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Posted in fremantle by freoview on September 7, 2014

Wikimedia Commons celebrates its 10th anniversary, so congratulations and thank you to all those volunteers around the world for uploading information and photos!

In Fremantle we owe a special thank you to those volunteers who have been writing historic information of Fremantle and uploaded it to Wiki. Without them the Freopedia QR Code Project would not have been possible, and it will only grow with the support of people willing to do research, write articles, take and scan photos, and upload it all to Wikimedia.

22 million+ images make Wikimedia Commons the world’s largest freely licensed educational media repository.

More than 22 million media files have been uploaded by the Wikimedia volunteer community over the decade since Commons came into being. The Wikimedia Foundation have a dedicated community of creators and institutions who continue to share their images and other media so that the project has flourished and will continue to thrive.

In the past ten years, creators have contributed to Commons in a variety of ways, including the annual Wiki Loves Monuments contest, which is currently inviting submissions through the end of September. The Guinness Book of World Records named Wiki Loves Monuments the largest photo contest in the world, and it has inspired more 900,000 image uploads since 2010.



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Well done Fremantle Society! The Freopedia QR Code history project conceived by FS in collaboration with Wikimedia was considered “one of the coolest projects taking place around the world” at WIKIMANIA, the annual WIKIMEDIA conference held in London(UK).

Keep an eye out for the little plaques around town. Download a free QR code reader, zoom in with your smartphone camera, and read the historic information about the specific site you are standing at.

Many more plaques will be installed in the near future, once funding for it is forthcoming.

Roel Loopers



Posted in architecture, fremantle by freoview on May 17, 2014

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The fourth Fremantle CLUB CRAWL, as part of this year’s Heritage Festival, was a great success on Friday night with more than 100 people participating in the tour of the Navy Club, Buffalo Club and Workers Club. The tour was lead by journalist and author of Fighting for Fremantle Ron Davidson and former Freo councillor and now president of the Workers Club Don Whittington.

No doubt the Buffalo Club is the most photogenic of the three clubs with the upstairs room featuring furniture made out of match sticks. They also have a singing reindeer in the bar. The Workers Club generously supplied the participants with cheese and olive platters and party pies, while Don Whittington talked about the 100 year history of the club supported by a great power point presentation produced by designer Bob Somerville. It was fantastic to see so many younger people interested in this heritage event, so thank you to all the clubs for showing us around!

Roel Loopers

P.S. I stayed outside to direct latecomers, so no photos of the Navy Club.

Two festival events this Saturday! Tour of the Fort Knox (former Dalgety&Co) warehouse at 10 am, and at 1 pm an Introduction to the Freopedia QR Code guide starting at the Round House.



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Fremantle BID-Business Improvement District has produced a FREOPEDIA map to inform people about the QR code project conceived by the Fremantle Society. Freopedia is an ongoing heritage project that enables people to get information about significant sites in our city via a smartphone app that will direct them to the multilingual  WIKIMEDIA library.

The great feature of Freopedia is that it allows visitors to Fremantle to explore the city in their own time and at their own leisure, day or night and seven days a week, without the need for guided tours.

On Saturday May 17 there will be a QR information tour as part of the Heritage Festival. It starts at 1 pm at the Round House and is free. No bookings required. Just bring your smartphone and download a free QR Code App from the internet beforehand.

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Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 5, 2014

Anyone interested in recording Fremantle‘s history on WIKIPEDIA can now attend a FREE on-line course. The Fremantle Society introduced FREOPEDIA at last year’s Heritage Festival and nearly 100 Freopedia QR plaques have been installed at significant buildings and sites around Fremantle and hundreds more will be installed this year and in the future.

Freopedia allows smartphone uses to scan the QR codes on the Freopedia plaques that directs them straight to the relevant article on WIKI. It is a great feature for tourism and Fremantle is the first WIKItown in the Southern Hemisphere.

Details on how to learn more about it below:

The School of Open will offer its popular “Writing Wikipedia Articles” course (WIKISOO) starting 25 February, 2014. This free introductory online course, now in its fourth incarnation, runs for six weeks. Enrollment is open to all.

WIKISOO students learn about the values and culture that have driven hundreds of thousands of volunteers to build Wikipedia. Through their work in the course, they join an effort that has generated millions of free articles in hundreds of languages since 2001.The course covers the technical skills needed to edit articles, and also offers practical insights into the site’s collaborative norms and social dynamics. Students graduate with a sophisticated understanding of how to use Wikipedia both as a reader and as an active participant.

The course focuses on articles about openness in education: open educational resources (OER), MOOCs, Creative Commons licenses and more. Students will forge connections with WikiProject Open, a community of volunteers focused on this topic area. Upon successful completion, students earn the WIKISOO Burba Badge.

Course registration is now open!

More course information:




Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 15, 2013

It is good to see that FREMANTLE PORTS is supporting the FREOPEDIA QR code project conceived by the Fremantle Society. The first five plaques have been installed there and look great. They will give visitors and locals the opportunity to read historic information about sites, buildings, monuments, etc. on their smartphones. All it needs is to download a free QR App.

Nearly 70 Freopedia plaques have now been installed around Freo, including at Monument Hill,  Notre Dame University and the City of Fremantle. Many more articles about Fremantle are stored on Wikipedia, so all it needs is for the Society to get funding to get more plaques manufactured..

Roel Loopers

Freopedia 1 Freopedia 2


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We walked around in the wet and windy weather a bit this morning to introduce people to the FREOPEDIA QR code project of significant Fremantle sites and ended up at that arty CHALKYS Cafe at number 1 High Street. It was nice to have a warm coffee and a good talk with friends, while outside it was hosing down with rain.

Here a little still life shot I took while there.

Roel Loopers

P.S. Expect big new things at the MOORE&MOORE Cafe in Henry Street soon, with a second expert RAW Food chef from the UK just starting there.

Chalkys still life




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If you would like to find out what FREOPEDIA is all about, why not join a walking tour this Wednesday, September 11, as part of the Meeting Place program. It starts at 10 am in front of the Round House and will introduce you to this smartphone QR code historic information app that was conceived by the Fremantle Society in collaboration with Wikimedia. The tour is free and will be conducted by Wikimedian Gideon Digby. It will be a nice two-hour stroll through the west end of Fremantle.

Freopedia is a virtual smartphone historic tour guide of Fremantle. Small signs have been attached to buildings and monuments and can be read by your smartphone camera, this will link you to the relevant article on the Wikimedia cloud library about the sites. Wikimedia is multilingual, so over time the information will come up in the language the smartphone is set on, thus making it a great feature for tourism.

Fremantle is the first Wikitown in Australia and the Southern hemisphere!

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on August 16, 2013

The Fremantle Society in collaboration with WIKImedia is holding two FREOPEDIA introduction walking sessions organised by The Meeting Place on Wednesdays August 22 and September 11 from 10 am to 12 noon, starting at the Round House.

FREOPEDIA was conceived by the Fremantle Society as a modern way of sharing our city’s heritage and history with visitors and locals. It is a QR code attached to significant sites that can be read by smartphones and will go straight to the relevant article about the sites on WIKI. It is a virtual tourguide that can be enjoyed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day at one’s own leisure and pace.

If you are interested to find out more or create articles about historic sites for the project, join Gideon Digby and me this Wednesday at 10 at the Round House!

Roel Loopers

A freopedia



Posted in fremantle by freoview on May 26, 2013

The Fremantle Heritage Festival started this weekend and there are a lot of very good and interesting events. To promote the festival the City of Fremantle has produced a very well designed and great looking program but it is let down by poor distribution. I have yet to meet anyone who received a program in the letterbox and they were not distributed through the local newspapers either. Already last Thursday the City did not have any more copies when I tried to get some to give to tourists at the Round House, but I hear whole piles of them were left outside hotels next to XPress magazine. That to me is bordering on the ridiculous.

We have a very good festival team at Fremantle council, but the festival needs to be promoted better by having copies of the brochure home delivered be that by inserting it into the Herald and Gazette or as a wrap-around. Many Fremantle people will miss out on going to fascinating talks and tours, because the City’s distribution of the programs was inadequate. That is very disappointing.

In case you have missed the promo; the significant FREOPEDIA QR code project will be launched today (Sunday May 26) at 4.30 at the Moores Building Art Centre in Henry Street. Come and join us!

Also today at 11 am at Kidogo Arthouse at Bathers Beach a talk by Ingrid Cummins on how the early settlers connected with the local Nyoongar people. It is a free event!

Roel Loopers

Heritage Festival


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