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Fremantle’s Silverleaf Investments owner Gerard O’Brien is not a happy man, according to the FREMANTLE HERALD, after the WA State Government announced it will be building its own new Freo Police Station, although it was put out to tender and the Woolstores site was shortlisted.

The Herald writes that Police Minister Michelle Roberts declared they have identified a suitable site in Fremantle, which is the good news, however, a state government property won’t have to pay local council rates, so this is not the best outcome for the cash-strapped City of Fremantle.

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The latest proposal for the development of the Woolstores shopping centre site will go before Fremantle Council this Wednesday. The plans have been altered again and now include the six retail properties along Queen Street.

While Police Minister Michelle Roberts announced three weeks ago, after police vehicles had been set on fire in Fremantle, that a purpose built new police station was planned, she would not reveal the location, but this proposal shows it would be within this development in an area of the city that needs more police presence, so it will be a welcome move for our community.

Approval is sought for the partial demolition of the southern portion of the existing Woolstores Shopping Centre buildingat No.28 Cantonment Street, Fremantle, the demolition of the six commercial tenancies at 20 Elder Place and the construction of a six (6) storey with basement Mixed use development including Shop,Liquor Store,Office, Restaurant, Civic Use (Police Station), Public Car Park, Childcare premises and Hotel uses. 

Specifically, the development includes the following:Reducing the size of the existing Coles Supermarket from 4,300sqm to 3,200sqm.The development of a 209.3m2Liquor Store adjacent to the Coles Supermarket.

The inclusion of a basement accommodating building services and 159 car parking bays.•A six (6) storeybuilding along the Queen Street frontage including:

Ground level retail tenancies (1107.5m2), a restaurant (105m2), an office (199m2), an office lift lobby and a hotel foyer (396.1m2).

A Childcare premises to the first floor accessed via Cantonment Street(743.3m2building with 703.3m2yard).

First level office tenancies (1322.5m2in total) and hotel amenities (conference rooms, pool deck, balcony); and 141 hotel rooms over levels 2to5.

A five (5) storey police station building (Civic Use) accessed from Elder Place and Cantonment Street to include:

Ground level amenities, lobby, and workshop in addition to 8 visitor car parking bays, 10 car parking bays, bus, caravan, prisoner van, and truck parking.

Car parking for 113 cars on the first floor.o7081m2of police office over levels 3 to 5.

The majority of the existing public car park to the north of the site is to be retained, with modifications to the layout to accommodate the new police building.

The existing shops adjacent to the northern carpark are proposed to be changed to a 192.5m2 Restaurant use with outdoor seating provided within the subject site.

The proposal includes a brick, metal and glass five (5) storey building to the southern portion of the existing Woolstores shopping centre intended to contain the proposed Civic Use (Police Station) and a six (6) storey glass and metal building above a brick podium. The six storey building is surrounded by angled fins.

The $ 15 million development proposal needs to be approved by the state’s JDAP, so Fremantle Council can only recommend it to JDAP for approval.which I hope they will do.

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Good to know that police have charged a 27-year-old man from Gosnells for the torching of three police cars in Leake Street on Sunday night.

Damage to the cars is estimated to be $ 160,000, so it is good to get people who commit these crimes off our streets.

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Fremantle POLICE wants to question this man as a person of interest about the stolen Bella sculpture from Bathers Beach, so if you recognise this person please do call Police!

At about 3.30am on Wednesday 9th October 2019, offender/s stole the ‘Bella’ statue valued at $50,000 from Mews Road, Bathers Beach, Fremantle.
The male depicted below is wanted for questioning in relation to the stealing. He was last sighted travelling in an Easterly direction along the cycle lane, parallel to the Fremantle Station rail line with the distinctive bicycle trailer.
If you have any information please contact Fremantle Detectives on 9431 1228.
Incident Report 091019 1315 89131 refers.

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The City of Fremantle is seeking public feedback on a new Community Safety Plan.

The draft Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan sets priorities for community safety and crime prevention for the next five years across the City of Fremantle.

It was developed by the City’s Community Safety Reference Group, which includes senior members of WA Police, City of Fremantle elected members and staff.

The plan is based on the input received from nearly 500 people who were engaged either online or face to face via workshops, school visits, forums or surveys during an extensive community engagement process.

The aim of the City is to create an environment in Fremantle where people feel safe, with public spaces designed to be actively used throughout the day and night that encourages people to linger and interact.

The City of Fremantle has made a big effort towards community safety by increasing the Community Safety Team and the CCTV network which will be expanded this year.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said “But community safety and crime prevention are complex issues and many aspects are not under the control of local government, so it needs a collaborative effort from all tiers of government, local businesses and the community.

“That’s why the Community Safety Plan includes direct actions for the City to implement, and also identifies other areas outside of our control where we can advocate on behalf of the community.”

Some of the recommendations in the plan include maintaining relationships with WA Police and support for crime prevention campaigns such as ‘Look, Lock, Leave’ and Neighbourhood Watch.

The plan also recommends the City continue to work with community service providers to increase the level of social support available in Fremantle, such as the recently announced 20 Lives 20 Homes program, and continue to share information with the business community.

Other actions include the installation of safe parking zones to deter bike theft, seeking opportunities and funding to expand the CCTV network and improved lighting.

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan is out for public comment until Friday 23 August.

For more information and to provide feedback visit the City of Fremantle’s My Say Freo website.

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Those people who constantly hammer Fremantle Council with criticism about vacant shops, homeless people, anti social behaviour and crime would do well to pay attention to recent media reports.

Shops, cafes and restaurants in Mount Lawley along once extremely popular Beaufort Street are closing in large numbers and they blame high rents and a drop in foot traffic for that.

The decline in retail is happening all over metropolitan Perth, Australia and the world as the traditional high street shopping destinations have been replaced with huge suburban shopping centres on the outskirts.

Media reports about excessive shop lifting and anti social behaviour in Cockburn, Rockingham, Canning, etc have become common, and the West Australian dedicated two pages of their weekend edition on the issues of homelessness in the Perth CBD.

There are no easy solutions for any of these problems and the call from traders for councils to demand that property owners charge lower rents is as unrealistic as it would be unlawful. Governments can not dictate what rents property owners can charge and while high rents in the present retail climate appear almost indecent and selfish there is very little local or state governments can do about it.

Some owners are better and allow pop-up shops to fill vacant shops, but only for a very limited time, so that is only a short-term ‘solution’.

Crime and anti social  behaviour are State responsibility and while Fremantle and most councils do have their own very good security officers they are often powerless as they do not have the right to issue move-on notices or arrest people.

There is no doubt though that the perception of not feeling safe will keep people away. Foot traffic numbers in the Cappuccino Strip have dropped dramatically while they have increased quite a bit in High Street in the West End. The latter is probably mainly due to Notre Dame University students pounding the pavement.

It is always strange to notice on busy Freo weekends how many people are walking along South Terrace but when I turn into High Street the street is nearly void of pedestrians.  Visitors seem to prefer Collie and Essex streets for their East West movement and ignore the far more attractive historic High Street.  Why is that, I wonder?

A prominent Freo business owner urged me last week to promote that we collectively stop talking our city down and that we have to start telling ourselves and our visitors how special Fremantle is.

Only yesterday at the Roundhouse two German tourists told me how much they liked Freo and how friendly people here are, and the volunteer guides hear those kind of remarks very often. We receive so much positive feedback from overseas and interstate visitors that it is hard to believe that some Fremantle residents and traders here have such a negative opinion about our gorgeous little city.

Freo is a great place but like most other suburbs has similar problems and struggles with the retail economy,  anti social behaviour and crime. Attracting more visitors to Freo will partly help with that, and that can only be achieved by not talking our city down, but by talking it up. Let’s give it a try!

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Dozens of tyres were slashed last night in Kings William and Attfield Streets in South Fremantle.

Many cars did have two tyres slashed which required a mobile tyre repair company to attend this morning.

A lot of people are now hundreds of dollars out of pockets because of some brain dead idiot(s) who believe it is funny to vandalise other people’s cars.

This happened about two years ago as well in the same area with even more cars damaged, and I also had two tyres on my car punctured.

These vandals are fools and criminals, so I hope the police will catch them!!

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FREO NOW-formerly BID-are writing to the Minister for Police and WA Police Commissioner about the escalating safety issues in Fremantle.

Shop owners are fed up with shop lifting, violence, anti-social behaviour and foul language in the CBD and want more police presence on the streets and stronger action taken.

Only a few months ago Fremantle residents and business owners were told that the crime statistics for Fremantle had been going down steadily, but that does not appear to be the case when one hears of a woman being assaulted at Mills Records and an armed robbery at Rip Curl.

Drug dealing and anti-social behaviour are daily occurrences in High Street near the backpackers on the corner of Henry Street, and so is shop-lifting all over the CBD.

When people feel unsafe in the inner city of Fremantle they will not come for shopping or to enjoy the entertainment our city often has on offer, so more needs to be done by WA Police because the City of Fremantle unfairly gets the flack for it.

More police walking the beat is essential to deter and prevent crime, but from my observations fewer officers are on the streets now than six months ago.

Our traders are doing it tough as it is, so they don’t need more stress and worries and getting abused by out of control vagrants.

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The City of Fremantle will receive a $ 928,000 federal government grant to upgrade its CCTV system and also implement Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, at the request of WA Police.

The CCTV plan 2019-2023 will see the installation of an additional 25 fixed high definition, 360 degree CCTV cameras, five of the ANPR, two mobile CCTV trailers and installation of optic fibre within the CBD.

Future expansion of CCTV in the suburbs at key locations is also planned.

Councillor Sam Wainwright was concerned at the Ordinary Council meeting last night that facial recognition technology might just be added without Council approval, but was assured Council would have to approve it before it could be implemented.

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One thing is for sure about Fremantle’s Silverleaf Investments; they don’t dilly-dally.

Soon after receiving planning approval to develop the former Justice&Police complex in Henderson Street they have started on the exiting project.

Asbestos specialists and demolition workers of ANZENVIRO are doing the preparatory work and were busy this morning when I drove by.

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