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Graffiti vandalism has been rampant in Fremantle from North to South over the last weeks.

The inconsiderate morons don’t care that it cost the community millions of dollars to clean up the stupid tagging rubbish they spray onto every surface they can find.

And the illegal bill posting of massive posters that promote music gigs is also highly annoying and not on.

Their total lack of respect for property and people is unbelievable and unacceptable!

Roel Loopers


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sign of the time

A colourful small-scale defiance against this No Bill Posters sign in the Fremantle CBD has become a little piece of art, if one takes it as the humorous statement it has become.

It’s a sign of the times we live in with so many humans now feeling the need to leave their visual marks everywhere, like dogs urinating against posts, trees and walls. The ‘Selfie Society’ has a great need for self-importance.

Roel Loopers



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Sometimes it is nice to reflect on the past and go back in time and that is what the Fremantle Arts Centre is doing with the new show ANARCHY, ROCK&INK. This is a great exhibition of outstanding posters and you can purchase many of them for only $ 50.00 and they are worth it. You can even buy them framed for very reasonable prices, so they make great presents!

In the big gallery and hallway are Rock Posters from Australia, in the small gallery is my favourite part of the show, the Political Posters from Black Cat New York City. I wished we’d still do these kind of outstanding political cry outs. There is also a lovely show of hand-made prints by W.A. artist Rachel Salmon-Lomas. I am not sure about the gimmick of showing these small prints in a dark gallery and one needs to grab a small torch to light them. It distracts from the quirky work Rachel does.

The weather forecast is not great for Sunday and the rest of the week so pop into the FAC and have fun with great poster art.

Roel Loopers

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It is quite clear that the Liberal candidate for the seat of Fremantle Matthew Hanssen is not a real estate agent as he does not appear to understand the importance of location. We know Matthew runs a successful IT business, although the Fremantle Herald reported he is a sustainability expert. Anyway, why does Matthew believe that Fremantle’s biggest eyesore, the Woolstores, is a good location to promote his election campaign? Why would he want to be associated with Demolition through Neglect, graffiti walls and damaged posters. Is it a good idea for a wannabe politician to hang next to a poster promoting lemons. Location, location, Matthew!

Roel Loopers

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It will be very interesting to see where Fremantle will be going with accommodating the needs of young people. The proposed new graffiti laws and the Esplanade skate park are both controversial but it is very important we have this discussion as we cannot push youth requirements to the side as being somehow irrelevant.

Let me make a statement upfront. I hate tags. I thinks tags are done by the same morons who carve their names and initials in ancients rocks and trees just to leave their mark. There is no artistic merit in them. But I love street art and believe great murals like the Numbat by Belgian artist ROA in Henderson Street have artistic value, as does the work by Perth spray paint artist Stormie Mills and English graffiti legend Banksy.

One concern though is that City of Fremantle council officers would make the judgment call on what is art. What will their opinion be based on?

Under the guidance of Dr Martin Drum Public Policy students at Notre Dame University have put a new graffiti law proposal to council. I was a panel member at one of the discussion groups about this which was pretty good. Now fine tuning the policy is what needs to be done. Many property owners, including Notre Dame won’t be happy with graffiti on their walls, no matter if the City judges it to be art. There are also heritage concerns to be looked into. Hypothetically the 12 walls of the Round House could be spray painted with really good artworks. Should we allow that to stay on? I don’t thinks so.

Another form of visual pollution is the huge posters promoting music events mainly. It is time the city had a policy for that and prosecuted the events managers who allow these posters to be glued randomly on walls all over the city. It is not an acceptable way of advertising. It is ugly and the posters have to be removed.

Roel Loopers


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