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The graduation days at Fremantle’s Notre Dame University are very special I believe.

These are the real rite-of-passage days, where students will make the next big step from studying to entering the work force and starting their chosen profession.

There is always a lot of nervous energy and anticipation at the graduation ceremonies, and of course a sense of relief that one has made it.

Congratulations to the hundreds of students who graduate today and tomorrow at NDA. Enjoy it and celebrate!

Roel Loopers

….and the slide show of the above photos:

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The Fremantle Notre Dame University open day is always a special day where one can see the anticipation on the faces of parents and prospective future students. It is also a fun day that is very relaxing with live music, things to do and food and drinks aplenty.

The UNDA Open Day had one of the best little brochures I have seen for years and something the City of Fremantle could do for the Street Art Festival. It is handy, small, creative and very functional, so well done to the Notre Dame designer!

Here a few impressions of the day.

Roel Loopers

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Hippy Roel

I thought you could all do with a bit of a smile before the extreme seriousness of a football game called The Derby.

This is a photo of a very young Roel Loopers, when I worked as a press photographer in Nuremberg, West Germany in the 1970s. How life has changed!

Roel Loopers


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Young Zak joined me on a photo discovery tour around Fremantle on this hot Tuesday afternoon. It is amazing what one discovers when one is aware and in the moment. There are so many small moments with a bit of quirk in each day that put a smile to one’s face. All it needs is to be observant and have a camera at hand.

Roel Loopers

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maritime 1 maritime 2 maritime 3






















There is never a boring or inactive day for a photographer, because one can always go out for a walk and hunt for photos. I did that this morning and ended up taking a few graphic images of the photogenic Maritime Museum at the Fremantle harbour. Enjoy!

Roel Loopers



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There are probably not many professions that are also people’s hobbies, but it appears to be the case for musicians, and as in my case, photographers.

My mate Alex Millier is a man with real love for his profession. He is a clarinetist at the W.A. Symphony Orchestra, but he does not hesitate to hop on his bike and ride all the way from Maylands to play Jango Reinhardt style gypsy music with his French friend Romain at the Fremantle Markets. Alex also often played at Mondo Markets in Inglewood, not because he needs more money, but because he absolutely loves his profession.

Alex is a versatile and creative man, who speaks a whole lot of languages, is a great cook and connoisseur, and he knows all about coffee and roasting. He was extremely impressed with the coffee we drank at the cafe in the Freo Markets food hall. Try it. Its YUM!!

Roel Loopers

Market buskers


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Another year is gone and with more life behind than ahead of me I want to reflect on what has been the incredible journey of a shy young man born behind the tobacconist shop of my parents in a working class suburb in Hague, Netherlands.

It was a big step at 19 to move to Nuremberg in South Germany, but I had been offered a job that would make my hobby into my profession and so I became a press photographer at the Abendzeitung. What a great move it turned out to be and what a fantastic career choice. I have never regretted it.

I helped out when the local DPA (German Press Agency) photographer was on assignments or holidays and my photos were wired all over the world and appeared in all major German magazine. How proud was I to get a double spread in Stern magazine. It only happened once but it was very special and I got good money for it.

I followed the Bundesliga soccer competition and drove many long hours most weekends to places like Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt to capture the games of FC Nuremberg.

I photographed horrendous accidents, fires, murders, violent demonstrations, floods, etc. and will never forget the eerie mood when a aeroplane full of flowers crashed into a forest. In the middle of the night only lit by the lights of the emergency crews was the wreck of the plane surrounded by thousands of beautiful flowers. It was an amazing sight.

Taking photos of dress rehearsals of live theatre were assignments I loved and it taught me to learn to appreciate opera as well. Even now so many years later when I hear Cosi Fan Tuti do I remember that I took photos of it in the early 70s.

Thirteen years in this great and mad profession was enough and so I migrated to Sydney in March 1982 to find out Australia was in a recession and no one needed a photographer. Even the promised job to stand in as a shooter at the Sydney Morning Herald, while their photographers were at the Brisbane Commonwealth Games, came to nothing as they needed to save money.

So I ended up working as a kitchenhand, cook, waiter, and market researcher before deciding that I loved photography too much and started freelancing for builders, designers and the Housing Commission of NSW.

In late 1984 another move came and we moved to Perth, bought our first little brand new villa in Como and started Profile Photography. What a ride it has been!

The first job in the West was at Blina north of Derby for Canadian company Home Oil, the State Energy Commission liked my portfolio and so I became their photographer for many years. I shot assignments for architects, designers, advertising and PR agencies, property developers, the mining industry, tourism, etc.

I had exhibitions in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Geraldton, Albany and Germany and sold my art photos to many companies.

I had the pleasure of shooting a series of posters for Shell on East Timor for a week, was the official photographer for Gordon Reid, the Governor of Western Australia and for the Legislative Assembly. I travelled for a week with Princess Ann of England as the official photographer and even had dinner at her table in the Kunnunura Hotel. Life was exciting with heaps of work, lots of money and a great lifestyle, so we moved to Swanbourne into a gorgeous Californian bungalow that we extended. The wine cellar was full with Cape Mentelle wines, a client who paid us with wine.

When I think back on all this and where I am now in Fremantle, a place I adore, I see a common thread and that is people. I absolutely love people, no matter how difficult, egotistic, quirky, and different they might be. From a shy young man I became a good communicator and outgoing person who cares about others and is willing to stand up and tries to make a difference. I have hardly ever had a bad experience in my life. I have never been hungry or homeless and I have never experienced war.

My life has been a bit like a dream really, meeting great people, seeing stunning places and doing what I love doing. Sooner or later it will all come to an end but I have little regrets and wished I could live on for another 60 years and meet more unique people.

At the end of 2012 it’s time to show appreciation for all the beautiful years I have had and thank life for having me. It’s been a mind blowing experience that everyone I met made special.


Roel Loopers

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