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South Terrace upgrade


Works to improve the streetscape along a section of South Terrace in South Fremantle have started

The upgrade, at the intersections of South Terrace, Sydney Street and Little Lefroy Lane, will create new road surfaces and footpaths painted in vibrant colours inspired by Fremantle’s street art. It will also include new bike racks and seating, street trees, rubbish bins and drainage improvements.

The placemaking includes the widening of the footpath which will create a bigger, pedestrian-friendly area and increase the amount of alfresco space, while the new paving, street furniture and trees will make it a better lingering node space for people to enjoy,

It is anticipated that reducing the width of the road will make it safer for people to cross the street and encourage drivers to slow down, which will also allow the removal of the very unpopular temporary speed humps in that section of South Terrace.

The project is being funded with the assistance of a $200,000 grant from the state government’s Local Projects, Local Jobs program.

The design was the subject of community consultation in November last year, with 73 per cent of respondents supporting the changes. Several other public meetings organised by the South Fremantle precinct, and attended by South Fremantle Councillors and City of Fremantle staff, were held at The Local last year to hear community concerns and ideas.

This is only stage one of the improvements to South Terrace in South Fremantle, so let’s hope that they work for traffic calming and making the area more pleasant and safe for all. The entire stretch from South Street to Douro Road is due for a traffic calming and an upgrade that will hopefully result in Mainroads allowing the City to lower the speed limit to 40kph.

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I thought at the South Fremantle Precinct meeting at The Local last night how frustrating it sometimes must be to be a City of Fremantle officer and Councillor.

Three CoF officers were invited to talk about the process on the traffic calming of South Terrace and Councillor Andrew Sullivan also attended.

Questions were again raised that had already been addressed at previous community meetings and the process is about two third underway, but I don’t blame anyone for that, as it is often the case that those who attend the first meeting(s) don’t come again, while other do. It is great to see a crowd of around 60 people at a precinct meeting because community involvement is essential for the officers and elected members to make the right decisions.

Underground power is planned but who is going to pay for it. Normally it is around one third Western Power, one third City and one third paid by property owners, but the latter are very reluctant to hand over cash.

Five speed reduction platform nodes were suggested at Douro Road, South Street, Lefroy Road and Charles and Silver streets, but one resident suggested some should be put where there is already more activity such as near Abhi’s and Manna’s.

Widening footpaths to accommodate more street furniture, dedicated bicycle paths and trees all along are also on the cards.

There were concerns from residents of Marine Terrace that traffic calming along South Terrace would increase traffic in their street but as one officer said we can’t solve all problems at once and if there is a knock-on effect we have to deal with that if it happens.

Another resident pointed out that the two streets are very different with South Terrace having more cafes, restaurants, hotels and heritage buildings and hence traffic calming there made more sense than doing it along Marine Terrace.

Illegal parking makes it very difficult and dangerous for local residents to pull out of side streets onto South Terrace and parking officers should try to be more attentive to that problem.

From my own experience driving down South Terrace many times a week is that where there are activity notes motorists will slow down at Abhi’s, the Local Hotel, Lefroy Road and near the South Beach Hotel hospitality hub.

That is also happening in Wray Avenue were traffic slows down near Frank’s and Gallati’s because cars are pulling out, car doors are opened and pedestrians cross.

One of the basic facts of life is that one cannot please everyone and every change will have an impact on different areas, unless we all stop driving cars and hop on public transport or bikes.

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It’s less than three weeks to Christmas and the North Fremantle precinct will hold its annual Christmas Concert on Sunday December 11.

It starts at 6.30 pm at the North Fremantle Community Hall. Entry fee $ 5.00 per person and $ 15.00 per family.

Bring a plate and drinks and come along for a sing-along.

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It is disappointing to hear that the South Fremantle Playgroup might be losing their regular home at the Meeting Place community centre. The group received a $ 14,000 dollar grant to buy more play equipment, but have been told by the Meeting Place that they will no longer be able to store the equipment there, and that is very unpractical. Supposedly the storage room is to be converted into another meeting room, but surely a simple basic garden shed could be installed to store the kid’s play stuff. It just needs a bit of flexibility and thinking outside the box, to accommodate the play group.

Community centres need to cater for all ages and play groups are very important for children and parents to engage with the community, so come on Meeting Place, put your creative solution finding thinking caps on and come up with a solution to keep the group. You can do it!

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FICRA, the Fremantle Inner City Residents Association, is launching its SUPER TUESDAY!! discount card on November 1 at Benny’s on the cappuccino strip from 6.30-7.30.

Super Tuesday is really a super idea from this very active and vibrant precinct group. In collabortion with several restaurants in Fremantle, inner city residents will be able to have a good meal and a glass of wine or beer for only $ 22.00. The card allows two people to dine at the discounted price.

Only people living in the FICRA area will be able to get a card, so bring proof of address when you sign up for this FREE card. If you can’t make it on the night, contact:

Restaurants participating so far are Benny’s, Maya, Ginos, Portorosa, Sandrino, Soho and Kaza Blanca, and FICRA is confident more will follow soon.

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It is rare to see pro-active people with a can do attitude working at the City of Fremantle, so it is such a positive feeling to see Economic Development Coordinator Nicholas Takacs walking the streets daily to look at things and talk to people. Last Thursday he came to the J Shed to talk to artists Greg James, Jenny Dawson and Peter Zuvela, yesterday I noticed him walking around the West End with Greg James again, and tomorrow morning he has organised a tour and meeting of artists at Arthur Head for the West End Traders, to see what the idea of developing the area into an Arts Hub is all about.

It is obvious that the West End Traders and local residents should be involved in the planning process and come up with ideas, and not just leave it to state visual arts agency Artsource, so Takacs inclusiveness is refreshing and appreciated.

Instead of messing up the community that already exists at Arthur Head there are other options of revitalising the West End, as I have pointed out before:

* A small weekend art or fresh produce market at the top of High Street just under the Round House steps. And maybe the traders could do the odd fashion market there as well.

* Regular weekend music events in that location.

* A Cappuccino Strip Street Club style event. There is a kit for it available!

* Have Fremantle Festival and Street Art Festival events in the West End

Some of those events could be organised by the West End Traders and FICRA and only need a can do and let it happen attitude from the city. Nicholas Takacs is the right person to talk to then.

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