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Posted in city of fremantle, development, western australia by freoview on October 30, 2015

It is interesting to read Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt’s call in the media today for the State Government to introduce cut off boundaries for development to stop urban sprawl, which Brad Pettitt says is unsustainable. The WA government already has an infill policy but that is contested at almost every local council.

The Cambridge Mayor who supported infill was defeated at the recent local government election by someone strongly opposing it, while the City of Nedlands also believes it should be exempt from infill to preserve it’s character and identity.

The Property Council claims that infill development is more expensive and that stops it from building affordable housing in established suburbs. That contradicts what the Fremantle Mayor is claiming about Freo’s inner city development and that  “It is about offering real good housing choice.” There is no proof though that Fremantle is doing any better at providing more affordable and social housing than other councils.

I agree that urban sprawl is not sustainable, but the Great Australian Dream of a house with garden is still very much alive and part of our culture, so who is going to force people into inner city apartments when most of them are not suitable for families, or for couples who want to have children, and most apartments don’t allow pets either.

New development on the periphery should also include medium and high density and not just blocks with single or two-storey homes, as that would start helping reduce the urban sprawl. At the end of the day we are all paying for the infrastructure to the outer suburbs, so maybe people willing to live in inner city apartments should get cheaper housing or rates, or those who want the Great Aussie Dream need to pay a premium to live the dream.

I am expecting the Fremantle Mayor  to give us a detailed, and hopefully factual, account on how well Freo is doing with affordable housing soon, as he promised to do it by the weekend in response to a previous blog post here earlier this week.

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Posted in fremantle, western australia by freoview on August 14, 2015

A report by the Property Council of Australia calls for the Western Australian government to build the outer harbour in Cockburn Sound and other infrastructure projects to keep the economy going while the mining industry is facing difficulties.

The report written by URBIS also suggests the building of the MAX lightrail, expansion of the industrial areas at the Henderson marine complex, Kwinana and Rockingham.

The reports states that at a cost of $ 4,5 billon the proposed projects could create $ 27 billion of economic benefit and some 32,500 jobs. It is suggested this could be financed through the sale of assets such as Western Power.

The Property Council said there is a lack of long-term planning and the state needs to consider what is next after Elizabeth Quay, the Burswood stadium and Perth Freight Link.

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