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white house


A white coat of paint makes the High Street building of Fremantle architect Shane Braddock look so much better.

The bits of yellow art foil were finally removed and the entire facade painted white which is much better than the creamy colour it was. Great outcome!

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art 3

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How stunning the 1903 Owston’s Building in Fremantle’s Cliff Street looks after the removal of the yellow foil and a new coat of paint!

The owners will also paint the entire facade below the awning, so that will make it even better.

Next door on the corner of Cliff Street the building owned by former Freo Mayor Peter Tagliaferri is now also getting all the TLC it deserves, so High Street is going to be a stunner.

Now how can we convince building owners east of Henry Street to also paint their buildings, so that High Street will become even more of a heritage feature for our visitors?

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I bumped into the owner of one of the apartments at 2 High Street and had a chat with him about the removal of the yellow foil of the Felice Varini Arcs D’Ellipse artwork. He said the owners of the building are very happy with the way the work has been done professionally by the BUDO group and are delighted about the result.

The owner, a former president of FICRA, also said that we should not forget that once affected buildings along historic High Street have been repainted the street will look better than ever before, and I believe he is absolutely right.

We can forever whinge that this should not have happened, but all the negativity will make no difference at all. Solutions have been found to deal with the problems, the Heritage Council is keeping an eye on the repairs, as are the City of Fremantle heritage experts, so by the time April arrives and the work has been done Freo’s most beautiful street will look even more stunning. I reckon that’s a win and good for tourism.

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we 5

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I had time left between having an early coffee and reading the West Australian and Fremantle Herald before my meeting with a designer about the planned new historic interpretive displays at the Roundhouse, so I had a walk around the West End where I took the photos above.

A group of people attending an art class on the corner of Cliff and High streets, a colourful alfresco cafe in High, a crane signalling rare new development in the heritage-listed West End and a colourful reflection at J Shed on Bathers Beach at the new temporary studio of stone sculptor Jina Lee. Make sure to visit her and all the other Arthur’s Head artists soon!

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This is what the Fremantle former Tram Building in High Street looks like after the yellow foil of the Felice Varini artwork had been shaved off.

After this patching up and painting the entire facade will be necessary.

The yellow stripes on the road service, which were part of the public artwork, were also removed with power hoses. That will still require a decent clean up as it looks pretty messy at present.

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What a fantastic fun FOMO Colour event at Fremantle Oval today!

More than 600 creative people, young and old, came to altogether create one of the biggest canvasses ever painted in WA, if one put all the images together.

The event was organised by the Kings Square Redevelopment Project partners Sirona Capital.

The event was booked out very fast and they had a waiting list of 600 people, which they had to close.

FOMO, by the way, stands forĀ Fremantle On My Own and is the motto for the new retail concept at Kings Square, which will open late next year.

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An early alert for all you artists out there that there will be a fun art event at Fremantle Oval on Sunday the 18th of November.

Bookings are essential to secure an easel, if you want to take part in this mass painting event. Bookings at:

The event is organised by Sirona Capital, the developers of Kings Square and creatives behind the new FOMO retail concept there.

There will be live entertainment by the Grace Barbe Duo, Lucy Peach and Jack Davies, and food trucks and kids fun&games and art prizes.

The event is on from 10am to 2pm at Freo Oval, so take a note of it and join in the fun in two weeks from today.

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High up the cherrypicker this painter is painting Fremantle Port a bit red(and white).

Quite an impressive sight, and no doubt he has great views from up there as well. Just don’t spill the red paint as there are many cars parked below behind E Shed. ; >)

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The Fremantle Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural CentreĀ is teaching hand painting on silk scarves courses with renowned artist Peter Farmer

The materials are plain ‘Habotai Scarfs’ size 180cm x 45cm for designing and painting. If you’d like to purchase from the class, the cost is $30.

PETER FARMER DESIGNS are facilitating workshops for creatives that would like to try a hand at handpainted original designed silk scarfs and other materials.

Peter Farme Snr has showcased at Malaysia’s ‘Alta Moda’ in Kuala Lumpur and ‘Telstra Perth Fashion Festival’s’ first ever Aboriginal Showcase.

This is an opportunity to share skills and knowledge and be creative with cutlural connections and content that is engaging and informative, about the oldest living culture on the planet.

Peter Farmer is the only Aboriginal Artist to collaborate with “Professor Jimmy Choo” creating an original print for the production of a couture shoe by the Professor.

The courses are on August 25 and September 1 and 8 at 2pm. Cost $ 15.00.

The WACC is at Mrs Trivett Lane on Arthur’s Head in the fourth cottage from the Roundhouse.

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A Fremantle building owner in historic High Street informed me late last evening that he had received a letter from City of Fremantle Director Infrastructure and Project Delivery, and acting CEO Graham Tattersall to let him know that the City had not accepted any of the quotes for the removal and make good of the Felice Varini yellow artwork Arcs D’Ellipse and that it would now go to a public tender process.

This delay will most likely mean that the removal and repaint won’t all be completed this year as the City would not want cherrypickers in historic High Street and the loss of parking bays during the Christmas shopping period.

A senior officer told me on Thursday that the quotes had been “all over the place” and that some where open ended because the cleaning and painting companies just did not know how much work would be involved. The officer suggested that more testing, on different buildings, might be required. He was adamant that the City wanted to get it absolutely right and hence the responsibility for the process was moved away from the arts officers and Community Development Department, because it was not their expertise. That makes a lot of sense to me.

The High Street building owner suggested that the public tender was necessary because the City’s own policy demands a public tender process for work over $ 150,000, so he assumed all the quotes/estimates had come in over that amount.

I also got a call from the City’s media officer late afternoon yesterday who said the City would send out a media release sometime today, but I am elsewhere occupied so won’t be able to deal with that till late this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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