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We all know that Freo people are very special, even our maligned politicians, and the WA state member for Fremantle Simone McGurk proved that by abseiling the huge Central Park building in Perth to raise money for CAHOOTS.

CAHOOTS runs programs for children and youth with a disability and our Minister for Child Protection went above-well above!- and beyond to support them.

Well done Simone!

Roel Loopers

I can’t post a photo credit unfortunately as it was not supplied on the Facebook post of Simone McGurk.


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A large fire broke out at the property of Liberal party politician Matthew Hanssen this morning on the corner of Central Avenue and South Street in Beaconsfield. The building contains Mr Hanssen’s home, the Hanssen computer business and the Zedz fish&chips shop.

Matthew told me he had no idea how the blaze started but that the property is insured.

It is not a very good start of the year for Matthew Hanssen who stood for federal parliament against Melissa Parke and for state parliament against Simone McGurk. He also contested the Mayor of Fremantle election two years ago.

I feel very sorry for Matthew and the business operators as this is one of the worst starts of the year imaginable.

Roel Loopers

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The Eminent Speakers Series of Fremantle Notre Dame University will feature Melissa Parke, Federal Member for Fremantle, on August 4 from 6-7 pm.

Melissa will speak on her experiences as a United Nations lawyer. She worked as a senior lawyer in the UN for eight years from 2000-2007, including postings in Kosovo, Gaza, Lebanon and New York.

The talk will be held at the Michael Keating Room on the corner of Cliff and High Street.

RSVP or call 9433 0741

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The lack of planning behind the proposed Perth Freight Link has been confirmed by recent WA Planning Commission documents, according to Fremantle Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren.

“The headlong rush to throw dollars at a road, even one that goes nowhere, is at odds with the State Government’s more considered long-term planning processes,” Lynn MacLaren said. “This is nowhere more clearly demonstrated than in WA Planning Commission documents recently put out for public comment, which provide the basis for the Government’s long-term planning for the Perth-Peel region.

“The draft ‘Towards Perth and Peel@3.5 million’ report, released in May, states: ‘current planning indicates that the Inner Harbour at Fremantle will reach capacity by about the mid-2020s’.

“The WAPC report goes on to make multiple references to future freight going through the Outer Harbour at Kwinana and says ‘making provision for future Outer Harbour port facilities in Cockburn Sound and related planning actions’ should be a priority for the Department of Transport.

Lynn MacLaren asked “If this the WAPC’s ‘current planning’ as of May 2015, the question is why is the Government committing around $2 billion of scarce Federal and State revenue to a hugely destructive freight route leading to the Fremantle Port while neglecting the urgent need for planning and developing the Outer Harbour?’



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I believe it is important to acknowledge the work of Labor party legend Tom Uren, who recently died, in the context of the work he did for Fremantle, so I publish excerpts of the speech Fremantle MP Melissa Parke gave in Federal Parliament recently:

It was only a few months ago that we farewelled the great Gough Whitlam, and as many noted it was the Whitlam government that forged new ground in shaping policy for Australian cities and for the protection of Australian history and heritage. Those two imperatives intersected to great effect in the City of Fremantle. Indeed, following from Whitlam’s statement that government ‘should see itself as the curator and not the liquidator of the national estate’, the Prime Minister was subsequently on the record saying that ‘Fremantle will receive special attention as it is one of the few towns in Australia that retains its historic character and is at the same time a thriving community’.

 It seems too easy sometimes to mark a person by their achievements—their firsts. But in the case of Tom Uren, they speak to the interests and character of the man, and they certainly resonate with the community I represent in Fremantle. For example, Tom Uren opened Australia’s first dedicated bike path, and he was Australia’s first Minister for the Environment. More directly, as Minister for Urban and Regional Development in the Whitlam government, Tom Uren played a vital role in supporting the conservation and rehabilitation of Fremantle’s West End, now regarded by many as the best preserved 19th century port cityscape in the world.

It was through his department’s Hope Inquiry into the National Estate that a critical record of Fremantle’s historic sites was first produced, in 1973, through the work of the newly created Cities Commission. Two key documents, Fremantle Historical Buildings—Initial Study and Fremantle: Guidelines for Development were produced, and it is no exaggeration to say that they have formed the blueprint and the protective covenant of modern Fremantle. Under the Interim National Estate Committee, the forerunner of the Australian Heritage Commission, Fremantle was the beneficiary of more than $300,000 dollars in National Estate grants, in 1973-74, which included funding to save and restore the beautiful Fremantle Markets and undertake conservation work on the Round House, Western Australia’s oldest building. This absolutely crucial work, led by Tom Uren, was only possible through the local advocacy of the Fremantle Society, an organisation that continues to provide strong and constructive community input—and I acknowledge its members, past and present. I am especially grateful to Ron Davidson for his wonderful recall and storytelling when it comes to Tom Uren’s Fremantle significance, and I thank Ron and his wife, Dianne, for their authorship of the recently published book, Fighting for Fremantle: the Fremantle Society Story.

I note that when Prime Minister Bob Hawke was in Fremantle in February 1987 to open the new customs building and associated Commonwealth offices within the west end, he was accompanied by Tom Uren. On that occasion, the Prime Minister said: ‘I know Tom Uren will be getting tired of me saying this, but it is fitting that he who has played such an outstanding part in working with local government throughout Australia should be here today at the opening of another project that embodies the close cooperation he has built up between the local and federal tiers of government.’

 As the member for Fremantle, I express the gratitude of my electorate for the policy and program innovations that have helped save the precious and distinctive built heritage of the port city. The significant federal heritage grants that were provided by the recent Labor government to further conserve treasures like the Princess May Building and the World Heritage listed Fremantle Prison continued this work.

Melissa Parke MP



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The West Australian today published an opinion piece by Anthony Albanese, the federal shadow minister for cities, infrastructure and transport on the future of our cities, but it leaves more questions than it provides answers.

I can’t believe Albanese got sucked in by the sustainability propaganda crap that was reported last year that US academic John Renne refused a job in Perth because he and his family could not afford to live near a transport hub on a $ 170,000-a-year salary. That is just rich boy crying poor stuff.

Urban growth and traffic congestions are a serious concern for the Perth metro area and Albanese is correct that the Federal and State governments should be spending less on roads and more on public transport. Lightrail connecting the north of Perth, and Fremantle, Rockingham, with the universities and hospitals would be a great investment and a much better one than building a truck toll road to get containers to Fremantle port.

Decentralisation is all the go in my humble opinion. Decentralise workplaces so people do not have to commute for hours each day and, as Albanese suggests, decentralise CBDs and create second and third ones in our capital city. No doubt Fremantle should be the second Perth CBD but it gets no support from the Barnett government. To be fair though, previous Labor governments have not exactly been more generous to Freo and invested little in the port city either, but for new infrastructure at Fremantle Ports.

High-density living near busy roads and rail lines create their own problems with noise and air pollution, and mental health and social issues, so one needs to be careful where and how one creates high-density residential apartments.

I am getting pretty cynical about what constitutes so-called affordable housing, when one has to pay nearly $ 200 a week in Fremantle to just get a room in a share house. Is ‘affordable’ for a small apartment $ 400+ a week and how many low-income earners would be able to pay for that?

What Australia needs are real visionaries who are not trying to promote their own agenda. There are as many narrow-minded anti-change people as there are one-eyed sustainability ‘experts’ and we should be careful not to get sucked in by those whose only ‘vision’ is highrise near train stations.

Albanese’s article is disappointing because it lacks substance and vision and it does not state what the Labor party would do for Western Australia should they win the next federal and state elections.

Roel Loopers


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Melissa Parke Dockers

Delightful Fremantle Labor MP Melissa Parke has purpled up her offices at Wray Avenue, in support of the Fremantle Dockers football team.

Here in the photo with her staffer and Fremantle Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson who has just returned from Kabul.

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B&W 2 B&W 1



The Honourable Fred Chaney OA will be speaking on the constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians as part of the Distinguished Scholars Lectures at Fremantle Notre Dame University.

The lecture will be on September 17 at 7 pm at Tannock Hall on the corner of Cliff Street and Croke Lane, just opposite the Fremantle Herald.

It is a free event and the recognition of Australia’s Aboriginal people is very important, so be part of the debate and embrace the Recognise movement.

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bridge a bridge c

Member for Fremantle Simone McGurk drew a media crowd at noon today when all TV stations turned up to report about the accident at the railway bridge which was hit by a 14,000 ton vessel during last night’s storm.

As a consequence of it there are no trains between Fremantle and North Fremantle for possibly up to a week, according to a PTA spokesman.

Engineers were inspecting the damage from a pilot vessel while McGurk gave media interviews in which she stressed that an 2004 expert’s report had stated that the bridges are an unacceptable risk and in danger of collapsing should they get hit by a ship.

McGurk said the accident could have been a disaster and that early warning systems need to be installed so that trains get stopped immediately if there is interference with the bridge. This is one of the major routes to our State’s major port.

One has to wonder also about the stevedoring companies not suspending work last night when a severe storm warning had been issued by the weather bureau at midday. Will the MUA be happy that workers’ lives were put at risk so that the unloading of cargo would not be delayed? What if vehicles had been on the ramp of the RoRo vessel when it broke its moorings. Cars and people could have ended up in the water. The Harbour Master’s claim on ABC radio that the wind gust game unexpected seems uninformed at best.

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I lost my Coolbellup virginity today when I finally made the trip south-east to visit the COOBY FARMERS MARKET at the Len Packham reserve. It was quite an eye opener for me to see how tidy and green Cooby is and what a cute little market they have created there. It was also good to see familiar faces of some of the stall holders and the delightful owners of Zab Salad selling their yummy Indian food. If you miss them at the markets, visit their cafe at 142 High Street in Fremantle, opposite Victoria Hall and the RAW Kitchen. I highly recommend them!

Good to see Labor Party president candidate MLA Peter Tinley and family there as well. Good luck, Peter.

Meeting up with Nicholas Takacs of ABEAUTIFULCITY, who was at the market, is always inspiring, because we both have a real passion for Freo and we have so many ideas and simple solutions between us on how to improve our city and come up with innovative ways of doing things differently, that one has to ask why governments don’t tap into that creative knowledge pool better and more often.

The Cooby Farmers Market is still on till 2 pm today and every last Saturday of the month from 9 am to 2 pm. Be daring and leave Freo for a change!

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