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Here a few more impressions of the Fremantle Street Arts Festival, which continues all day today from 12 noon and finishes with the great FLAQUE show in the Townhall at 8 pm, so don’t miss that last show as festival director Alex Marshall told me yesterday it is the outstanding show of the festival.

There are shows at Little Creatures, Bathers Beach, Fremantle Prison and along the Cappuccino Strip and there are plenty of outlets to buy food and drinks.

The weather is going to be perfect and sunny and not too hot, so no excuses not to enjoy the Freo fun!

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Beacy Primary FestThe BEACONSFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL are looking for parents who are entertainers (musicians, magicians, whatever your talent may be!) who would like to perform as part of the school fete on Saturday, 24th October.

If this is something you would like to do please contact to register your interest.

It should be a fun day, so be part of it!

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OLE for FB

I happened to walk past the Esplanade Hotel when this performer of the Spanish OLE group had a bit of quiet time from performing at the Fremantle STREET ARTS FESTIVAL. It made for a nice photo.

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Here the first impressions of the Fremantle Street Arts Festival. I am going to hang out there the next two days as well, so many more photos to come.

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There is a very nice vibe around Fremantle today with the start of the STREET ART FESTIVAL. Hundreds of smiling faces and people enjoying themselves, markets in High and Market streets and in Pioneer Park and on Kings Square, while the buskers were all over town from the Fishing Boat Harbour to the Arts Centre.

Here some first impressions of a few of the acts and more to follow tomorrow. Great to see Councillor Dave Cogging getting involved and participating in one of the acts. it’s all in a day’s work for a local councillor.

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The fantastic, creative and fun Fremantle STREET ART FESTIVAL is almost upon us, so get ready for a great long Easter weekend in Freo. There are pitches(stages) all over the city and Marine Terrace will be closed for traffic. It’s fun for the kids and the grown ups, so don’t miss out!

From France we will see Le Chant Des Pavillons, inspired by Shaun Tan’s The Arrival, with weird instruments that are made of strings and horns. Men multi-tasking? I’ like to see that! Also from France is Claire Ducreax, who will be performing dance and physical theatre in Smile Of The Shipwrecked. There is more Vive le France from Acquacoustique who will be jumping into the Fishing Boat Harbour to perform Concert Eau In Sea Minor.

From my birth country the Netherlands come Close Act Theatre with SAURUS, the presumed extinct biggest animals that ever roamed the earth. Hold onto your parents, kids!!! Holland’s much hated next door neighbours Belgium(only when they play soccer against each other) brings Fallen Thoughts by Studio Eclipse who perform out of trees, so lay back and relax.

Leandre from Spain does No Se, but never knows what he will be doing as he improvises on the spot. It’s mad and magic!

From the United Kingdom comes Mat Ricardo. It’s sharp and fast and great tricks from a man with a smart mouth and nice suit. Also from the UK is Peter Mielniczek. The show was called “stupid, nonsensical, indulgent, pathetic and insulting” by the NZ Capital Times, but the critic then added “I loved it” and no doubt I will as well.

The beautiful Swiss Jessica Arpin will act out Kalabaza, about a young foreigner who fells in love with Australia and marries a local so she can stay.

From Israel come Cirque No Problem with trapez and rope walking. Great showmanship.

From the second country I lived in, Germany, comes Hilby The Skinny German Juggle Guy, so watch out for the Kraut.

There are many more performers from Australia, Sweden, Japan, etc. and it should be a weekend of great entertainment and fun.

If you don’t live in Freo, move in for three days, pitch your tent in a friend’s backyard, book a nice room in one of our many B&Bs, sleep on the couch of someone who feels sorry for you, or don’t sleep and stay awake for the international Street Art Festival. It’s my favourite Freo Fest and I’ll be taking photos every day, so check out for the slide shows.

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With the Fremantle Festival program now out I assume the festival officers at the City of Fremantle will now start organising the Fremantle Street Art Festival, the three day Easter long weekend show.

Traders in the West End of town have asked for years for one of the ‘pitches’ to be put at the end of High Street under the Round House, but have been told that the buskers don’t want to perform there because there are not enough people to make it worth their while financially.

It’s the chicken and the egg thing we hear, but is that good enough? Why can’t the City support the traders in the west end by paying those who perform near the Round House a retainer so they don’t miss out on income. After all, performers at the Street Art Festival do get paid up to $ 600.00 by the city for each time they do their act at Fremantle Prison. Surely supporting local retailers should have priority over having performances near the state owned and run prison.

I am certain that if promoted well and with the support of west end traders, who are willing to partly subsidise performers playing in their end of town, a Round House ‘pitch’ will be successful for all. It’s time for CoF to say YES to the west end of the city and to stop acting as if it is the third rate slum part of town as far as festivals are concerned. Traders up this way pay the same rates and have the right to expect support from council. We need more activity in High Street to revitalise the area.

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The Fremantle Markets is offering a retainer for buskers to play at the markets, to make sure more buskers are performing there more often. Contact Fremantle Markets and see what they offer. For more info go to the website.

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The Fremantle STREET ARTS FESTIVAL started on Saturday, so here a few photos of it. I could not get in the mood, so the pics are pretty average in my  opinion, and not up to the standards I set for myself, but I needed to publish something about the festival, so no one could accuse me of boycotting it. ;>) I hope to have much better photos of the performers and crowd later today.

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The final day of what seemed to be a never ending great Easter long weekend, so here a few more photos of the very well organised and advertised FREMANTLE STREET ART FESTIVAL 2011.

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