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Little High


We don’t always have to rely on our local council to beautify the streets we live in, as this example at Little High Street in Fremantle’s historic West End shows.

This little green triangle is bordered by the railway line and an on-street carpark, but local residents put some street furniture, pot plants and TLC in it, et voila!, as the frog eaters say.

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Fremantle Councillors Jon Strachan, Rachel Pemberton and Andrew Sullivan have been appointed along with four expert community members to the City of Fremantle Green Plan Working Group.

The working group will build on the principles of the City’s of Fremantle’s Green Plan (2001) to produce a revised plan to ‘green’ Fremantle and will be asked to look at enhancing green spaces in Fremantle using principles such as:

  • aiming for every resident/worker to be within walking distance (400m) of a public green space
  • the opportunity to apply Nature Play Principles to new and existing Fremantle parks and their upgrades
  • updated targets for tree planting and canopy cover (currently 1,000 trees per year)
  • develop strategy and policy to deliver a range of high quality landscaped environments capable of meeting the often competing needs placed on open spaces
  • improving habitat that supports biodiversity
  • ensuring water sensitive design
  • being responsive and adapting to climate change.

The result will be a Greening Fremantle Plan to empower the community to assist in the delivery of greening programs.

That is quite an interesting choice with Councillor Strachan opposing to grass the dustbowl at Kidogo Arthouse as it was not the right thing to do because of climate change and water shortage, while Councillors Sullivan and Pemberton were all too happy to build the concrete Youth Plaza on a public green open space.

Will a vertical garden be considered a public green space and is artificial grass part of the considerations, because real grass needs water. Just asking.

I wonder who the “community experts” are and why the city did not include their names in the above information.

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Public open space green and otherwise is something that needs to be carefully planned in a city like Fremantle and I don’t believe enough emphasises is put on that by Fremantle Council. We keep hearing that is is difficult/impossible to get land owners of different large properties to agree to collaborate and develop together so that public open space can be integrated between developments, so why not give an incentive to developers who are willing to incorporate public open space.

What about a percentage for open space policy, where a developer who builds a smaller footprint building to accommodate true public open space will get the percentage equivalent of lost floor space as additional height.

It all appears ad-hoc and reactive how local councils (not) plan for public and green open space and I believe that needs to be and can be improved, especially when higher-density living is now the target of the Western Australian government and many local councils, including Fremantle.

There will be a real need for spaces for office workers, apartment residents and visitors to relax and meet in, places where children can play, markets and events can be held, and where we can all chill out from the fast and often hectic modern life we live. To give developers an incentive to support more public open space could be a step in the right direction.

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The City of Fremantle will be establishing a Green Plan Working Group to identify opportunities for new green spaces in Fremantle and recommend options for upgrading existing parks.

The working group is to apply the Nature Play principles in their deliberations, that encourages younger people to enjoy the outdoors more often.

The aim is for every resident and worker to be within a 400-metre walking distance of a public green space.

I think that is a very good starting point, as many in the Freo community have voiced concerns about Fremantle not pro-actively creating new green spaces in an environment of higher-rise office and residential development, when there will be more need for public open green spaces to accommodate the higher number of people, especially in the CBD.

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Preserving Our Urban Forest
Saturday 15 March, 2014
9am to 12.30pm
The Grove Library
1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove

Excellent speakers;

·        Dr Paul Hardisty The Value of Urban Ecosystems in a Changing Climate   (9.45am to 10.15am)

·        Peter Ciemitis Thousand Cuts; Land Development and Loss of the Urban Forest   (10.15am to 10.45am)

·        Beyond Gardens Team  Bioscaping at Home is Easy   (11.00am to 12.00noon)

Learn why developers are clearing lots the way they do, the benefits of Perth’s urban forest and how to protect biodiversity and how to plant appropriate species in our drying climate.

To register call 1300 369 833 or the Beyond Garden’s website

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