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At the Planning Commission on Wednesday evening the Chair of the City of Fremantle’s Design Advisory Committee Professor Geoffrey London expressed concerns about the proposed building for 18-22 Adelaide Street and how it would impact on the public realm, etc.

It made me wonder if the planning process needs to be adjusted to give more power to the DAC and make developers and their architects aware that unless the DAC suggested changes to the design are made the building application will not progress and be put in front of the Elected Members.

It is a waste of time to bring a planning approval to the Councillors when the expert architect panel is not happy with the design plans, hence the deferrals and delays we are getting and applicants are upset about.

It seems very strange that the DAC still has concerns but the planning and heritage officers recommended approval for the in my opinion totally unsuitable building for historic Kings Square.

It is likely there are inflated egos involved in the process and architects not wanting to take advise from other architects who are on the DAC, but tough titties to those who design shit and want us to believe we are looking at red roses.

I cannot at all understand that planning officers recommend approval when DAC architects have serious concerns, and the idea that this can be sorted after planning approval has been given is ridiculous because the developers will believe they got away with it.

In this case the developer is expecting discretionary additional height for an boring, ugly box and wants even more reward for building rubbish by asking to be exempt from paying the percentage for art/heritage sum.

Kings Square is a very precious and historically significant area of Fremantle and nothing but the best is good enough. As Councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge said, we want beautiful buildings!

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The building proposal for a five-storey tourist accommodation at 18-22 Adelaide Street at Fremantle’s Kings Square was unanimously deferred by the City of Fremantle Planning Commission tonight.

Public speakers objected to the proposal because of inappropriate height, heritage concerns and deemed it detrimental to adjoining properties and the public amenity.

It was pointed out also hat approving this inappropriate building would set a precedent for other property owners in the area.

Occupants of units at the Cantonment Street Dodson’s building behind the proposed development claimed it would negatively affect their lifestyle, sun light and air flow into their building and were also concerned about the staircase being too close to their living areas which would result in noise issues.

Committee chair Jon Strachan said he believed the proposal had not met the requirements to allow for discretionary additional heights and it would not create the best heritage outcomes.

Councillors Hannah Fitzhardinge and David Coggin expressed that a message needed to be sent to developers that we want high quality buildings in the inner city, especially at historic Kings Square, while professor Geoffrey Bolton said the CoF Design Advisory Committee were concerned about the impact on the public realm.

Councillor Jeff McDonald said we needed to respect what we already have at Kings Square and a five storey spike would impact on the Townhall.

It now has to be seen if the developer and architect will listen to the concerns of the community, elected members and Design Advisory Committee and make substantial changes. The developer murmured when he walked out that this was like Italy under Mussolini and that one could not even do what one wants with one’s own property.

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The article about development by WA Planning Minister Donna Faragher in today’s West Australian newspaper shows the Liberal party has resigned to the fact they can’t win the seat of Fremantle at the state election in March.

While the minister is excited about all the development in Cockburn, Midland, etc. she does not mention Fremantle once, although the port city is in an unprecedented development boom. So let’s update the minister on what goes on in good old Freo nowadays.

The Heirloom by Match apartments have just opened and opposite from there the LIV Defence Housing is building a huge residential development. Down the road next to St Pat’s another large apartment building will be built and just a couple of metres from there another one at Beach Street.

The Hilton Doubletree development should start early this year and the Quest hotel opened late last year in Packenham Street, while the B. apartments at Bathers Bay are also building new rooms.

Plans for an eight storey apartment building on the former Spotlight site have been approved and plans are well under way for residential development of the former Fremantle Workers Club, while Match is also building new apartments opposite the Local Hotel in South Freo and are developing the former Energy Museum site.

Oh and Minister, there is also a huge development commencing at Kings Square this year, in case you have not heard about it, and the Atwell Arcade development has also been completed, and there are many more substantial building projects in the pipeline for Fremantle.

And the heritage Warders and Gunners cottages are now also ready for occupation, dear Donna.

There is a lot going on in Fremantle and it is disrespectful of the Minister for Planning to not mention it at all.

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A report by Knight Frank identifies that there is a shortfall of well over 23,000 Purpose Built Student Accommodation-PBSA in Perth and a staggering near 300,000 shortfall in Australia.

I have long advocated for more student housing in Fremantle for Notre Dame University students and for those at Murdoch and Curtin, as long as the accommodation is built near public transport nodes.

With an oversupply of residential apartments it might now be the time for developers to start thinking about student accommodation and for governments to support it by offering land at reduced prices.

In Fremantle it would be an economic investment to support our traders and the hospitality industry as thousands of students living here would shop and consume here and eat and drink at our cafes and restaurants.  And they would bring that great youthful vibrancy to the city.

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This evening Fremantle Council will decide if it wants to extend the Kings Square Project contract between the City of Fremantle and Sirona Capital and I wonder if it would be an acceptable compromise to extend it if both parties agree to make public the entire contract and Leedwell consultants business case, if the Department of Housing signs a lease to move there. Commercial confidentiality would surely no longer apply once the deal is done, as a third party could no longer benefit from the information. When the contract is signed total transparency could occur.

It is also likely that the Department of Finance, which will make the decision where Housing will be relocated to, would want to scrutinise the project’s contract details to make sure they don’t sign up for something that is dodgy and that might end up in court, as community groups threaten to do.

For me the project is too important for Fremantle’s recovery to stop it now because it would take a very long time to renegotiate a new contract with Sirona, as some suggest, and the company might not be interested in doing that. It would take forever to start from scratch and come up with new plans for the civic square, after extensive community consultation for the current plans.

Stopping now would mean we lost three years, while there is a real 50 per cent chance of Housing moving to Kings Square. Premier Colin Barnett has said the government is only considering two locations in Fremantle, one of them Kings Square.

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I am in favour of the Kings Square Project because I believe the revitalisation of the CBD hinges on an active civic square, but I remain sceptical about the process and the lack of transparency and want to elaborate on that.

The City of Fremantle claims it cannot release the Leedwell business case report because the consultants own the copyright to that report. That is rubbish. Consultants who are commissioned to write reports for local governments are aware that local governments are accountable to their ratepayers and the public and that the report will be made public.

The City of Fremantle releases information to the public that is copyright constantly in agendas and agenda attachments. The new civic centre plans are copyright of Kerie Hill architects but were released by the City. The Hilton Hotel, the Queensgate, Spicers site, etc. etc. were all released by the City although they clearly do not have the copyright. Every architectural plan and artist impression is copyright, but that has never stopped the COF releasing them to the public. The Cantonment Hill plans are copyright of CODA, but they are out in public. So why are they hiding the Leedwell business case report and claim it is a copyright issue?

Commercial confidentiality is the most used excuse for not releasing information to the public by local, state and federal governments, but it is an abuse of process because the same governments will release anything that suits them, but just not the controversial bits we want to know in detail about, and have a right to know.

We know for example exactly how much money the contractors will get for the renovation of the Townhall, so why is that not commercially confidential? We know the names of design companies who tender to become part of the pool, we know which ones get shortlisted and we are told by the City who won the tender, but when we ask who the other companies were who tendered for the lease of Studio 1 at J Shed we are not told, but assured Sunset Events was the most suitable tender. No wonder the residents of Fremantle think it stinks and that something synister might be going on.

We are not really asking that much, we just ask for transparency and accountability, so why do we only get some of it and only in dribs and drabs as we keep pushing and demanding for more?

The same questions have been asked for years by experts such at Martin Lee and well respected auditor Craig Ross about Kings Square, and they don’t believe the answers they have been getting, mainly from Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt, are satisfactory, so where is the problem? None of the three people mentioned are stupid, so somehow the communication is not working and that is not acceptable. I don’t want to believe the Mayor is deliberately evasive so why don’t we seem to get the right answers to the questions?

Maybe it is time for Lee and Ross to write a polite letter to Leedwell telling them their reputation is on the line as the information released by the City of Fremantle is very different from what other experts say about the finances of the Kings Square Project and building valuations. Maybe Ross and Lee can ask Leedwell exactly the questions they have been asking the City of Fremantle and they can assure the consultants that the City would be happy for them to make their valuations public because COF has only not done that so far to protect Leedwell’s copyright.

On Tuesday the new CEO of Fremantle will officially start work, so maybe Phil St John is more inclined to release more detailed information about the Kings Square Project to the public, we could just very diplomatically ask him to do that as one of the first jobs in his new position.

I am no longer a member of the Fremantle Society but I have been leaked a letter their president John Dowson sent to the members after he met with Premier Colin Barnett about the Kings Square Project. Dowson claims: “As the Premier said to me today: “There are elements of this Business Plan that smell of WA Inc.”

That is a pretty defamatory statement by the Premier after his Minister for Local Government said he had no issues with it.

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Kings Square as it was in 1957. Two triangles.

Kings Square as it was in 1957. Two triangles.


With Fremantle Council having to decide in the next weeks if it will extend the Kings Square project contract with Sirona Capital, I believe it would be a good idea to revisit the actual ideas and question if they will be the best outcome for our civic square.

When community consultation was under way there was always talk about having a hotel on the square to ensure 24/7 activation, but somehow that came undone and the project as it stands will only deliver retail and office accommodation.

I do not believe that Kings Square will ever become truly activated unless there is a residential component in either or both the Queensgate and former Myer buildings.

Possible future development within the large block between Queen Adelaide, High Street, Queen Street, facing Kings Square, should also only be approved if it contains residential apartments that would help with the passive surveillance of the square and day and night activation.

Without residential and/or tourist accommodation at Kings Square it will remain a dark and uninviting place at night in the centre of the city, a few street level bars or cafes within the KS poject won’t be enough. That is even more of a worry when the planned hotels at Cantonment Street and Point Street are built, as hundreds of visitors would walk through the deserted and hence unsafe area to the cafes and restaurants west of the square.

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There is a good editorial in the West Australian newspapers today about the Perth Freight Link by Economic Editior Shane Wright. It is nice to read something that is not bias or has political motivation, as it clears the head a bit from the hubris one often gets from political parties and NIMBYS.

Editor Shane Wright rightly questions the process of the project and writes that before the announcement in May 2014 the Perth Freight Link did not exist and all the WA government wanted was to build the Roe 8 highway extension and upgrade the High Street, Stirling Highway intersection to accommodate trucks. I have to note here that both these projects were also controversial and locals protested against them.

Shane Wright says that one of the largest pieces of public road ever to be built in WA was “Thrown together far too quickly.” And that “Such a large project was always going to face problems, from legal to construction.”

As many opponents have stated, the PFL might solve some of the issues getting freight to Fremantle Port and associated traffic problems, but Shane Wright points out that there is a “glaring problem” as the PFL fails to cross the Swan River and reach the port. “A truck carpark is going to be created where the new built road pops up near the Canning Highway.” he writes.

He continues with mentioning the Supreme Court ruling on the Environmental Protection Authority failed process and that this all could have been avoided if proper process had taken place.

I believe what all governments and all political parties too often do to gain political mileage is damaging, as costly delays happen, consultants get paid huge sums for ill-conceived projects that never get off the ground, unnecessary anxiety is created in the community, and they waste enormous amounts of taxpayers’ money by grandstanding to get some political gain. That really is the story of the Perth Freight Link shambles.

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I encourage the Fremantle community to scrutinise Fremantle Council and I applaud the tenacity of a small number of people who want to read the fine print of the City’s Kings Square project contract with Sirona Capital, because we should know what is going on. When large sums of ratepayers’ money is being spent Council needs to be totally transparent and accountable and not hide behind cleverness, avoidance and spin.

Having said that, I don’t believe it is helpful that there is so much aggression and negativity from the community and that the attacks on Elected members are quite personal.

The constant cries by a small number of people and community groups to get rid of the Council appears not to be what the electorate of Fremantle wants. At the last Council election only Robert Fittock in North Fremantle was voted out and Hilton got a new Councillor because Bill Massie retired. All other four wards decided to reelect their sitting members, so Rachel Pemberton, Dave Hume, Jon Strachan and Ingrid Waltham did get another four years. That is a sign the community either does not care and is apathetic or that they endorse what those candidates stand for and have achieved in their first four years.

I hear rumours that former Councillors in the Fremantle Society leadership want to become the next Mayor of Fremante. I believe that would be a disaster for our city as developers would turn their back on Freo in a flash and the economic progress that is going on would come to a grinding halt.

There have been many issues Council has decided that I don’t agree with and this Freo’s View blog has ben persistent in scrutinising Council for five and a half years. I personally have written many submissions and emails to Council and have on numerous occasions addressed Council and committees, but unlike some I also give credit to Council and officers when I believe credit is due.

Council bashing as a matter of course is counter productive. Council is not the enemy of the community and things are not as black&white as some on social media want us to believe. Criticism is good but it has to be fair and ideally with some positive suggestions on how things can be done better, just attacking individual members and nearly all Council decisions is unfair and a bit silly.

Fremantle needs change, modernisation and development, more people living and working in our city and more people being able to stay overnight in new hotels. We need new retailers to make the shopping experience in Freo more diverse and exciting. We don’t need people who say they are not against development but who fight most change and modernisation in our struggling city. I can’t support that.

Government is like life, it is all about getting the balance right. I believe that an intelligent Council sometimes should reflect and reposition itself. Stubbornness is not a good advisor and neither is ego. It requires guts and backbone to admit one did not get it right, but it is very liberating when one does it. Most people respect those who admit they did get it wrong sometimes. No one is perfect, not even those who criticise council, I included. I would love our Fremantle Councillors to sometimes say we got ourselves in a bit of a mess here, how can we change that to get the best outcome for our city.

The negative perception about Fremantle Council is akin to the perception that there are parking issues in Freo, so Councillors need to change that perception and show the community that the City is not run on a green mantra but that the decisions which are made are based on sound city planning, financial, economic and community best practice The perception that Fremanle is anti cars is dangerous in a fast ageing population, so let us slow down a bit on the unbalanced investment in bicycle infrastructure and invest more in the maintenance things that rile the community.

Good governance is accepting reality and making sound decisions. At local government policies should not be political decisions based on a narrow-focus philosophy, but catering for the whole community in a balanced way.

We need to have a very robust, very open and very honest debate between the community and our representatives on Council, but it needs to be respectful from all sides. Being dismissive and negative is not a productive way forward and it creates unnecessary resentment. Everyone of us has got passion and love for Fremantle and we all want the best for our city. We need to realise though that we will never agree on how we can best achieve that and decisions made by our Councillors will at times be controversial and even questionable, but that is the reality of life, and after all we voted them in to make the hard and unpopular decisions.

Change is inevitable. The world is not the same as it was yesterday and tomorrow won’t be the same as today. We should embrace good change and change bad change into good.

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I wonder if the City of Fremantle will be flexible enough to revisit the new masterplan for Princess May Park now that the Hilton Doubletree hotel development is delayed for at least two years, and might never happen because of the new Adina Hotel development on the Woolstores shopping centre site over the road.

The masterplan is in parts about linking the western part of Princess May Park with the terraced planned section of the Hilton, that would open up into the park with a cafe, etc. If this does not happen that part of the park might have to be redesigned to accommodate other development should the Doubletree remain a plan rather than a built reality.

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