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This sounds like fun!

This Saturday night we roll into Fremantle town to play for the beautiful people at Clancy’s Fish Pub , with a pretty cool line up Nate Lansdell, Gavin Sounness, Matt Hantler, Tom FisherAshlea Reale, Kerryn Curwood, Mike de Velta (on harp), Steve Gibson will be entertaining in a campfire singalong styled setting .

Performing in a circle in the centre of the room the Ring of Fire breaks down the barriers between audience and musician as everyone gathers around the circle and join in the fun. Unrehearsed and always a slightly different line up, the Ring of Fire is a little edgy, fresh, and exciting .

This is one of those nights where the audience become the show as we sing our way through a massive list of our favourite tunes. Just like a campfire singalong, or old time jamboree ….  Welcome to the Ring of Fire. Doors open at 8pm .


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We live in strange times, where respect for fellow humans and property are often just a second thought, if at all.

I was quite surprised to see it is business as usual at the Fremantle Sail&Anchor pub this Sunday, after a young man fell from their balcony last evening at 8.30 and died in Fiona Stanley Hospital last night.

I am not blaming anyone for the accident, but I wonder why the Sail&Anchor does not show more respect for the dead man and his family by closing the pub for a day.


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A West Perth man died in hospital last night after falling from a balcony at the Fremantle Sail&Anchor pub.

He fell through the plastic weather protection that surrounds the first floor verandah to the ground of South Terrace around 8.30 pm.

People who were out and about in Fremantle last night were shocked that the Sail&Anchor remained open after the accident. Many believed it should have closed after the incident.


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Fremantle’s West End is buzzing with rumours that Sunset Events will propose a scaled-down version of the rejected tavern and outdoor music venue at J Shed on Bathers Beach. The music events organiser has a 25-year-lease for the number one studio there.

The proposal for the venue was rejected by the City of Fremantle, the WA Planning Commission and the State Administrative Tribunal, so only heaven knows why the SE directors are still trying for the same, but a bit smaller.

From my memory SAT and the WAPC rejected the proposal because a tavern and live music venue were deemed inappropriate for the A Class Reserve in one of our state’s most historic areas. The number of patrons was not the issue for the two state bodies, but a licensed pub and music venue was.

I have no doubt that should Sunset Events put a scaled-down proposal forward it will again be opposed by Fremantle community groups and end up again at WAPC and SAT. Common sense tells me that these bodies will not change their ruling just because Sunset Events is reducing the number of patrons.

A small bar/cafe and art gallery would be nice there, but anything bigger is not on.

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flag disgrace


Good to see that the Sail&Anchor have taken down the badly damaged Australia flag I complained about and replaced it with a new one, and rewarding to note that this Freo’s View blog makes a little difference in our Fremantle community.

At Freo’s View I care about the little details because a lot of little things make up the big picture. From little things big things grow. ; >). (Thanks Paul Kelly!)

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flag disgrace


The totally ripped Australian flag on top of the Sail&Anchor in Fremantle is not acceptable as it shows disrespect for our national flag. This surely did not happen over night, so management at the hotel needs to take more care of details such as this.

Surely the pub can afford to buy a  new flag now and then, and if not they should stop flying the flag as this one looks awful.

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tree reflection


A couple of winter reflections I shot in Fremantle today. The top one is at the Sail&Anchor and the second one just a few metres from there in a rain water puddle.

The sunny weather is not going to last very long according to BOM, so I made the best out of today’s lovely day.

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winter festival


The Winter Festival with ice rink, huge slide, a bar, food stalls, etc. opens at the Fremantle Esplanade today for a month, but there is another musical Winter Music Festival this Saturday, June 25 in North Fremantle as well.

There are too many bands playing to mention, but it will be at Mojos, North Fremantle Bowls Club, Railway Hotel, Swan Basement and Swan Hotel.

Tickets from

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monk 1 monk 2


The MONK Brewery on the Cappuccino Strip is applying for a change in license from restaurant to tavern, and I wonder if Fremantle Council will use their alcohol policy to reject the proposal or allow yet another venue in central Fremantle which main target is to sell as much alcohol as possible. Contrary to a restaurant license a tavern license does not require patrons to eat a meal while having a drink.

South Terrace already has the Norfolk, Sail&Anchor and Newport hotels, plus Benny’s Bar, two nightclubs and other licensed premises. Just down the road is the National Hotel and around the corner are the Strange Company and Whisper bars plus the Holy Smoke small bar in Collie Street, and also the Esplanade Hotel with two bars.

The negative anti-social impact of alcohol on society is without debate, and while no one should be a wowser about drinking, I believe the City of Fremantle does have a responsibility to look after the general public, even on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Roel Loopers


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The Western Australian liquor licensing laws are very strange and need to be looked at because what is going on at present is not fair.

In Fremantle the Fly by Night musicians club needs financial help from the City because it has taken over a year for a liquor license for Victoria Hall to be approved and that severely affected their bar profits, but at the same time pop up bars and events can get a license whenever they like. Sunset Events at J Shed has a special events license which allows them to sell alcohol whenever they put an event on, and also at Bathers Beach the Kelp bar at Kidogo Arthouse gets an occasional license often. They are open again on Easter for three days and were open three weeks ago for the Seafood Festival.

While on Good Friday bottleshops have to close and restaurants can only serve alcohol if patrons consume a substantial meal, Little Creatures was allowed to sell takeaway beer according to messages on social media because they have a special license. How can that be right and fair?

It appears that the liquor act has a preference for pop-up venues while being excruciatingly slow in granted licenses for permanent venues. Pop ups don’t invest much in the properties and get away with unsightly and stinking portaloos, while permanent venues need to spend a lot of money on having disabled toilets, male and female ones etc.

I am not criticising those operators who get special licenses but believe the system is not fair and needs an overhaul.

Roel Loopers


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