safety concerns
• 53% of cyclists say there is a lack of cycleways
• The average cost of paying for parking is $9.70 a day
• Light rail is the number one public transport option for middle and inner areas of the CBD

It is interesting that recent reports from the Public Transport Authority have found a dramatic reduction in public transport users in Perth, so no wonder our roads are getting more and more congested. Investing in new roads but not in public transport is short-sighted madness. Don’t take my word for it. It’s the opinion of many international city planners and traffic experts.

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Fremantle will become one of the stops to recharge electric cars on the RAC-sponsored “Electric Highway’ from Perth to Augusta, the West Australian newspapers report today.

The charging time will only be 30 minutes but it is my understanding that at least two stops would be needed for a 300km trip, so that would add an hour of travel time to the journey. I wonder how attractive that is going to be in a modern world that is in a constant mad rush to get from here to anywhere and where the attention span of the information super highway is about 15 seconds.

I wonder where the Freo charging station will be.

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We hear a lot of complaints from the Australian tourism industry, and questions why Australians don’t have more holidays at home. There are a few obvious answers.

Today I got an electronic promotion from the RAC, so have a look at this: For $ 499.00 I can have 2 nights accommodation down south at Denmark, 3 nights in Sydney, or, WAIT FOR IT!, 7 nights including flights to Bali. No rocket science brain needed I would think.

On top of that comes the funny story out of Margaret River, where a hotel had only one room available for 2 nights. When someone wanted to book it, they were told there was a 3 nights minimum stay policy. The argument that they only had the room free for 2 nights fell on deaf ears, so I assume the room stayed empty and the hotel missed out, and annoyed prospective guests.

It is a bit like that ancient urban myth when a European tourist asked in a roadhouse if he could have the steak&eggs breakfast without the steak. He was happy to pay the full price, but was told it was steak&eggs or nothing. He had nothing.

It is still almost impossible to order a meal anywhere in Fremantle after 9pm, and the same applies to Perth and the tourism regions around Western Australia. If service it not patchy, it is bad, with very few exceptions. That is not good enough.

If we want Australians to stay at home for holidays, and more overseas visitors to come here, it is time the tourism industry started to look at competitive pricing, and much better and flexible service. People want quality at affordable rates, not mediocrity at hugely inflated prices.

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