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Fremantle architect Shane Braddock is not a happy man, and he has got every right to be annoyed.

Braddock generously permitted the installation of part of the Arcs D’Ellipses artwork to be attached to the building he owns at 35 High Street, but unfortunately a cherry picker smashed one of the glass panels of the awning.

The property owner puts a claim in with the insurers of the City of Fremantle, but they refuse to pay for the repairs because the damage was not done by a C0F employee. They recommended he puts the claim through his own insurance, but Braddock says the excess of his policy is approximately the same as the repair cost, so he would have to pay for it himself.

Permission to attach the artwork to the building was asked for by the CoF Events Coordinator and the High Tide Biennale was promoted as part of the Fremantle Festival, so why should a property owner pay for damage done by festival participants?

Market stall holders, public art artists, and events organisers, etc. are required to have  a public liability insurance, so surely High Tide should have one and should be liable to pay for the repair of the glass panel.

It is a shame that the outstanding artwork by Swiss artist Felice Varini and the fantastic High Tide now get negativity, that no doubt will result in property owners being reluctant to grant permission for future art installations on their buildings.

It’s simply not good enough!

Roel Loopers



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Bureaucracy-like car salesmen, lawyers, politicians, Dutchmen, journalists, and Roel Loopers, to name just a few-has a bad reputation.

I know one should never generalise so let me declare that I have often dealt with excellent public servants at the City of Fremantle and all levels of government.

Why am I writing this? Because I thought there must be some reason and order within City of Fremantle madness I do not understand. It’s probably not the fault of an officer but of the system and lack of rules.

Yesterday the two new fire extinguishers in the Roundhouse were tested and the contractor told me the only other devise he needed to test at Arthur Head for CoF was the one in the Gunners Cottage, which is the office of the Roundhouse volunteers.

This means that none of the artist’s studios at Captain’s and Mrs Trivett lanes have fire extinguishers installed although some of them have highly flammable goods in them. I don’t know a painter who would not have turpentine in their studio.

It seems illogical to me that the Roundhouse, that is highly unlikely to ever catch fire, needs to have two fire extinguishers, but highly flammable artist’s studios in tiny residential cottages that are also open to the public don’t have any.

If a fire broke out in one of the cottages it could very easily and rapidly spread to the others along the lane and all that heritage would be gone.

Roel Loopers


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bench 1 bench 2

Maybe I am just a whinger but the lack of eye for detail at the City of Fremantle administration far too often forces me to be negative and write blog posts about what should happen and what should not have happened. This seat and storage unit near the Roundhouse on Arthur Head is another example of COF not doing things 100 per cent.

This is quite a nicely designed bench that doubles as storage for games that visitors to the area can use, but there are a few problems with it.

I already complained on Freo’s View about the far too large sign that covers a large area of the visually attractive unit, but I only recently discovered the sign is actually attached to the lid and bottom of the unit, which prevents the lid to the larger storage area from being lifted, so the area is useless. Not a great job, COF!

The small storage area was unlocked but the Roundhouse tour guides warned COF staff that the lid is very heavy and does not have a slow release catch, so it could fall onto children’s arms or heads and cause severe injuries, so thankfully the manager of the Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre had the keys and has now locked the storage unit.

What needs to happen!

A) Remove the too large sign and put a smaller one up, so that both lids can be lifted up and both storage units used.

B) Install safety catches so the lids will only slowly go down and not hurt anyone.

Tourists are intrigued by the arty looking bench and many try to see what games are available to them, but unfortunately we now only have a seat with a large ugly sign covering a large part of it. We can and should do better, City of Fremantle!

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle, notre dame university by freoview on March 2, 2015

Circumstance is a very strange thing, as this morning proved yet again. I was asked to do an interview about migration to Australia by ten-year-old Remedy for a Lance Holt school assignment. Mum Natalie and Remy wanted to meet me at Lenny the Ox cafe but there was a queue outside so I suggested the Moore&Moore, but that too was packed. So what about that cosy little area in front of the Notre Dame University bookshop on the corner of Croke Lane and Henry Street that’s got nice big wooden benches under a tree. Fine.

The interview went well and dad Michael joined us and sat next to his wife when suddenly the back of the bench gave way and they both landed backward on the ground, with Natalie heavily banging her head against a tree trunk. She’s got a HUGE bump and hopefully no concussion and is lucky not to have broken her neck. She was going to open her LUCE DEL SOL swimwear boutique on Wray Avenue today but I am not sure now if she can do that.

Basic maintenance in public open areas, especially with wooden furniture, should be something UNDA staff has to improve on, if today’s experience was anything to go by.

Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle, health&safety, roundhouse by freoview on February 17, 2015

The City of Fremantle has some serious health&safety and public liability worries at the Roundhouse that need to be urgently addressed before someone gets badly hurt. We know of three people who have fallen because parts of the path have broken off and made the surface dangerous, but there might well be more who did not report it. It’s only a matter of time till someone will break an ankle or arm.

Repairs should be a priority at the well-visited tourist destination that attracts hundreds of people every day. The Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides who look after the Roundhouse have reported the damage and danger to the COF several times.

Roel Loopers


Posted in fremantle by freoview on December 4, 2012

Dear Father Christmas,

It is not often I write to you because I realise other people need you more than I do, but this year my wish list is not just for myself, but also for all people who live on planet earth. It is something we all desperately need and from my memory we once had. What I want for Christmas is Common Sense.

You see, Father Christmas, for some reason people have stopped taking responsibility for their own actions and instead blame others for their stupidities and wrong decisions. They believe someone else is responsible when they behave like fools, and society is paying for it.

Nowadays, dear Father Christmas people jump off bridges or mountains or balconies and when they end up in a wheelchair they blame the fact that there were no signs warning them that if they behaved irresponsibly they might get hurt or even die.

We now even need signs at beaches to warn us that when we get dumped by waves, we might hit our head on the ocean floor and get hurt. We enter the territory of sharks and crocodiles and when, once in a full moon, a human-being gets eaten by one, we want to kill them, and the media calls them rogue animals.

It will not be long until the authorities will force us to have signs near the exit doors of our homes warning us that leaving home can be a health hazard. If they don’t enforce that law they could well be sued for duty of care neglect by a drunken fool who only tried to cross a train line when a speeding train was approaching, gates were closed and bells were ringing, because it wasn’t his fault that he got badly hurt. He’ll probably also take the pub to court for allowing him to drink too much, the poor victim he is.

You see, Father Christmas, when I was brought up I was taught to look after myself, to take responsibility for my own actions, and to say sorry if I messed up, but in this modern world everyone else is responsible instead of the individual, so THEY should be doing something to stop THEM from behaving like idiots.

I believe common sense for all this Christmas would be the solution to get rid of many problems in our society. It’s a great gift I recommend to everybody.

Roel Loopers



Posted in fremantle by freoview on October 22, 2012

I am flabbergasted about the removal of the three colourful Framing Freo artworks from Kings Square by the City of Fremantle. I have been told this was done because people walk into them and they will be relocated. This nanny state approach to life and reality drives me mad. People are capable of avoiding to walk into grey lampposts but not the colourful artworks attached to them? That is pure and utter nonsense! Where now will they be relocated to when they were created for exactly the locations they were in?

What is the City going to remove next so that people don’t have to take responsibility for their own actions? Trees come straight out of the ground without warning, as do parking signs, the previous mentioned lampposts, and of course there are heaps of A-frames scattered all over the city that are bloody dangerous, and all the life threatening alfresco tables and chairs near cafes and restaurants. And what about those hip high balls crushing bollards around Kings Square and the limb maiming planter boxes?

Honestly one would rather live in Beirut and take one’s chance on a car bomb than navigating around booby trapped and land mined Fremantle. This city so dangerous for people that is should be closed by state government like the asbestos town of Wittenoom. I wonder if Greg James has a license to create explosives like he did for Kings Square.

Sorry FoC, but there is only one word for the removal of the artworks. CRAP!

Roel Loopers

Janet Nixon and Greg James with one of the Framing Freo artworks they created for Kings Square


Posted in fremantle by freoview on February 28, 2011

I am disappointed to have to report that the SUNDAY ART MARKET up at Arthur Head, next to the Round House, I proposed to the City of Fremantle, won’t go ahead.

When I approached the city I told them I was prepared to organise this art market as my contribution to the community, and my desire to revitalise the rather dull and often dead West End, as long as it would not cost anything.

Today I received an email telling me the city would be happy not to charge me any fees, but that I still would have to pay for a public liability insurance, or that stall holders would have to have their own.

Let me make it totally and absolutely clear, that I had no financial interest in the proposed market. I was not going to earn a single cent out of it. All I wanted was another outlet for local artists to sell their work to tourists and interested locals who visit the Round House area. I was willing to put my own time into this market to get it going, do the PR and be there hands on every Sunday without any personal benefit to me. However the city can’t see the merits of paying for the public liability they insist the market needs to have. I was going to do all the work for free, but am supposed to pay for the insurance out of my own pocket, or slog participating artists for it?

Fremantle prides itself on being the CITY OF ARTS, but to me it seems more like the CITY OF FARTS, as there is a lot of hot air and talk about supporting artists, but when it comes to the crunch and a few thousand dollars to support an initiative that would do something positive for this town and its arts community, it closes the till.


Roel Loopers

Roel Loopers

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