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Posted in fremantle by freoview on March 31, 2011

Being Dutch is not always easy. People are of the opinion that Dutch people are mean, greedy, rude and arrogant, which I believe is unfair to most of the Dutch people I know.

There are a few oxymorons though when contemplating the Dutch; diplomacy, fine dining and navigation, are some of those. I can’t think of a diplomatic Dutch person, most are so honest and straight forward that is borders on the abrasive, but what you see is what you get.

People who believe that raw herring with raw onions, or Stampot, a mash of onions, carrots and potatoes, are delicacies, obviously have no claim to Haute Cuisine fame, like the French.

Last but not least we have Dutch navigation. Now that is a contradiction in terms! The proof of that is all over our coasts and we even have a Shipwreck Museum in Fremantle that commemorates the Dutch bumping into anything.

Why did I write this blurb? Because I took the photo below and needed some text with it. 9>)

Roel Loopers


Posted in Uncategorized by freoview on February 22, 2011

Whenever a celebrity, be that a movie, pop, sport, or political star, does something wrong, the media cries out loud that this is not acceptable behaviour for a role model, but what actually are role models and why are they supposed to be different from the average man in the street.

We have had “role models” who drink too much and misbehave, and that is not on, according to those in society who believe they have the right to judge others.  If excessive drinking is a no-no, than a huge number of parents are not good role models, as they indulge in it as well.

The same applies to driving too fast and receiving speeding tickets. Many parents do that, so again they are not really perfect to raise children. Or are parents exempt from being role models for their kids?

A far more important question though is why do role models have to be perfect? Do we really want to set standards for our children that are unrealistic and not achievable? Should they go through early life believing their role models are somehow super human robots, who don’t fail now and then, and who never make mistakes. Surely that would only result in children questioning their own abilities, and seeing themselves as failures and losers.

Wouldn’t it be better instead to have role models who are like us; real tangible people with real insecurities and issues, real people who like good food and a drink, who sometimes drive too fast to get somewhere on time, real people who make the wrong judgement calls and decisions at times, real people who’d like to be perfect, but who are intelligent enough to realise that that is the dream other people have about role models.

It’s time to accept that a perfect human being is a contradiction in terms, or someone in absolute self-denial.

Oh, and I am the exception of course! I am a Roel model. &>)

Roel Loopers

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