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There is a lot of activity at Fremantle’s Princess May Park where crews are setting up the stage and light towers for the Fremantle Folk Festival at Clancy’s tomorrow.

A great line-up of bands will keep the crowd on their feet from 10 am till late, and Kylie Wheatley of Red Tent Events, the Queen of Markets, is making sure there is plenty to eat with an international variety of food stalls.

Check out the bands on the Facebook page and book your tickets now!

Roel Loopers


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Saturday October 15 in Princess May Park at Clancy’s Fish Pub, Fremantle!



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It’s only three weeks away until the inaugural Fremantle Folk Festival will be held in Fremantle’s historic Princess May Park at Clancy’s Fish Pub, on Saturday the 15th of October, so this is a reminder to book your tickets fast!

The Festival aims to be an inclusive, family-friendly celebration of the music, arts, and culture at the heart of our unique port city.

This all-day event will include a large outdoor stage, as well as the iconic Clancy’s stage – fully decked- out with impressive lighting, visuals, decorations, roaming entertainers – the works!

There will also be a fully dedicated kids activity corner and delicious food from all around the globe – truly something for everyone.

Already confirmed are a huge line-up of local and international acts, including: Abbe May’s Gospel Choir, Donna Simpson (The Waifs) & Guests, The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Jordie James (San Cisco), Kallidad (NSW), The Gyuto Monks (Tibet), Carus Thompson, Lucy Peach, Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care, The Galloping Foxleys, Ensemble Formidable, The Justin Walshe Folk Machine, The Durongs, Junkadelic, Todd Pickett, Dave Hyams, The Rogues, Billie Rogers and The Lost Quays (Sea Shanty Choir).

$55 Adults
$35 Youth (13-17) $20 Kids (5-12) Wee ones (0-4) Free

Tickets via Oztix, and from the Clancy’s Venue. Pass outs available – conditions apply.
Doors open at 10am. Concludes at 10pm.

Visit the official website Find us on Facebook at


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Subject to Fremantle Council approving the lease conditions local not-for-profit organisation DADAA is the new tenant for the 162-year-old heritage-listed Old Boys’ School at Princess May Park.

DADAA was selected ahead of 11 other applicants to lease the building. The selection process was based on a strict set of criteria which included a demonstration of broad community benefits, financial stability and the ongoing activation of the surrounding precinct.

DADAA has indicated a variety of uses for the Old Boys’ School building focused on providing a fully accessible community art and cultural hub. Some of the uses include:

an open access community print studio and production facilities
a community cinema
arts programs aimed at school-aged children
a public café and courtyard staffed by an inclusive workforce
community access band facilities
public art galleries
academic research residency programs
an urban orchards project.

DADAA’s Chair Helen Errington, who has championed an affirmation model of disability for the organisation, said the DADAA team couldn’t wait to move into their new premises. “The very central location and inclusive nature of DADAA’s new premises at the Old Boys’ School provides a perfect setting for building a healthy and vibrant community where diversity is embraced rather than feared,” she said. “It will give people with disability a place in the community where they can flourish and be recognised as integral to the mosaic of life.”


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I wonder if the City of Fremantle will be flexible enough to revisit the new masterplan for Princess May Park now that the Hilton Doubletree hotel development is delayed for at least two years, and might never happen because of the new Adina Hotel development on the Woolstores shopping centre site over the road.

The masterplan is in parts about linking the western part of Princess May Park with the terraced planned section of the Hilton, that would open up into the park with a cafe, etc. If this does not happen that part of the park might have to be redesigned to accommodate other development should the Doubletree remain a plan rather than a built reality.

Roel Loopers


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I don’t care that it seems the City of Fremantle has made an executive decision to not comment on this blog any more, but I do care that they do ignore the questions I ask and the maintenance issues I point out.

Several weeks ago I reported on the mess at the newly renovated former Boys School/FTI building, but today it looked worse and the City has no taken any action to prevent the back courtyard to be used as a dump.

Princess May Park is a significant heritage precinct in Fremantle and deserves to be cared for a lot better. Shame on you COF!

Roel Loopers


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DSC_1064 DSC_1068


Freo’s View reader David sent me some email last night about the now derelict Hilton Double Tree hotel development site on the corner of Point and Queen Adelaide streets. The developers have announced a delay of two years and David suggested the City of Fremantle could do what some eastern state councils do and beautify the area and make it into a park for the time being.

I think the idea is good but the land is no longer owned by the City and insurance issues might also be a consideration.

Does anyone have ideas how we could make a positive out of a negative and make the land near Princess May Park and the old Boys School more attractive?

Roel Looper


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The City of Fremantle has just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating the heritage-listed former Boys School/FTI building at Princess May Park, but already the anti-social behaviour has started. The little back yard is full with booze bottles and rubbish and the metal fences have been damaged and pulled off their hinges.

I wonder why the CCTV camera in the park was removed as it was a great help to identify anti-social behaviour in the area fast, to the delight of Clancy’s. The mast is still standing high but the camera is no longer there.

Roel Loopers


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Freo Hilton Hotel

The West Australian reports today that the two-year delay of the 150-room Double Tree Hilton hotel at Princess May Park is due to the many lengthy discussions between the SKS Group and the City of Fremantle’s Design Advisory Committee and heritage department.

Construction of the seven-storey hotel was due to start late last year but it now appears it will not happen for a long time, leaving that part of town in a derelict state.

Fact is that the initial design I first viewed at a public viewing was unacceptable, boring, uninspiring and disrespectful to the heritage area, so the City’s DAP and heritage department tried to get changes that would improve the proposed building.

New buildings in a historic city like Fremantle need to acknowledge and compliment the heritage of place and create a new amenity with character that respects and enhances, but instead we see developers proposing bland boxes that have no reference to the history and lack a sense of place. SKS general manager Francis Foong should not blame the development process and COF but his company’s own uninspiring design of the building.

Roel Loopers


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It is disappointing to see that there is still no building start for the Hilton Double Tree development at Fremantle’s Queen Adelaide and Point street as it was projected to start late 2015.

The site now looks derelict but the City of Fremantle told me the developers have agreed to tidy it up. They demolished the retail buildings but left the Point Street carpark standing and operational. According to my source the SKS Group have not yet applied for a building permit although all development approvals have been given by the WA Development Assessment Panel.

I contacted SKS yesterday and asked if they could tell me an estimated time of building commencement but they have not responded to my email.

The Hilton development is in my opinion critical to Fremantle’s economic recovery as it would create substantial tourist accommodation, which is lacking in our city. It is also essential for the creation of a much better Princess May Park and the modernisation of the eastern part of the CBD, so I hope the delay will not be as lengthy as the Kings Square project one.

Roel Loopers

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