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Fantastic to hear that Cruise&Maritime Voyages have announced that Fremantle will be the home port for the 1220 passengers Vasco da Gama cruise ship for their inaugural Australasian cruises 2019/20.

Princess Cruises already committed to Fremantle as their home port in Australia, so it looks like Freo will have a busy cruise season this coming summer.

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port 3

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I love being in Fremantle Port in the morning when the sun rises and the light is clear and crisp.

There is always a lot of activity at the B Shed Rottnest Island ferry terminal and the cafe there, so nice to sit and watch ships and people coming and going.

The Sea Princess arrived just after 7am when I had my second Espresso, so just a view from my table.

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I did a tour of the cruise ship Sea Princess in Fremantle port today and came away mighty impressed. It is big, majestic and elegant, to the point where it almost overwhelmed.  It’s 261 metres long, has 14 decks, bars, restaurants, a casino, gymnasium, library, spa, swimming pool, movie and entertainment theatres, etc. and accommodates 2000 passengers, who can get 24-hour room service. Sea Princess passengers consume 40 tonnes of food and drink per week; 10,000 bottles of wine and champagne, etc.

The vessel was fully booked when it left Fremantle at 5 today for a four-week cruise, and that included over 150 children from the age of 3 upward.

Princess Cruise Vice President Stuart Allison told the media pack that the cruise industry is growing fast and expected to have a million passengers a year by 2016, and that Western Australia is the state that cruises most. He said there was an overwhelming demand for cruises and that they will run all year from Fremantle next year. This will tripple the number of passengers sailing from W.A. and inject $30 million into the local economy. Next year the cruise line will carry more than 45,000 passengers to and from Fremantle between April 2015 and March 2016 on 25 cruises.

It is all very positive for Princess Cruises and the W.A. economy and I am sure the pampering one will experience during a cruise will be fantastic. Today we only met extremely friendly staff who all smiled and said hello and they are from all over the world. Our lunch was delightful. The lobster tail as entree and duck breast on red cabbage for mains was yummy, to be followed by the biggest vanilla slice I have ever seen.

One observation though. Why market the cruises as Meaningful Traveller when passengers don’t really do anything meaningful on the trip. It is not as if in every harbour there is a fundraising event to support a local charity, or help build a school, or that passengers deeply and meaningfully engage with the local culture and people of the countries they visit. No doubt a cruise is one of the safest and most comfortable ways to spend a holiday, especially for the older and less adventurous among us, but meaningful? There is no need to use spin when one has got an outstanding product, and Princess Cruises do have that.

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